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Dogleg Islands QV

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Game Version: TWC
I made a mistake in the upload of the AI file for those running vanilla AOE3. The TWC AI is okay. The quick fix is to change the names of "My Documents\--\RM\dogleg islands qv.xs" and "My Documents\--\RM\dogleg islands qv.xml" to "My Documents\--\RM\dogleg islands.xs" and "My Documents\--\RM\dogleg islands.xml". Just removing the "qv". I'll upload a corrected version soon. So sorry for the inconvience.

This is a large file download mostly due to the size of the extra sounds, but also the 2 included ai's. Try my Dogleg Islands QV Quick Download to see if you like it enough to download the whole thing. Coming soon if not already in the download section with this one.

This map is very complex and will need some effort to load correctly. Especially if you have only downloaded simple .xs and .xml files. The map will load and run if you just use dogleg islands qv.xs and dogleg islands qv.xml like the other maps. This way you can see if you like it and finish the load if you do.

This version wil run for either TWC or the orginial AOE3; which mostly just adds to the confusion.

This version mostly adds quests which don't have to be completed but help the player, especially if completed early.

There are 2 players on each dogleg shaped island on this water map; 1 at each end. So a 2 player game would have 1 island, a 4 player game would have 2 islands, etc. See the included readme for details on positioning the players. Makes a good FFA game. Each island has a trade route and a native village.

Works with any number of players, but an odd player(like player 5 in a 5 player game) gets their own smaller island, with no trade route.

With the proper AI, you have to balance: building you colony, being rushed by your island mate, being assualted by an enemy landing party, sending aid to protect allies and completing quests. A 7 player game with an extra enemy is a real rush.

See the readme for details on getting the AI to fish and make a navy. Options include: don't worry about it, modify the AI, use another AI or use my included AI.

The Nomad start has been modified so that human players get a small landing party and computer players only get a covered wagon(no explorer), since the AI can't handle landing parties. The human player has to collect enough wood from trees and treasures for the explorer to build a town center. This works against the computer but I don't do multiplayer so I'm not sure about that. I tried to make the script so it would work with any combination of computer and human players; comments would be appreciated on this.
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RF_Gandalf Nice map! I will eventally write up a full review after I have gotten to play it more and check out all of the details of the different variations. (a map like this deserves a full review!!)

I did note that although your description states that it should work for any number of human and computer players, only player one gets a 'white buffalo' to read about the quests, and I saw no other way for any other human players to find out about the different quests. Certainly they can also find/use/claim/destroy the various quest objects, but will they also get the quest bonuses? Your triggers looked like they would work for other players besides player 1, but I have not tested them. If not maybe you should list this as for single player only. I understand not giving a 'white buffalo' to the computer players, but would this work to change the script so any human player gets the 'white buffalo' and can read about the quests?

Are the quests tied to the difficulty level? I looked at the script but couldn't see that they were.

A point about the AI - I played against Sioux x2 to see if they would take to the ocean but they did not. Have not tested against the other WC native civs yet, but wondered if that was usual in your testing?

I will probably come up with more questions! Man, did you put a lot of work into this!!
File Author
RF-Gandalf - I use what I call a regular map for multiplayer games where quests are disabled. No white buffalo nor most of the quest assets. It got too complicated too fast to make the quests work for multiplayer. Sorry. The RMS checks the player names against the standard set and if there is a mismatch it sets the game multiplayer. However, you can complain about Nomad and multiplayer; I know it needs work.

The quests are not directly tied to the difficulty level.

If you successfully load my included AI, computer players usually fish, make a navy and transport an army to attack an enemy on a different island. Though I have played games where a computer player has not even fished.
RF_Gandalf OK - I see the 'regular map', understand why you did that.

What else 'needs work' for MP and nomad - I have not tried playing nomad yet.

Yes, I was using your custom AI. Will test some more against the other civs.

In MP games, do the BFG, Ossuary, Factory wagons, covered wagons, piles of crates, explorers, etc appear on the extra bonus islands?

I noted that in your randomization for the different map patterns or map types that for your zoneType you used desert and mountain but not the usual grass used by ES for several of the usual maps - was there a particular reason?
File Author
The MP and nomad version before TWC, I think worked; but with TWC a lot more of the treasures did not have the wood needed to build the town center. So I added crates of wood to make up for this; but only for player 1. I am working on adding crates of wood for all human nomad players as we speak. Also, I only upgraded the landing party to native units for player 1. I need to upgrade any human nomad native players this way. I will probably upgrade the files soon as I already fixed a bug for Regular Map play and need to upload it. As always, there is a conflict between uploading too soon and waiting too long.

MP games do have a BFG but not the most of the other things you indicated. As I mentioned, it got complicated. I'll think about it. The crates would be easy, the ossuary would not be too hard, but what I call bonus units and wagons would require a ton of control triggers. Any specific requests?

A long time ago I started with the ES map Caribbean as my starting point. It, I believe, had Tropical as one of its mapTypes. So that was my main zoneType. I later added Mountain and Desert. I am still a little confused about map types. Like I use Water since that seems logical but I think it messes up placing Forests; things got a lot better when I started just placing clumps of trees. I never played around with Grass.

sorgrata Dang, I think Im too stupid to use this. Damn my puny brain!
RF_Gandalf Jugit,
Do you want me to post a lot of feedback here, or would you rather I use email? I have an email acct listed in my profile - send me a note if you would rather I use that.
File Author
It doesn't matter to me. I actually visit here more than my email.

If anyone wants to follow our progress here, let us know.
Felix Hermansson I haven't had the time to look at this so far, so just a quick note:

The problem mentioned about the AI as Sioux not building a navy has nothing to do with the AI script used. There seems to be a problem (or maybe even a design decision) in the game engine itself which often keeps the three native civilizations off the water. (I've not been able to pin this down yet, but I'm working on it.)
RF_Gandalf I have played 7 complete games using as enemy Dutch x2, Spanish x2, Aztec, Sioux, and Russian, and have not seen the enemy do anything on the water at all. I installed the AI as directed (and re-installed it after the first 4 complete games). Not that I expect the AI to colonize the small islands and get extra resources there, but at least to try fishing and attacking my ships. I am thinking of going back to Felix's Draugur AI to see if it does anything on the water in this map.

Addendum : just tried 2x2 game with ally and I on same island, still no naval action. Enemies were Aztec and Dutch, ally Ottoman also failed to go on the water.

[Edited on 01/06/07 @ 03:48 PM]

Felix Hermansson @RF_Gandalf:

I ran a few tests 2 vs 2 with the (as yet unreleased) Draugur AI V5.00. The AI took to the sea within the first 10 minutes in perhaps 50% of the cases. From what I can tell without too much investigating it sometimes seems to decide that it's simply not worth it (poor fishing). Draugur AI V4.00 should yield similar results.
Jugit's own AI should actually force the AI to fish whether it's worth it or not (all it basically does is tell the standard game AI to treat Dogleg Island like it treats Caribbean), but as I mentioned above there seems to be a problem with the native civs sometimes. Are you sure there are no mods etc. installed that could interfere here?

The RMS itself looks interesting, I'll have a closer look and check back with you.
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