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Strategic Objectives: Russo-Turkish Wars

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: TWC
Strategic Objectives: Russo-Turkish Wars

This scenario is for both “AOE 3: Original” (Vanilla) and “AOE 3: TWC”.

“Strategic Objectives” is a scenario that can qualify as a new game type.

It allows to capture abandon buildings (such as Forts and Barracks), and even re-capture them from the AI and vice versa.
Captured buildings offer either economic bonus or military bonus (free units).

Players can also construct Fixed Guns anywhere on the map.

The Challenge and Give Away

From March 15th 2007 until April 6th 2007, players were invited to beat the “Normal” or/and “Hard” versions of any one of the “Strategic objectives” scenarios.

Such players were then qualified to be in the drawing to win one of 25 free prizes that were given by Ensemble Studios and by me.

For additional information please visit this link:
The Strategic Objectives Challenge

Game Play

Please visit the following link and read about the unique game play that “Strategic Objectives” offers.

It also tells you how to construct Fixed Guns anywhere on the map.

For more information visit this link:
The Strategic Objectives Challenge

Scenario versions

There are 3 main versions with different civilizations:

Ottoman VS Russia – the story version
Spanish VS British - skirmish
Germany VS Spain - skirmish

There are also 3 levels of difficulties for each version (Hard, Normal, and Easy).

Normal and Hard difficulties (for any one of these versions) will qualify for the challenge and give away.

All these 9 versions are available for both “AOE 3: Original” (Vanilla) and “AOE 3: TWC”.
That is a total of 18 scenario versions.

The main scenario with the story is called: “Strategic Objectives: Russo-Turkish Wars”.

Installation Instructions

Please note that these scenarios don’t mod your game in any way.

Copy all the "Strat Obj…….age3scn" and “Xstrat Obj….age3Xscn” files to
"My Documents/My Game/Age of Empires 3/Scenario".

The "Strat Obj……." files are for AOE 3: Original (Vanilla) and the “Xstrat Obj….” files (with leading “X”) are for AOE 3: TWC (for those who own the expansion).

There is no need to copy the “Xstrat Obj….” files (with leading “X”) if you don’t have AOE 3: TWC (expansion).

Copy the "Homecity_……XML" files to
"Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires III/Campaign/Blood Ice Steel"

If you have TWC expansion, then copy the "HomecityX…….XML" files to
"Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires III/Campaign/War Chief"

The home city files give you a deck with 40 cards.

The music files need to be copied to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\Sound folder.

Message for the Reviewers

Please review the story version scenario: “Strategic Objectives: Russo-Turkish Wars”

File names: “Strat_Obj_Turky_Russ_Normal.age3scn” (AOE 3: Vanilla),
or “XStrat_Obj_Turky_Russ_Normal.age3Xscn” (AOE 3: TWC).

The other two versions are skirmish type scenarios with no story.

The “Normal” level version is the most appropriate version for average players so please try that one first.
The “Easy” version might be too easy (it was intended for new players), and the “Hard” version
is very hard to beat (it was intended for expert players).

Please keep in mind that despite the fact that the AI has more units than the human player,
the human player can counter that with superior strategy and tactics.

Thank you,

Moshe Levi
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
File Author

Thank you for your review.

The "Hard" version was for the contest and you should not base your review on this level of difficulty.
It was meant only for expert players.

The "Normal" version is more appropriate for a review, and if you build fixed guns then it will be much easier for you to deal with the superior number of AI units.

You can probably win against "Normal" version in 45 minutes.

So please try this again and see if the "Balance" is better.

Regarding the 50 swiss pikes, did you use cheat codes?
the 50 swiss pikes are ani cheat trigger to make sure no one cheats in the contest.
By the way, these swiss pikes have 10,000 HP, lol.

[Edited on 05/05/07 @ 10:27 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Ok....Played on Normal and as advertised it WAS normal....whatever you do...do NOT use X Marks The Spot cheat even if you have seen the whole map before. If you do you will see lots of 10,000 hp pikes...NOT cool....lol No wonder I played forever on hard...those pikes were damn hard to kill.... Playability was excellent on Normal.

Balance: 5
On Normal the balance was excellent. Not too hard yet not too easy either...excellently balanced game play...aggressive AI and treasure guardians keep you on your toes...

Creativity: 4
I really enjoyed the capture re-capture feature on buildings. and the story along with the design of the map and the miners for building fixed guns made for a very creative concept.

Map Design: 4
A couple of things I noticed...there were basically two pieces of eye candy besides regular terrain changes:

1) The rain over the Indian trade post...either unnecessary or could have been in a few other places as well.

2) The farm at about 2 o'clock I could never capture even after killing all the guardians and putting as many as 20 units there...never figured that out.

Story/Instructions: 5
Good story...playing the Otto Russian scenario was helpful although a couple of the suggestions went by fast, but pausing the game helped.

Additional Comments:
As usual Moshe rocks on this scenario...totally worth the dl gents! ;)
Official Reviewer
File Author

Thank you AN_Nuisance for your review.

Sorry, but no cheats are allowed for “Normal” or “Hard”.
This is due to the contest, and whoever cheats get panelized, lol.

Besides that the AI might get a few 10000 hp pikes a couple of times.
This is not by design but since there where only a few of them I then left it alone.

It seems that no one likes the rain.
I had a rain over one TP and over a couple of farms, oh well.

You couldn’t capture the farm probably because there were a few animals (e.g. dear) next to it.

In any case, these issues are being fixed for the next set of “Strategic Objectives” scenarios, so stay tuned.

AN_Nuisance Outstanding...this scenario is really good and well worth the dl....as I see it there are 2k+ dls already....amazing
rendrag Moshe:
I'm anxious to play your creation. I've downloaded the program files as instructed. Whatever game I choose opens normally the villager/settlers start to work collecting. After a fewseconds the program ends with the
"you Lost" screen and that's the end. Help please - what am I or have I doing/done wrong?

[Edited on 05/27/07 @ 10:28 PM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
That is odd.
You would get that if you load a saved game, but not when you start a new game.

Is it happening with the Vanilla version or TWC?

You haven’t used any cheat codes, have you?
Did you modify the scenario in any way?

Did you download the latest patch?
If not, then do that first.

Did you change the Proto file?
You get a loss if you have less than 6 villagers (6 population), but since you start with 9 you shouldn’t have any problem, unless villagers don't take any population in your Proto file.

Try the “Ottoman VS Russia” version.
In this “Story” version you start with a large army.

You can also try any of the “Easy” versions to see if they work.
If they do, then just change the difficulty level in the editor to “Hard”, exit and then play again.
That will change the scenario to semi-Normal difficulty.

With all these suggestions something should work.

[Edited on 05/28/07 @ 12:06 AM]

rendrag Moshe: Many thanks for your suggestions. I am playing it on TWC and I have not altered the Proto (?). As far as cheat codes are concerned, I've not used any and I've downloaded the latest patch. I am using a mod which allows play as US and contains a number of interesting scenarios - does this count as a cheat code?

I shall try the various things you suggested and get back to you with the results.

Official Reviewer
File Author

My guess is that your mod modified the Proto, and that is conflicting with the scenario.
If the mod changed the Proto so villagers don’t take any population, then that is the problem.

If you would like, I can send you a modified version of my scenario without the villagers check to see if it solves the problem.
So let me know which scenario version you would like me to send you.

dragoon360 I downloaded verything and per your instructions placed everything, but it still wouldnt play it, do you think this might be due some update? maybe i havent updated my game in while.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Did you download the latest patch?
If not, then do that first.

The scenario won't play unless you have the latest patch.
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