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Central Lake 2.0

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Trial Version: TWC
Note - upgraded version 9/19/05.

This is a new style map for the AOE3 demo, really designed for 2 players only, designed to be similar to a mediterranean style map from the earlier ES games. The map has a central lake or sea, with fish and whales ( I know - whales in a lake not real, but "gameplay>realism"), a water flag for delivery of units from the HC, 2 trade routes each with 2 trade post sockets, two mainland Native American villages and one Native American village on a central island. The two mainland villages are randomly (50/50 chance) either Cherokee or Iroquois, with the one on the island being the opposite tribe as the ones on the mainland. There are a few more sheep than on the New England map, and deer are plentiful. Each player is a little closer to one of the native villages than the other, each player starts out fairly close to one of the trading posts. The map size is somewhat larger than the usual New England but has a little less playable land due to the size of the lake. NOTE: this map may not play well for greater than 2 players due to its construction details - feel free to try, it might work 2v2, let me know if successful!

The following features have been changed:
* The island in the center was slightly enlarged to allow the Native Village to be built on consistantly.
* The island in the center now occurs 100% of the time, not just 70%.
* Slight modification of the trade routes and trading post location to try to avoid overlap with player locations and the lake.
* Changed deer placement to allow only one herd in the initial ROS of the starting area, hopefully spaced out the others more evenly.
* Slight changes in the forest and cliff placement.
* Increased whales from 2 to 3 placed per player.

Please let me know of any bugs!
The only feature I am still not satisfied with is the steep shoreline around the lake, but I have not figured out all of the elevation command details that have been changed from AOM.

To use this map (titled New England), first go to the RM folder of your game directory, and rename the New England.xs file to New England-original.xs
Then unzip this New England.xs file to your RM directory. The next time you play, pick New England map and instead you will get to play this one - just ignore the description. Switch files back to get the original New England map again. Eventually when the game is released we will not need these shenanigans to get a random map installed!
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Matt_13 i like this new map! :)
Titan602 cool
Rating: 4
Very well put together map, with elements from both Texas and New England. I enjoy this map much more than I enjoy New England, so it's all good for me. :)
Placement of items appears pretty well balanced, particularly with the bulk of the hunting appearing around the sides between the two players. I have similar thoughts for the trade posts and native settlements, which were done well.
However, I could not build a Trade Post on the middle island (did you test this?) and the computer never attempted to use the lake. (Yes, this is a AI problem, not yours :p)

Overrall, it's very well done. I enjoyed. There are a couple of terrain problems and in my first game, the shore at one point looked a bit to square, but this is certainly worth a four.
Rating: 3.5
Very nice, though there are some sparse spots on the map and the sheer elevation drop around the lake is a bit distracting. Also, during one game I couldn't build a trading post on one of the Native sites. Not sure if that's your problem, though.

Additional Comments:
Nice little island!

[Edited on 09/15/05 @ 01:26 PM]

Rating: 4
Very well made.

Additional Comments:

I have tried it and it works fairly nicely with 8 people ;). Ocassionally it gives a player their explorer and dog but no villagers or town centre which is annoying, but apart from that its fairly enjoyable!
lords and ladles
Rating: 3.5
(Nice map well put together just needs a bit of work)

Additional Comments:

Keep up the good work
Lord Haart
Rating: 5
Well done on creating the first truly playable RM (IMO).

Only bug is that the two trade posts on either side of the lake can't be built on (the one in the centre can...)

Still giving it 5 :D
shadow gamer This is my first time trying to edit/ download for a game/demo can some one please tell me where to copy the file to???

[Edited on 09/16/05 @ 09:24 PM]

File Author
will look at the bug where a trading post could not be built on.

Could not test for more than 2 players - sorry about the problem with the players starting units not showing up - has to do with not really coding the map for more than 2 players (did not leave enough room for them, I am afraid)

It is hard to get every thing to place right - with the trade routes, Trade Posts and NA villages - there is too much that can interfere with player placement.
king of ages
Excellent map, its really neat and it does seem fairly balanced. My indian village on the island was bugged, but other than that it gives atleast some more diversity to the maps I can play.

Very cool, thanks.
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