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RF_Gandalf Canyonlands
A random map script for AOE3
by RF_Gandalf

This new random map was created in response to a request by several forumers at AOE3Heaven for a defensive type map. This map represents the rugged canyon country of the American West, such as is found in Utah, Arizona and parts of northern Mexico. Each team starts on their own land area, surrounded in part by steep impassable cliffs, divided from the other team by a deep canyon with only one narrow connection. This connection is wallable but it is tricky to get the wall edges against a canyon edge or wall to ensure that the enemy is walled off. The map has adequate silver mines, forest, treasures, and a good number of pronghorn, bison and cows for food, all fairly placed. There is always one Native American village per player located within the team lands; these will be all either Comanche or Aztec. There is a single long trade route with 2 trade posts on each side of the map, on each side of the dividing canyon, for a two team game. For games with over 5 players there will be a third trade post on each trade route. However in a Free-For-All the trade route is disabled as it would end up cutting across canyons and disrupting the defensive possibilities of this map. Player start positions have some randomization for variety. This map is a little larger than standard ES land maps.

There are possible extra treasures and silver located in the central canyon, accessible only via the crossing point. And for a surprise, keep your eyes open for some desert bighorn sheep hiding in the heights. They were really added as eye-candy, but see if you can figure out how to hunt them (and a few may appear in the lower elevations randomly).

In my testing this map always produces fair, balanced maps for 2 team play. Effective play involves scouting the various resources, Native types, and of course, the enemy, as well as taking control of the crossing.

This map supports FFA play well for 3 or 4 players. However, with larger player numbers, with each player on his own 'plateau' the player lands start to get a little narrower and not as defensible - it is harder to keep buildings away from the edges where enemy cannon are able to get to them. Also with larger player numbers in a FFA, the connections start to get more distorted and wider and the canyons more convoluted, making walling a little harder. Play a 5-or-more player FFA at your own discretion; it can still make a fun playable map but some players might not have as great of a defensible position as others.

To play this map, the two files (Canyonlands.xs and Canyonlands.xml) must be placed in the folder: My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\RM. Please do not place them in the game's install folder - that will not work. When you start up a skirmish game in Single-player or Multiplayer, use the small blue 'Custom Map' button, which allows you to then select one the random maps in that My Games folder from the drop-down window.

The .xml file has been updated to show a map description at the startup screen.

This is one of my favorite maps that I have ever made for any game, and I think one of the most visually striking. It has required a lot of trial and error to get the canyons, mesas, trade routes and connections all working appropriately and looking good. Thank you to ES for giving us the tools to do this! Hope you enjoy the map.

Feedback appreciated!
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M0nTy PyTh0n Hello RF_Gandalf,
you do a very good job with creating new random maps of AOE3. I like the look of most of your maps.

But, maybe you check out this link:

And especially this link on using the RMS debugger for AOE3 properly:
Lord Haart Just 1 question - will adding this map to my game cause multi-player mucks ups? (out of sync, etc).

I play mp mostly but untli the patch is out sp would be great. Don't want to risk online play though.
Weeda Rating: 5

Additional Comments:
Excelent map!

[Rating removed - check out the rating guidelines before rating a file]
~ Kastor

[Edited on 09/01/06 @ 05:35 PM]

File Author
This can be played SP or MP without problem. The files transfer in MP just like previous ES games. Can be played either on LAN or on ESO.
tooth518 Great map. A lot of fun playing it singleplayer, but when I try it multiplayer over lan with my room mate I always get an out of sync error? Why is this?
File Author
Try deleting it completely from one of your systems, and having the file transfer at the game startup - see if that works. Mybe one of the files got corrupted?
The_Jinjo1 Thanks Gandalf. All your maps are very cool, but I have a small question. How can I make the Demo Scripts run on the Retail version of the game?
File Author

anyway, you would have to put them in the proper folder(My Documents\My Games\AOE3\RM), perhaps edit the xml file properly and they should work
superadamwo Rating: 4
Excellent map :D

Additional Comments:
I had an idea for a grand canyon map that's like this except I didn't know much about RMS. (i still don't).

[Rating removed - check out the rating guidelines before rating a file]
~ Kastor

[Edited on 09/01/06 @ 05:36 PM]

lord_chYper Hey Gandalf!!
Great map! :D I Love playing this one, and I do it lots. It reminds me of Jotunheim from Age of Mythology, my fav map. You might know that one. If so, do you think you have time to recreate that one, for AoE3? That would be great! :D
Thx in Advance,
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