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Battle For Pellenor Fields

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Game Version: TWC
This is a battle based on the LOTR. You are Gondor and you have to defend Minas Tirith from an onslaught of Orks. Unfortunately I didn't know how to trigger it so Rohan would come in after about 5 game minutes, but the AI still works. So I haven't put a Rohan on.

Please leave any comments you'd like to leave below.
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Map Design3.0
My first review ... being a LOTR fan me-self I was naturally tempted to try this out ...

Playability: 3
I am giving this only 3 in part because the huge number of units really really slows the (my) machine down in the beginning, though it does get better once the initial armies pulverize each other. The reason this is not better rated - see map design, and additonal comments ...

Also for my taste there are way too many cannons on either side.

Balance: 3
Given the actual story-line, tis right to have Mordor with the greater number of forces, but ... the battle gets one-sided after a while as Mordor cannot replace lost forces (Note: I played it on moderate), which perhaps is OK given the storyline, but for play-purposes gives 'Gondor' the edge after a while (unless this is intentional?)

Did I mention there are way too many cannons on either side? A quarter of the existing number - I suggest this as it is more "realistic" (pretending cannons are catapults / siege weaponry).

Creativity: 3
Wont say much here, as it is based on an existing story, which limits creativity to a degree.

Map Design: 4
Ran into a strange quirk while playing ... one starts with a full pop of 200, but everytime a house is demolished by the enemy, the count for max-pop drops by 10 despite there being many houses. Which leads to a map design problem: the housing issue is easily settled by building more ... but build where? There is no room to build anything new, and for some unknown reason the game would not let me delete some existing housing to force build new home (to get max pop back up). I modified the map me-self, removing a couple of homes at the top tier - which helped a bit. I also deleted some houses at the tight corners - had problems with units getting stuck / clogging up the corners.

besides to many cannons ... get rid of the Ossuary - as pretty as it is, it counts as a fortress, preventing building a new fort (unless of course it is purpose again). Replace the Ossuary with the Capitol buidling, and where the capitol stood add an additional barracks.

Other than that, I actually liked the layout of the City.

Story/Instructions: 3
basically same comment as in Creativity.

Additional Comments:

Suggestions to make it better and more to the story:

1) Use different civilizations to make the armies more distinct. For example the good guys: Gondor = German, Rohan = Spanish, Dunedain = French. Bad Guys: Mordor = Russian, Harad = Ottoman, Easterlings etc = Indians.

2)I take from your comment you dont know how to trigger a Rohan relief ... it would also be great to have Aragorn come in later, and have Morder get some reserves as well ...

dump the Mordor block-houses and arsenal, and trigger re-inforcements instead - it's really easy to do. Create a test map to play around till you get it.

Reinforcment Hint:
a) Create a separate group for this ('RohanRelief')
Trigger 'Army Deploy',
Trigger 'Army Move' with attack move turned on
Condition: timer 10 minutes or ...
'Unit is Dead'. and select for example the main gate. When its destroyed rohan arrives.

Add another group 'MordorReilief' using a timer perhaps - the reilief itself perhaps triggered by the rohan arrival (trigger 'Fire Event').

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Map Design3.0
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