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French OP Boomage

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File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Yucatan
Map Size: Unknown
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
Game Type: Supremacy
Total Game Time: 16:00
Player 1's Name: ueadian
Player 2's Name: viperlord
This is my textbook french boom. French is insanely overpowered if you use them right, in 1vs1 quickmatch games I'm undefeated so far, I'm level 21 with french, 43 with russia. I gave up on my Russian city because they are weak late stage, and you can actualy rush better with French. It's a really fast game, most of mine are, don't usually go past 20 minutes, there is no much the person can do to stop me from reaching industrial by 14-16 minutes due to the fact that I just use cards and Indians if aviable for units while focusing completely on food / gold to get to industrial ASAP. I use my cards sparringly, and I get a fortress and another TC, or 2 depending on my wood, in fortress age to keep pumping out villagers while I age to industrial, usually getting to Industrial age so quickly scares the person and makes the game very easy afterwards due to the fact they lose their concentration and start micromanaging very baddly. This is a textbook way to win with French via Boom teqchnique, so for any newbs, or other french people lookin to learn a strat, check it out.
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Foben Hi,

Thank you for the recording. I have never tried the french so it is interesting to see their strength.
It is a nice strategy, however your opponent did little to challenge you.
I would like to see a game with that strategy tested against a strong rusher.
I noticed that you were quite vulnerable to villager attack early on. I would have hit your resources while you had little military, forcing you to counter and subsequintly having your economy suffer.

If you stumble on a game where you are able to do this and defend a good rush please put it up too.


[Edited on 11/28/05 @ 10:23 AM]

File Author
Hey Foben, I just uploaded me vs an otto, he had the units to rush, but I harassed him enough that he never bothered venturing out of his base, in all honesty I'm almost never rushed, I perosnaly think its because of the score breakdown, when I boom my score skyrockets early on, and that usually enough to deter someone from rushing me, if they think I'm stronger then them, then they usually dont bother to waste their units. However, I do get rushed, usually by germans, which is definately my worst opponent, german opponents usually do a good number on my econ because they have nothing to lose with their free calvary, so they usually suicide rush them and harass me. I will record my next game with a person who actualy bothers to rush me, I'm usually in 3rd age by the time they rush me with ample food and gold because im ready to advance to industrial, so instead of advancing to industrial I usually just spam skrimishers and hit their units then go back hit them again and go back, the whole bait and hit tactic usually deters them. I haven't really had any strong opposition because I'm only 29 as french, whereas im 43 as russian, so I have a considerable EXP lead on my opponents for now. I also don't play quickmatch that often, over 90% of my games are in the list thing and 100% of those are at least 3vs3 if not 4vs4, I like team games more then one on one, but I one on one every once in a while because I get tired of having double my teamates scores and getting pwned because random teams didnt like me and stuck me witht he guys with 20% wins.

[Edited on 11/30/05 @ 09:29 PM]

File Author
Eh this is outdated, I have a much better build order now which gets me 2-3 mins off my industrial time. If I ever find someone to play me in 1vs1 I'll upload a record of the new buld order vs a compotent opponent, until then, its back to team games. Any takers? ;) I'm now 49 with french and 49 with russia.

[Edited on 01/12/06 @ 04:24 PM]

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