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Download File (19.15 KB)
19.15 KB
Africa, De la Plata and El Dorado random script maps
A pack with 3 maps depicting the jungle of Africa, the region of the De la Plata basin and the mythic El Dorado lost city.
by Arcanjo Zero
5.0 (1)
20608 6 7
Download File (118.16 KB)
118.16 KB
BIG Map Pack
All of the AOE3 maps are now larger.
by Kyle Leach
4.9 (7)
53681 5 8
Download File (9.22 MB)
9.22 MB
Dogleg Islands Extreme
A major update to the water map Dogleg Islands PR. This version is for TAD(assumes you have TWC). Extreme adds more pirates, quests, challenges and opportunities.
by Jugit
5.0 (1)
9987 2 33
Download File (10.54 KB)
10.54 KB
The Bayan Har War
This is an rms map for the game Age of Empire III (The Asian Dynasties) with a Yellow River rms style
by dhplante
4.8 (1)
3037 2 3
Download File (40.66 KB)
40.66 KB
Transcontinental TAD
Large rectangular map with players starting on opposite coasts of a lare continent, with randomly varied or unknown features. Contains map types from the whole AOE3 series.
by RF_Gandalf
5.0 (1)
5182 2 1
Download File (34.01 KB)
34.01 KB
Trade Go Nuts
Based on Giant Random Land Map, but with many more trade posts for a fun variation in treaty games or for those who like to boom.
by RF_Gandalf
5.0 (1)
6160 2 1
Download File (15.8 KB)
15.8 KB
Appalachians is a new RMS created to make a representation of a geographic area not included by ES in the original map set, and to create an interesting, variable map with the possibility of defensive play.
by RF_Gandalf
4.8 (6)
14236 2 24
Download File (1.23 KB)
1.23 KB
RM scripter starter - the simplest RM
Don't waste time learning with the chaotic ES maps. Start here. This map is by Neuron.
by dietermoreno
5.0 (1)
1003 1 2
Download File (7.62 KB)
7.62 KB
RM Kashmir (TAD)
A Random Map of place called Kashmir, a beautiful valley surrounded by Himalayan mountains. For The Asian Dynasties expansion.
by Aoe3_Badger
4.2 (1)
7740 1 0
Download File (6.79 KB)
6.79 KB
RM Finland (Vanilla)
A Random Map of Finland for Vanilla version, includes many small, variable lakes and sea! It can be summer or winter offering lots of uniqueness each time you play it!
by Aoe3_Badger
5.0 (3)
15357 1 2
Download File (31.28 KB)
31.28 KB
Caatinga, Chaco, Kamchatka and Vera Cruz RMS's
A pack with 4 maps depicting the regions of the Caatinga, Chaco, Kamchatka and Brazilian Coast (Vera Cruz)
by Arcanjo Zero
4.6 (1)
5266 1 7
Download File (11.44 MB)
11.44 MB
Dogleg Islands PR
A major update to the water map Dogleg Islands QV. This version is for TAD(assumes you have TWC). PR(pirates revenge) adds more pirates, quests and more challenges and opportunities.
by Jugit
5.0 (1)
6831 1 18
Download File (11.2 KB)
11.2 KB
The Texas Regicide
This is an rms map for Age of empire 3 with the Expansion Asian of dynasties...it has a Texas rms style
by dhplante
4.8 (2)
4352 1 11
Download File (47.48 KB)
47.48 KB
Long River
elongated large rectangular river map - versions for TAD and TWC
by RF_Gandalf
4.3 (2)
4563 1 7
Download File (239.85 KB)
239.85 KB
Gandalf's Isles Asian
A very large map with players starting on separate islands, with multiple scattered extra islands with varied terrains, natives, and starting positions for new and interesting gameplay. Updated for TAD with only Asian map types and natives.
by RF_Gandalf
5.0 (1)
10276 1 1
Download File (37.38 KB)
37.38 KB
Gandalf's Giant Random Land Map - TWC
This map with a x2 diameter represents an 'unknown' land with a wide variety of randomly chosen terrain patterns with random map features, starting positions, and most importantly, fairness to all players. Updated for TWC with numerous other changes.
by RF_Gandalf
5.0 (2)
5912 1 6
Download File (50.95 KB)
50.95 KB
Fort Wars 3.4
The adaption of the blood map, Fort Wars, from Age of Empires III to the Warchiefs Expansion. A Norse Wars-like blood map featuring 5 unit line spawn types, upgrades, buyable super units, kill and xp awards, and much much more!
by pftq
5.0 (3)
7628 1 9
Download File (19.64 KB)
19.64 KB
Barrier Ridge
A defensive map featuring a central mountain ridge with only one pass. See full writeup.
by RF_Gandalf
5.0 (4)
14573 1 3
Download File (149.11 KB)
149.11 KB
Post Imperial Maps
A set of 8 of maps great for Post-Imperial, Post-Industrial or Deathmatch games; players start with 2 Fort Wagons, 2 Outpost Wagons, 2 Factory Wagons and a Covered Wagon for a faster start and different gameplay.
by RF_Gandalf
4.9 (2)
6724 1 5
Download File (19.11 KB)
19.11 KB
River Crossings Plus
This is the same as River Crossings, a map with a central river and a few shallows crossings, with the addition of 2 outpost wagons per player at the start. Makes an interesting variation in gameplay.
by RF_Gandalf
5.0 (2)
4258 1 7

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