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Issues concerning Member bannings and warnings are posted in here
Age of Empires III Heaven
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297 topics
2205 posts
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General Discussions
Discuss the latest news, game updates, interesting finds, the game itself and maybe even get a chance to talk to a developer or balance tester!
18851 topics
299523 posts
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Strategy Central
Think you have come up with the ultimate strategy? Want to learn how to do a boom, rush or turtle for a certain civilization? This forum is for sharing your multiplayer strategies, getting help with your own strategies and maybe telling us some War Stories.
6345 topics
93918 posts
Recorded Games (Link)
Download recorded games from our downloads section and discuss them, or upload your own.
Scenario and Modding Design
[ ]
Scenario Design
Forum for scenario designers, AI and RMS programmers to discuss creating the New World.
2928 topics
34507 posts
[ ]
Modding Discussions
Questions on modding Age of Empires III, want to show off your own mods, or want to simply discuss modding? This is the place to go!
2799 topics
27593 posts
Downloads section (Link)
Download files created by our members and submit your own.
Community Forums
[ ]
Clans Exchange
Want to join a clan, or looking for prospective recruits? Start here.
426 topics
2359 posts
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Tech Help
Can't get the game working? Something go horribly wrong? Need graphic card opinons? Seek help from your fellow forumers.
2980 topics
14537 posts
[ ]
Website Feedback
We welcome suggestions and comments about our website, as well as contributions to making it a success.
404 topics
3171 posts
[ ]
The Saloon (Off Topic)
A Great Man once said, "The people here are basically intelligent eccentrics masking as glorified lunatics lacking typing skills." This is where you come to discuss anything not related to AoE3.
6522 topics
313139 posts
Other Age Of Heavens
Age of Empires Heaven (Link)
Head here to for information on and to talk about the game that started it all, the Original Age of Empires and it's expansion Rise of Rome.
Age of Kings Heaven (Link)
Head here for information on, to download mods or to talk about the forst squeal to age of empires, Age of Kings and its expansion The Conquerors.
Age of Mythology Heaven (Link)
Head here for information on, to download mos or to talk about the spin of from the Age of Empires series, Age of Mythology and its expansion The Titans.
Community Links
Outside Discussions (Link)
The place to meet up with others from all over HG. If you have a burning issue you need to discuss, a forum game you want to play or if you just want to catch up with your friends, come inside. If you are new, please read the Forum Guide before you post.
The Library (Link)
This forum is a place for intellectual discussions. Discuss politics, existence, whatever. We wont judge on what is smart or not, but please put thought into your posts.
The HTML Forum (Link)
Having problems getting a page to display correctly in a browser? Need help with HTML? Starting a new website? Need a host? Share your questions and answers here.
Archived Forums
[ ]
AoE3H Mentor/Mentee Project and Training Academy
Want to improve your Age of Empires III skills? Or maybe you would like to help others improve their game? Either way, come here to discuss AoE3H's brand new Mentor/Mentee Project!
219 topics
2474 posts
[ ]
170 topics
313 posts
[ ]
New World Tournament
Age of Empires III Heaven is proud to announce it's first big cash tournament, the New World Tournament. Come inside for signups and for arranging games!
396 topics
2578 posts
[ ]
Recorded Games Discussion
For general discussion, criticism, and for the pondering of recorded games. Come inside!
152 topics
838 posts
[ ]
Future Robot, Bonfire, Windstorm, and NewToy Games Forum
Come here for wild guesses or educated speculation on what ES could be cooking up next. Post a civilization that you think will be in the next game, talk about possible settings, maybe even the possibility of a different genre.
531 topics
9347 posts
[ ]
History Forum
Check this forum out for history discussions. History is cool. Aw yea.
104 topics
2531 posts
[ ]
The Post-Apocalyptic Saloon
That should do it.
22 topics
384 posts
[ ]
Treaty Discussions
Go here to discuss anything relating to No Rush Games/Treaty mode style games.
26 topics
178 posts
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