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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
Map: 1000x1000
You have to eliminate all the natives and their pets to win! Have Fun!
This is my first try with the editor.
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Goblin2k3 During the mission I had to turn off the computer and saved the mission. When I loaded again, I suddenly played on the side of the indians!?
Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
I gave you a 2 because: The computer never attacks unless you get to close to them or attach them. The walls were not tight I could walk around them. I did not have to destroy the walls to enter there fort. On the other fort there were big gaps in the walls so I could charge the fort towers.

Computer viligers wont build and wont build men of any kind. Under primarty objestive it says edit text??? But on a good note i liked this idea of the map. If you fix this your map should be a 4 to 5. for a 1st timer map was a good one i know the first time can be a pain and your just learing.

Balance: 2
I game you a 2 because:
Computer viligers wont build and wont build men of any kind. I could walk right over them. Also if you make maps like this you have to have the computer be able to make more men. I could take out the computer with just cards... If you want to make this map hard make it so you can't get resorses from buildings. So you would have to get what you can from your map. But I would keep the market for some trading.

Creativity: 4
I gave you a 4 because: Now this is where you did good. there is great eye candy example: The viligers dock I liked how you put that was a nice touch. How you had things defended to I had to fight for resorses and the few resorses was good. You might want to add some treasure.

Map Design: 3
I gave you a 3 because: The design was adverage you had a little of everything but treasure. I liked how you made me explore the map to find some things. like the gold (SIGH)

Story/Instructions: 1
I gave you a 1 because: there was no story....

Additional Comments:
Keep trying on maps dont give up this was a good first map. I hope you dont think I was geting on you to hard I was just pointing out what you could work on. If you have any questions or if you fix the problems contact me at xsl_league@yahoo.com. If you fix the problem areas I will edit my review.

R3CON um, steve you messed up the ratings again lol
the 2nd should be a 3 or something, check.

This scenario, not mine duh

oh, and if you see this my new one is out
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
OK I am new to reviewing, and as I am not quite sure what people expect from the various categories, as yet, I have given it all the same score as the current average.

As someone else has mentioned, loading a saved game means that you swap sides. Having spent quite a while building up a sizeable army, ready to go out and find the Indians, I had to save the game and go to work. Then I loaded the game to find that I now needed to buld an even bigger army to fight the first one that I had created.

So, the only way to play this one is to do it at one sitting. Also, once the "Spies" upgrade is activated, it is easier to see where the Indians are. It may be worth disabling this upgrade to lengthen the game. (Can this be done - I only ever play scenarios, I haven't tried writing one?)

Balance: 3
If you mean balance between the two sides then it is difficult if you are swapping sides. If anthing the fact that the (intended) opposition don't collect resources and progress means that there is an inbalance. (I am really reluctant to criticise, as I wouldn't know how to write a scenario like this. I add my comments as "improvement opportunities", rather than criticism)

Creativity: 3
Again, as a no writer, I cannot really rate this, but it a fun few hours.

Map Design: 3
It made a change to have a different one from the bulk standard ones that come with the game.

Story/Instructions: 3
There weren't really any instructions. Having downloaded this a while back, along with several others, I had to revisit this site to check what was required.

Additional Comments:

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Map Design3.5
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