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The Kharlan Tournament

Author File Description
Mouse Overlord The Kharlan Tournament:

Hoping to win himself some few thousand coin, Calek enters a seemingly ordinary tournament hosted somewhere in North Carolina. Simply killing some competitors and leaving with the money will be too easy for Calek to fail at. But why does the tournament host own an army? And what is the cause of the nearby colony's hostility towards the tournament? When a competitor disappears and an army attacks the tournament grounds, matters become slightly more complicated...

Although The Kharlan Tournament employs normal, simple RPG gameplay, the simplicity will be enough to keep your attention for at least 45 minutes. And though the main character is the most important unit you will have, at several points throughout the game you will be controlling a small army or a mercenary, increasing the level of strategy required, but not making the game frustrating or impossible to beat.
Installation Notes:

-Put the .age3scn file and the .bak file into your "my documents/my games/age of empires 3/scenario" folder.
-Put the ENTIRE "Kharlan Sounds" folder into "C:program files/microsoft games/age of empires 3/sound" folder.

All directory names are listed assuming that you used the default installation directories.

Then just go to the single player menu, click the "Custom Scenario" option, and click "The Kharlan Tournament
V1 ~ ArchNidhogg", and play!

For Best Gameplay Experience:
-Make sure that when playing AOE3, you experience NO LAG. This scenario has 16 cinematics, and any small bit
of lag will make the scenario completely unenjoyable. To reduce lag, turn to your graphics options. However,
make sure to leave "High Poly Models" on!
-Save your game every so often. You never know when you may die... and you don't want to have to start over!

Thanks for playing! Visit us at www.archsyndicate.com - The ArchDesigner Syndicate. Designing the Worlds.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Nacsword Playability: 5
This game was really worth my time playing. I especially enjoyed the cinematics since I am a big RPG fan.

Balance: 5
There was enough people to pull me through every mission so I would give full credit to balance.

It took me 2 times to kill enough theives at the beginning so I can get enough gold to hire a mercinary (The first try I ran out of time with 6 gold)

Creativity: 5
As far as creativity goes I would give full credit. The map had alot of backround quality such as trees, deer, buildings, etc.

Map Design: 5
Great design, almost all parts of the map has been used in this game such as using a boat to travel up the river and into the mountains.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions were very clear to me although I had a hard time gitting out of the tournament after I rescued my first set of prisoners which I soon found out that there was a "rotting wall." I didnt find this hint in the instructions, but I guess it would make the RPG a little to easy.

Additional Comments:
Great game! More upgrades in the future to allow the player more control in the game.

[Edited on 12/04/06 @ 02:19 PM]

Mouse Overlord
File Author
Thank you for your comments. :) I would have liked to put in more upgrade choices as well, but the modify protounit bugs prevented me from doing so.
Gaurdian_112 I know we're only beginning to see new projects, but IMO, reviews should be similiar to the ones we accept on AoMH now that we know this editor's capabilities, and it is not new (quite the contrary), unlike AoM when it first came out.
Mouse Overlord
File Author
Uh sry, I think you misunderstood me - I'm not asking for a higher ranking just because of the editor bugs. I understand that there are ways around the modify protounit bug that could have allowed for a more player-controlled game.
lifereloaded Playability: 4
I gave you a 4 Because: The map was made well and i had fun with it all the triggers worked and the detail was good but not great. EXE. waves on land heh. Also the chat bars move to fast can read them and watch movie at same time.
Balance: 5
I gave you a 5 Because: It was fair all around. No one had more of an advantage period.
Creativity: 4
I gave you a 4 because: Your map and little of everything and there was some detail but not good enough for a 5.
Map Design: 4
I gave you a 4 Because: The only stopper was the waves on land. I know why you had them there but it made the map look all wrong. Good Idea though.
Story/Instructions: 5
I gave you a 5 because: The story line was full and plenty.
Additional Comments:
If you are gonna edit this map or have any questions you can contact me at xsl_league@yahoo.com. If you edit this map let me know so i can edit my review.


[Edited on 12/04/06 @ 02:19 PM]

Mouse Overlord
File Author
Thanks for your review. I can see why the waves on land annoyed you. :P
spartens_13 This was a realy awesome map and i enjoyed playing it. I would recommend to anyone. Good job

Playability: 5
I give you a 5 cause it was very playable(DUH) but also very fun to play. there were constant challanges and i really liked that.

Balance: 5
Nothing wrong with the balance. As lifereloaded said "no one had an advantage" which is good.

Creativity: 5
I think this was awesome. Very creative

Map Design: 4
Map design was almost perfect. The mountians/hills were great and fun to explore. the river was nice. but i gotta agree with lifereloaded, the waves on land, just dosen't seem right when you look at the big picture, sry

Story/Instructions: 5
all was clear and understood, well just not the end.

Additional Comments:
it was over all, just a little sort of perfect. i just didn't get the end, how evertin blew up an crap. and wats wit IVERY. can u explain it to me?? otherwise, the best map made so far for age of empires 3. keep up the good work.

[Edited on 12/04/06 @ 02:22 PM]

Mouse Overlord
File Author
Glad you enjoyed it. :)

"IVERY"? :P Don't know what that is...

The buildings dying at the end symbolize the fall of the tournament. I wasn't able to think of a better ending. I'm bad with endings... :|
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Very well designed and a lot of neat activities to engage in. Also some very good opportunities to take charge and play the game in between the tournamnets, particularly at the end.

Balance: 3
I found most of the tournaments relatively easy to win. It was more difficult during the times inbetween the tournaments at time...but winning the tournaments themselves and advancing in the scenario could have been more difficult.

Creativity: 4
A really nice design and story...although, during the period, I do not believe the British and the colonists actually held any torunaments that were fight to the death...perhaps in some of the native American areas, particulalry amongst their captives.

Map Design: 4
The map was good...a lot of eye candy and a lot of good terrain. In addition, the triggers were very well done.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions in general were very good, but there were times during the scenario when there were significant pauses between action without a lot of detailed instructions. Also, I noticed a couple of misspellings. More recorded voices for the instructions would have been critical in getting a higher score here.

Additional Comments:
spartens_13 i see, so u bad at endings. dat okay still good none de less, ivery i thought was the guy (settler wagon) at the end. oh well
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