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Download File (255.45 KB)
255.45 KB
Makhikoi Episode 5 - Lost in Dynasties
The war has ended, Makhikoi travelled to the new continent. He must lead the Aztecs, which pitted in the center of the hill, to survive the attack of three Asian War Lords.
by renai
4.4 (2)
875 0 2
Download File (211.4 KB)
211.4 KB
Makhikoi Episode 3 - Aztecs and Natives Coastal Clash
In this 3rd scenario, Makhikoi is a War Chiefs to the Aztecs. Your area are separated by a sea to the three allied enemies, and completely safe. With the help of the Nineteen Tribes, how fast can you build armies to across the ocean and win?
by renai
4.4 (1)
799 0 1
Download File (564.08 KB)
564.08 KB
Chapter 15 - Russian campaign 1812 - Part II - The retry
Sitting in the ashes of a ruined city with no foreseeable prospect of Russian capitulation, idle troops and supplies diminished by use and Russian operations of attrition, Napoleon had little choice but to withdraw his army from Moscow.
by brodolas
4.4 (1)
1098 0 7
Download File (2.68 MB)
2.68 MB
Thomas Black's books (6/6)
Parck of 6 scenarios of campaign of Thomas Black Thomas receive a book that related some adventures of his family. You incarnate Thomas and his ancestors.
by rfortuna
4.4 (1)
1677 0 3
Download File (270.3 KB)
270.3 KB
American Frontier v3.0 FINAL
Help an American fort survive attacks from a Dutch and German coalition army, and then destroy them both!
by zeuslord5000
4.4 (1)
6019 2 2
Download File (103.59 KB)
103.59 KB
Survival for Single Player
A short zombie scenario by KevTheGreat
by KevTheGreat
4.4 (1)
2597 1 4
Download File (11.99 MB)
11.99 MB
The Great War Campaign: The Battle of the Somme
A sequel to the Battle of Verdun. The Battle of the Somme is the bloodiest battle in British Army History. This is a offensive fixed forced strategical scenario that requires careful management of forces through conservation and maneuverability.
by Yuttho
4.4 (2)
3419 1 13
Download File (9.6 MB)
9.6 MB
The Great War Campaign: A Short Scenario Prequel
From the Creator of Utah and Omaha Beach--I return after two years to start a new campaign: The Great War. This is a short scenario to begin The Great War Campaign Series!
by Yuttho
4.4 (2)
2398 0 11
Download File (925.72 KB)
925.72 KB
1up Singleplayer Save New Orleans v3
You and your ally rescue flooded New Orleans from pirates.
by As_Saffah
4.4 (1)
2288 0 7
Download File (19.97 MB)
19.97 MB
Strategic Objectives: Russo-Turkish Wars
New game type - capture buildings that give bonuses, construct fixed guns anywhere on the map, higher population limit, 18 versions, for both AOE3 and TWC.
by MosheLevi
4.4 (8)
8043 0 29
Download File (651.85 KB)
651.85 KB
Douro River
Part 1 of the new series of scenerio maps "England Rules The World"AOE3 only
by aoe3bill47
4.4 (1)
2041 0 1
Download File (522.79 KB)
522.79 KB
Authorized by sziggi: PortRoyal V3.0
With sziggi's permission I modified the PortRoyal scenario and created a "Moderate" version, as version V2.1 was too hard to beat.
by MosheLevi
4.4 (1)
1514 0 3
Download File (3.06 MB)
3.06 MB
CAMPAIGN - Roanoke 2: Mysteries of the Ones
When Eleanore Dare died, Roanoke lost a great hero. Virginia Dare, Eleanore Dare's daughter, took Roanoke over into her control when all others could not. Now Virginia Dare must figure out who Jod The Ugly really is.
by CaveTown
4.4 (1)
4920 0 25
Download File (656.73 KB)
656.73 KB
Defense of the Hill
Cinematic depicting teh defense of a hill near a town in the midwest
by R3CON
4.4 (3)
4512 0 28
Download File (1.97 MB)
1.97 MB
El Chupacabra
Campaign. Play as a mexican farmer who sets out on a journey to kill El Chupacabra.
by Big Shot Donkey
4.4 (5)
6528 1 9
Download File (645.58 KB)
645.58 KB
The Kharlan Tournament
Immerse yourself in the location of North Carolina. Entertain youself with the tournament and gladiator-style fights. With over 15 cinematics, an interesting storyline, and a great map design, this scenario is not one to miss.
by Mouse Overlord
4.4 (14)
21472 2 29
Download File (205.53 KB)
205.53 KB
great plains: total freedom
a semi RPG scenario which you can do whatever you like. become a wealthy tycoon a great general or even a humble miner. also comes with the option to play normal aoe3
by gunner1
4.3 (3)
4495 0 40
Download File (118.98 KB)
118.98 KB
Little Bighorn
A cinematic about May 14, 1876, a day in which the Sioux fought back against the U.S. army at Little Bighorn
by TinyPiesRUs
4.3 (5)
3205 0 8
Download File (174.82 KB)
174.82 KB
Survivor vs Zombies
You are a survivor,kill the zombie lord and save your village
by daniel1881
4.3 (2)
3486 0 2
Download File (0 Byte)
0 Byte
Fortitude Retired
Part1of 2. This is the tail of Fendle De Crem. Touched by darkness, in his home of New England sets out to return the favor. As he meets challenges, he finds the family he had known is wrapped in mysteries.
by sziggi
4.3 (2)
5488 0 12

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