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AOE3MODS standard Scenario Pack v1

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File Details
Game Version: TWC
Download and install AOE3MODS vC1 before running these scenarios.

The following scenarios are included:

King of the castle – as the Dutch, US or British:
You face 3 computer players with identical configurations. All have elevated fortress strongholds with powerful fixed cannons for defense. This will be the easiest of the scenarios, because the other players are against each other too.

Caribbean adventure:
This scenario is only moderately challenging but it is included because the quickest and easiest way to win is using the Hot Air Balloon. As the US, you have your own secure island but the object of this game is to collect treasure. The Spanish, French and Portuguese are allied against you. Things do not get tough until you have to take the treasure from under their noses.

Island defense:
You play as Colonel Washington, just arrived on a strategically important Island where the new US Government has built a state of the art fortress. Unfortunately, the governor of the Island has failed to man the fortress properly. The Spanish are aware of this and have decided that now would be a good opportunity to obtain a nice new fortress, at the expense of the US government. They have already occupied part of the island and are preparing 3 armies to help with the attack. Oh, you start without a town center or any settlers.

Fortress defense:
In this scenario, you have 3 players sided against you. You all start with a high resource count to encourage fast progress but they have 3 times what you have, although you have an elevated fortress stronghold. This will present more of a challenge than king of the castle.

Save the president:
This is similar to fortress defense but, while you have even better defenses, you start at a disadvantage in terms of resources. The game will be challenging but concentrate initially of defense and building resources.

A long journey:
This may prove to be one of the more challenging of the scenarios, although to start with it may not appear so. As the US you will face 4 French armies, the last of which is located in Napoleon's home base. As you eliminate each army in turn, the remaining armies get stronger. When you get to Napoleon's home base, the defenses are pretty tough too. Do not be tempted to use the hot air balloons to make an early attack on other armies. They are disabled until you reach the final objective.

Brain v Brawn:
In this game, you play as Napoleon with the challenge of destroying the 3 Ottoman armies that occupy a well defended settlement. Although you start with more resources than your opponents, they will be getting a little help to get going and always remember those defenses.

The arena:
At one time this was the most difficult of all scenarios; it may be almost impossible to win in the standard game. This is a free for all conflict, with you as the US against three other players, the Dutch, the Germans and the French. The problem is, you cannot get to their settlements because they are located behind high cliffs, with the only entrance blocked by an impregnable gate. To get at them, you have to build a trading post on the socket outside each opponent's gate; this will destroy the gate. Expect the socket to be well defended, just as you find your own is.

Land of Plenty:
This is another scenario that encourages the strategic use of balloons. You play as the US, responsible for keeping your picturesque community safe from 3 Spanish armies. The resources available to you are limited, but somewhere on the other side of the map is a ‘land of plenty’, safe from the enemy as it is located on a plateau. You have to find it, colonize it and build up sufficient resources to eliminate your opponents, as that will be the only way to ensure the safety of your little community. You start with good defenses and a small number of powerful units to protect against any early attacks. You also have some limited resource generation.

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AN_Nuisance Can you give a brief explanation as to how to get/load/and unload the mod pack? I have never tried mods before and I hear they need to be unloaded before multiplayer capability online is restored...thanks.

The scenarios sound awesome and I would like to try em out and review...
File Author
AN_Niusance: Go to the Modpacks download section and look for 'AOE3MODS vC1 (Standard and TWC)'. This link should take you there:


Download the file just like you would a scenario (will take a lot longer than a scenario would). It will give you a zip file which, when you open, contains an Instructions.txt file, an executable called AOE3MODS_vC1.exe and another called AOE3ShortCut.exe. Save these files to your documents folder, or anywhere you would prefer to keep them. Unlike a scenario, do NOT put them in any AOE3 folders. I would recommend creating a sub folder in your documents folder called something like 'AOE3MODS', but it is not essential.

After extracting the files, the easiest thing to do is execute AOE3ShortCut.exe. This will put a shortcut on your desktop and in your start menu. Whenever you want to install the mods or remove them, simply click the shortcut and follow the instructions.

If you do not want to install the ShortCut, simply execute AOE3MODS_vC1.exe every time you want to install or remove the mods.

When you are installing the mods, you will have to run the installer twice if you want the mods for both the standard game and TWC. However, when you plan to remove the mods, it will not matter which you select, both sets of mods will be removed at the same time..

Also, read the intro screen carefully. The installer includes the ability to modify the pitch and zoom for the games if you so wish. These changes can be made without installing or removing the mods. However, if you remove the mods, the pitch and zoom will revert to what they were before you installed them.
AN_Nuisance Thanks a million!
AN_Nuisance Ok I'm confused....the scenarios in this pack don't match the descriptions at all....here's what I got:

Comanche uprising
The US has just invested in a new fortress to protect one of the farthest most settlements in Texas. This is a good thing as the French are stirring things up with the Comanche and will support them against the US. However, will it be enough to stop the uprising of 3 nearby Comanche settlements?

Mission Impossible
If this scenario is approached in the traditional way, it could prove challenging. It is really designed to take advantage of the new balloon units from the Artillery Foundry and Barracks. You play as the US with few food and coin resources available to you at ground level. However, there are plenty of resources in the mountains but you will need to use a balloon to get units up there. The next problem you have is that the game’s primary objective is located behind huge well defended fortress. Again, destroying the fortress is in a traditional way, is an option but use of balloons can help you achieve the primary objective more easily. In addition, the balloons can also help eliminate the Russian and Ottoman opposition.

Patriotic War of 1812
This scenario gives you the opportunity to save Moscow, unlike in 1812 when the Russians had to burn it down in retreat from Napoleon and his armies. Unlike then, you will need to use advances in technology to get the upper hand, as the natural resources available to you are limited.

Land of Mystery
You start with a number of units on a small island, waiting to board a caravel. From here, you have to select a new location to start a colony. The mystery comes from the fact that movement on this new land is limited to a few passages between plateau topped mountains. Around each corner could be a new treasure item or it could be one of your enemies about to attack. Your first objective is really to collect as many treasures as possible and perhaps one of them will enable you to start producing balloons; they will make movement about this map much easier. The ultimate objective is revealed once you have collected a treasure that will permit the creation of balloons.
File Author
There are 4 scenarios supplied for AOE3 with the mods, plus another 9 in the scenario pack - giving a total of 13. For TWC, there a 5 supplied with the mods and another 6 in the scenario pack, giving a total of 11.

You have to install the scenario packs after you have installed the mods. Too much for a single download when the size limit is 12Mb.

Do you think 24 scenarios might keep you busy for a while? :-)
AN_Nuisance Yep....I've been busy. =)

One comment I have is that it seems like in every scenario somewhere along the line the defense is basically exactly the same...sniper towers and those damn giant cannons! A little diversity would be nice!

[Edited on 02/05/07 @ 02:13 PM]

File Author
If you mean the fixed guns, sorry, I just happen to like them and they can present a real challenge. If you mean the Goliaths, it seems the AI likes them.

Looking at some new mods to present alternative fixed artillery in scenarios, but not sure if I will be successful yet.
mbm7501 when i try to open it it says it failed to open. what do i do?
File Author
If you were trying to run with the War Chiefs version, then that would explain your problem. Although I would expect older scenarios to load without error in TWC, it does not seem to be the case. To run these scenarios, use the standard AOE3 game.
mbm7501 i am using AoE3 but it doesnt work should i update the game?
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