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Download File (49.76 MB)
49.76 MB
Napoleonic Era Beta 1.0
This beta version gives you the chance to playtest all new features of Age of Empires III: The Napoleonic Era. It features 9 completely new and unique Nations, containing the United States of America, Sweden, Italy and Poland.
Category: Modpack
by Kastor
4.2 (5)
18681 5 57
Download File (18.33 MB)
18.33 MB
The Asian Dynasties: Napoleonic Era - Demo
This demo version gives you the chance to playtest three of the nine new civilizations in Napoleonic Era: The Prussians, Swedes and Italians.
Category: Modpack
by Kastor
4.7 (7)
15705 0 28
Download File (644.55 KB)
644.55 KB
TWC Demo Extended Edition 1.1
This modifications adds several new features to the TWC Demo
Category: Demo Mod
by Kastor
5.0 (1)
4721 0 15
Download File (19.24 MB)
19.24 MB
Age of Empires III: Napoleonic Era v1.0.0
Napoleonic Era is a revolutionary mod for Ensemble Studios’ latest RTS game, Age of Empires III. It is currently the most thorough and anticipated mod of Age of Empires III ever made.
Category: Modpack
by Kastor
4.4 (5)
31920 3 58
Download File (998.35 KB)
998.35 KB
Real World Maps - Chapter 1
This mappack contains 4 Real World Maps: Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand and a bonus map: the german Hanse.
Category: Single Player Scenario
by Kastor
- 5281 0 18
Download File (6.67 KB)
6.67 KB
EAD ~ Migration v2
Migration is like "Vinlandsaga" in AoM and Migration in AoK, which should be known by many people.
Category: Random Map Script
by Kastor
- 2276 0 5
Download File (9.04 KB)
9.04 KB
EAD ~ Dark Forest v2
Dark Forest is like the Dark Forest Map in AoK: The players are in a big, dark forest, which is easy to defend.
Category: Random Map Script
by Kastor
3.1 (4)
14140 1 11
Download File (7.52 KB)
7.52 KB
EAD ~ Everglades
Like in Nomad, the players start with planwagons and explores. Everglades is a swampland; players have to build a base on the island in the map center, the lands around are mostly swamps.
Category: Random Map Script
by Kastor
- 2227 0 2
Download File (8.11 KB)
8.11 KB
EAD ~ Labrador v2
There are several lakes in the map center, bigger forest are on the border. You'll find elks and bears in this terrain.
Category: Random Map Script
by Kastor
- 1347 0 4
Download File (50.57 KB)
50.57 KB
Extended Editor
The Extended Editor of Age of Empires III contains new and already know features from Age of Mythology: The Titans.
Category: Modpack
by Kastor
5.0 (2)
3007 2 10
Download File (6.1 KB)
6.1 KB
New Terraintypes
This mod contains three new terrainsets for the Editor, that means over 30 new terraintextures, which can be used in the editor.
Category: Modpack
by Kastor
- 873 0 3
Download File (2.84 KB)
2.84 KB
Campaign Homecities
This are the Homecities from the ES Campaing for Singleplayer-Skirmish and Lan use.
Category: Miscellaneous File
by Kastor
4.6 (4)
2150 0 8
Download File (89.31 KB)
89.31 KB
EAD ~ Kastor's Formation Mod v2.0
This Mod patches the formations in the game and adds the patrol and guard commans.
Category: Modpack
by Kastor
5.0 (1)
5253 3 9
Download File (91.83 KB)
91.83 KB
EAD ~ Kastor's Back to Beta Mod v1.0
This mod brings back several graphics for infantry and cavalry units. The graphics were made by ES
Category: Modpack
by Kastor
5.0 (2)
3419 3 7
Download File (2.82 KB)
2.82 KB
EAD ~ Formation Patch
This Mini-Mod patches the formations in the game
Category: Modpack
by Kastor
- 1007 0 0
Download File (17.78 KB)
17.78 KB
New Editor Objects v1.0
This scenario template contains all cheat units of Age of Empires III
Category: Miscellaneous File
by Kastor
- 1321 0 5

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