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Defense of the Hill

Author File Description
R3CON (This is a cinematic)


A series of southern-midwest colonies are being attacked by an unknown force of large numbers. So far nothing has been able to stop them until now. Lt. Cooper (nothing to do with the single player campaign)is in charge of the garrison of one such colony. The aforementioned force had climbed a nearby hill and begun shelling the town. Cooper was able to rally his forces and succesfully destroy all of these cannon. After taking defensive postions on the hill, he spotted a large force coming his way. A messenger was sent out for reinforcements. in response, Lt. Bolivar (again, no reference to single player campaign, I just used the same names) is coming with his cavarly and infantry units. Will he be in time? Download to find out.


-This is my first attempt with the scenario editor, and I am open to all suggestions

-I have been working on this a long time, so hopeully there will be no bugs

-This scenario requires a good computer to run, if yours runs slowly please do not give a bad review

-Over 115 triggers, this has a lot of time put into it, so put some thought into the reviews ;)

-I would like to add music, but I do not know how to set the music modds, does anyone know the ID #'s?




If you do not know how to review a movie, look at lifereloaded's perfect example below. If you are still in doubt...

Don't post a review at all.

Thank you in advance.

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lifereloaded I will download it now over 115 triggers i cant wait you will get my review soon.

File Author
You seem to have accidentally placed a 4 in the review box instead of a 5 for map creativity, I don't know if you can revise reviews, just a little mistake, overall thank you for your honest review, it made me feel that teh hours of trying to get the triggers to work was not spent in vain lol.

Yes, I do plan to make a second one, but I really like to have a firm idea before I start, so I need a little time to gather soem thoughts, suggestions are welcome.
DWIEEB I must say I'm impressed. Would you like to join Lucky-Zion Studios? (Unless you're already in a design team) We'd be honored to have you on our team! :) Check us out here -


[Edited on 11/21/05 @ 08:11 PM]

File Author
What sort of implications would this place on in the event of me joining? I am more of an independant cinematic creater, though I would be happy to submit my files as part of a respected team. Is there an age requirement? I am only just 15.
DWIEEB No, anyone can join. A design team is just a group of people that join together, help each other and sometimes work on maps together. Hope to see you there! :D

btw, I was too an independent map designer for AOM, until I saw how helpful I could be to people, and how helpful they could be to me. :)


[Edited on 11/22/05 @ 06:36 PM]

the12deall Ok I take it back, but IMO you should state whether or not it's playable. And why the insults? I gave the review I thought was due, and like I said if you'd explain how to play then I would've updated my review. Not everyone is a pro at playing the game, there are some of us newbies out here.

[Edited on 11/25/05 @ 03:58 PM]

DWIEEB Well if it was originally rated a 4.4, and no one else comented on it, the first thing you do if something isn't working is email him or COMMENT here, not give a good game a low rating because of YOUR computer...
File Author
Moderator, please delete that review. If you do not understand my cinematic tehn please don't review. Forgive me for being blunt, but you show little intelligence in your action in this situation.

Actually the above rating should be 4.6, he gave map design a 5 in teh review, but made a mpa design a 4 in the actually review box by mistake. I would apperciate it if a moderator fixed that too, or lifereloaded.

[Edited on 11/23/05 @ 01:08 PM]

Sith Rating retracted. However, emailing either myself or Kumar would be better next time. (sith@heavengames.com or kumarshah@heavengames.com)

It might also be worth emphasizing that it was a cinematic in the description, rather than a playable level, to avoid any confusion.

Anyone should also be able to modify their rating by editing their post, if they change their score based on an update, or made a mistake.
FanaticalAddict Playability: 1
The cinematics in this scenario are GREAT...but you cannot play the scenario, all you can do is watch it.

- In the context of cinematics, playability would refer to how well the scenario flows, and so on.

Balance: 4
The sides seem very well balanced...but Itook one off because you cannot really play it to tell.

Creativity: 4
Neat scenario design...I just wish I could play it.

Map Design: 5
This map looks awesome. Lots of towns and a story tieing it together. Also, clearly a lot of triggers, and neat terrain. Good timing, outstanding cinematics.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions were great for the viewer to see what was happening. But it was uploaded into a single player scenario section here on AOE III Heaven and I expected to be able to actually play it.

- It's something that's being worked on, and cinematics will hopefully have their own section in the near future.

I look forward to the time when the author/designer releases playable scenarios...even a playable version of this one that then takes off from wherte the cinematic ends.

Additional Comments:
I will be happy to update my review (and very positively) when the scenario is completed so the player can actually take this scenario from the end of the cinematic and continue playing it. Great terrain, triggers, cinematics...looks like good balance. I really look forward to playing the finished product!

[Edited on 11/25/05 @ 11:44 AM]

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