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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Reflection Waters #1 - Lagoon Resort

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Reflection Waters #1 - Lagoon Resort

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Game Version: TWC
Colonial Leader Todd, and his Militia have landed on an island in the Great Reflection Waters sea. They aren't sure where they are, yet. 2 Weeks has passed. The German's have just landed on the same island. Now you must fight for this island. Only one can win! Can you take the challenge. Download and see.

This is mainly made for those who have the high graphics, like Water Reflections.

I will updade this if I need to!

Please download and review!

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Map Design2.0
Playability: 5
The playability was all great except some of the glitches in the water which caused to boats to just set there some times. Although that might be something that is unfixable which is why the 5.

Balance: 3
Balance was good. Both you and the germans start out with just about all the same ( example: the germans start out with 2 forts and you start out with a lot more resources lying around on your side of map. ) small things that made it equal.

The enemy started attacking about 8 minutes into the game and attacked about every 2 minutes. I threw up a fort to cut them off from getting to my town but the difficulty level was good as well.

Creativity: 3
Can't say a whole lot about creativity because this scenario had the same concept as a regular "random game" as in you both start out in discovery age and just destroy one another, but there were things that changed it up such as already having buildings to start with and a lot of resource "packages" lying around to collect which is why it kind of felt more like a deathmatch than a supremacy. I hate playing against the AI in skirmishes but still enjoyed this scenario a lot.

Map Design: 2
There wasn't much eyecandy ,if any, but the map was designed well for the purpose of this certain scenario. You was kind of cramped for space but the author said that you landed on an island so the map was designed good for this.

Story/Instructions: 4
There were both clear instructions and a story small story which is why the 4.

Additional Comments:
I liked it a lot. If you don't like playing against the AI in supremacy that isnt any reason to pass this one up.
File Author
I will try to fix the Glitches in the water, soon. I'm glad you liked it. I will release the next one soon. When I fix the glitches I will notify you. Well I will put UPDATED on the title. Thanks for downloading and reviewing!
crazykid No problem. The glitch in the water is when I built a monitor and tried to move it it would move one "tile" and then say "yesir" again like i was clicking on something else. But nothing major

P.S. yeah man when you get some more up let me know im always willing to play scenarios. I play online but not very well and also enjoy scenarios/campaigns....Loco9006_4@hotmail.com

[Edited on 01/07/07 @ 12:12 AM]

File Author
I noticed the last time I played it, the whales swam through the sand.

PS: Do you have Water Reflections?

[Edited on 01/07/07 @ 05:24 PM]

AN_Nuisance Playability: 4
It's playable but see balance and map design or more...

Balance: 2
waaaaaaaay unbalanced...at age 4 you could layout most the military structures with mortars. And the navy was taken down really easily as well...they never came in and attacked my docks. You can make a saloon but no units.

Creativity: 3
The idea is good...

Map Design: 2
Map design needs a lot more work. Too close with one shore to the other. The water looks great...but the whales do go through the sand

Story/Instructions: 2
Not a lot o' story...instructions were basic...kill enemy base...clear enough

Additional Comments:
Could be very cool...but could use some work...nice work so ar...also you can see entire map...and you have 3 mills in reds base that are set to be blues...and yes the monitors movement is bizarre...

[Edited on 01/13/07 @ 07:15 AM]

File Author
Thanks for reviewing An_Nuicance. Have you got "The Great Fort Wars" 1 and 2 working yet?

The reason that you can see the whole map is because you have explored it in 2 weeks.

And I know the mills are yours in there base. It slows them down and that is one of your advantages.

[Edited on 01/08/07 @ 03:26 AM]

AN_Nuisance Understood...but they didn't need too much slowing down... ;)
AN_Nuisance I reviewed part 2...
File Author
I'll delete them in my UPDATED version! I have started work on the second one.

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Map Design2.0
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