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Defence of the Hill 2.0

Author File Description

For the Greater Good

Backround: This takes place on the same day as the previous episode, except it is that night. watch Defense of the Hill 1.0 for the story before this.


-GRAPHICALLY INTENSIVE, it might run slowly if you have an old computer

-AMAZING, need I say more

-these are the original movies, updated versions I am keeping until the cinematic section in teh downloads comes out

-After you watch this, stay tuned for the final part

-read the dialog, it disappears, so don't wait

-Suggestions welcome except for:

1. You should make this playable
2. It runs to slow on my Windows 95
3. I can't read

-enjoy and review, if you know how to review a movie
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I gave you a 4 Because: There was only one yes one glitch I saw. When the bad guys attack they all attack but a few seconds go by some of them stand there like they have nothing better to do. Even thought you had cannons that would not unpack it was still good enough for a 4 ratting.
Why you ask Well its not that you made it wrong its a aoe3 glitch even when you play in single player the cannons do the same thing they never know what to do unless you tell them over and over. Well you get my point. Also the cannons unpack some times right away when you watch it over again so i could not give you a 3 for a ratting.
Balance: 4
I gave you a 4 Because: To be honest for how many cannons there were and if the unpacked right and did not move around for ever should be no problem for the good guys.
Creativity: 5
I gave you 5 Because: Like in the last map there were little thing that made the map unique. I know you used parts of the first one but you had to its a story. The creativity on the new parts were great.
Map Design: 5
I gave you a 5 Because: You had more texture in this map than the other. The detail is what I always look for.
Story/Instructions: 4
I gave you a 4 Because: Drat almost a 5 there is some spots where if your not a fast reader you will lose track of what they are saying. Remember you wanna watch it also if you are reading fast to keep up you wont have time to watch.
Additional Comments:
If there is any comment or if you are gonna edit your map email me at XSL_League@yahoo.com so i can edit my review.

File Author
Funnily enough, i made al teh dialogues paly at the same rate, but some are shorter tahn oteghrs, unfortunatley...

Well I add it to the list of what to do for version 2.1, as 1.1 is almost done. I will release the renevated versions in the new cinematic section, when that comes out.

So, I should:

1. Decrease cannon number
2. Fix dialogue
3. smack the janisaries into fighting when I tell them to lol

Anything else?

How was the story in terms of depth? The next one has a huge twist, but it starts out with Sahin's troops scurrying back to their warships, I made only that part so far. This map is entirely new, though it takes place in a similar area.

So what do you think? Is Chilche to blame for almost stopping the cannon to save his people? Is Sahin killing the natives to be creul or for another reason. And why are all these nations attacking you, and who is really controlling them?

lifereloaded i will be here :) when you get this all done and over with if there are 3 or more. when the story is done you should try to make them all together so you can watch the whole thing like a movie

JPSoft Thanks! I love it. I know the work in this splendid scene.
Natural Green Playability: 4

Balance: 5
Nice use of units

Creativity: 3
Pretty basic battle

Map Design: 4
Map looked nice

Story/Instructions: 5
Story looked very good

Additional Comments:

Very good cinematic, I can tell you took time with this one and it paid off

[Edited on 01/15/06 @ 01:22 PM]

V01ture That review is way to short. I think the CoC is three lines per topic.

How do we know you even watched it? All you did was say the Map looked nice, the Story looked nice, etc. Give him helpful suggestions, and in depth ratings on topics.

[Edited on 11/27/05 @ 10:42 PM]

lifereloaded i agree no crap it your gona wright a review put some thought into it.

Natural Green That was my first review ever give me a break

I will make it more in depth next time
lifereloaded mr. green i think you should read the review guide lines.

File Author
Next time? What about now? Are you saying that it is your first so you should be excused? This was my first scenario, so should I get automatic 5's?

Not meaning to offend, but you can't just use excuses like that.
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Map Design4.5
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