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Download File (4.19 KB)
4.19 KB
FR England WarChiefs
A large map, on which you start in the map center.
by AOE3Forever
5.0 (1)
3971 0 1
Download File (7.02 KB)
7.02 KB
Island Hopping
A large, highly randomized map. Lots of little islands provide an abundance of treasures and resources, but not much space to build. A strong navy is essential for exploring the map and transporting units. Watch out for pirates! UPDATED March 11
by Felix Hermansson
5.0 (2)
10157 0 10
Download File (55.03 KB)
55.03 KB
Fort Wars 2.5
A Norse Wars-like blood map featuring 5 unit line spawn types, upgrades, buyable super units, kill and xp awards, and much much more!
by pftq
5.0 (2)
18504 0 19
Download File (11.85 KB)
11.85 KB
Land Unknown
Snow, grass, or sand? Different landscapes, varying resources, and random placement of players, natives, and even trade routes make this map truly random. There are no oceans, but apart from that, just about everything is possible! UPDATED May 27
by Felix Hermansson
5.0 (3)
11863 0 8
Download File (22.49 KB)
22.49 KB
Big Continent
A new double-sized random map for Single-player or Multiplayer use, created in response to requests from other players for 'bigger maps'. New version updated 1/13/06.
by RF_Gandalf
5.0 (2)
28399 0 7
Download File (7 KB)
7 KB
A huge map providing an abundance of resources, but the dense forest makes moving difficult, especially for bigger armies. Players and natives are placed randomly, so scouting is essential here! UPDATED March 11
by Felix Hermansson
5.0 (3)
17730 0 9
Download File (15.53 KB)
15.53 KB
Castle Blood 1.1
A requested remake of AOK's Castle Blood. This is based off the input of various players from AOK.
by pftq
4.9 (2)
3741 0 3
Download File (16.17 KB)
16.17 KB
Central America Plus TWC
a version of my Central America map for TWC, with natives getting a war hut travois, Russians getting a blockhouse wagon, and others getting 2 outpost wagons
by RF_Gandalf
4.9 (2)
2985 0 0
Download File (149.11 KB)
149.11 KB
Post Imperial Maps
A set of 8 of maps great for Post-Imperial, Post-Industrial or Deathmatch games; players start with 2 Fort Wagons, 2 Outpost Wagons, 2 Factory Wagons and a Covered Wagon for a faster start and different gameplay.
by RF_Gandalf
4.9 (2)
6679 1 5
Download File (38.03 KB)
38.03 KB
Gandalf's Giant Random Land Map Plus - TWC
An alternate version of the Giant Random Land Map with each player getting a native scout and a War Hut Travois, Blockhouse Wagon, or 2 Outpost Wagons at the start for a slightly different game. See full writeup.
by RF_Gandalf
4.9 (3)
3096 0 2
Download File (15.8 KB)
15.8 KB
Appalachians is a new RMS created to make a representation of a geographic area not included by ES in the original map set, and to create an interesting, variable map with the possibility of defensive play.
by RF_Gandalf
4.8 (6)
14127 2 24
Download File (10.54 KB)
10.54 KB
The Bayan Har War
This is an rms map for the game Age of Empire III (The Asian Dynasties) with a Yellow River rms style
by dhplante
4.8 (1)
3003 2 3
Download File (11.49 KB)
11.49 KB
The Osaka Conquest
This is an rms map for the game Age of Empire III (The Asian Dynasties) with an Honshu rms style
by dhplante
4.8 (1)
5072 0 0
Download File (8.81 KB)
8.81 KB
Desert Flood
New unique map, with players starting in a line parallel to a flooded river filled with berry bushes one one side and a desert area with a trade route and natives to the other.
by RF_Gandalf
4.8 (2)
8531 0 5
Download File (11.2 KB)
11.2 KB
The Texas Regicide
This is an rms map for Age of empire 3 with the Expansion Asian of dynasties...it has a Texas rms style
by dhplante
4.8 (2)
4321 1 11
Download File (32.06 KB)
32.06 KB
Gandalf's Extreme Random Land Map - Vanilla
extremely large 'unknown' random land map - roughly 3 times the diameter and 9 times the area of standard maps - with the unknown features from the original AOE3 only
by RF_Gandalf
4.8 (1)
5148 0 0
Download File (36.96 KB)
36.96 KB
Gandalf's Extreme Random Land Map - TAD
extremely large 'unknown' random land map - roughly 3 times the diameter and 9 times the area of standard maps - with the unknown features from the whole AOE3 series
by RF_Gandalf
4.8 (1)
6790 0 4
Download File (9.68 KB)
9.68 KB
The Lost Island
This is an rms map for Age of Empire 3 and the Expansion The asian Dynasties...it has a Yucatan rms style...
by dhplante
4.8 (1)
4354 0 0
Download File (11.61 KB)
11.61 KB
Shangra La
All players start on a barren high plateau with extra resources in a lush valley on the other side of a mountain range. See write-up.
by RF_Gandalf
4.8 (1)
4492 0 2
Download File (71.28 KB)
71.28 KB
players start on opposite sides of a fordable river, with a rich delta area on one side of the map. Versions for TWC and original AOE3, with 2 additional variations for each game.
by RF_Gandalf
4.8 (1)
3779 0 6

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