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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » Lord_Richjp (German) vs Pavlicek (Spain)

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Lord_Richjp (German) vs Pavlicek (Spain)

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: New England
Map Size: Normal
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
Game Type: Supremacy
Cheats Allowed: No
Total Game Time: ~40 mins
Player 1's Name: Lord_Richjp
Player 2's Name: Pavlicek
Game Version: TWC
Unrated as I have been away. Good game to play, hopefully good to watch.

[url=http://aoe3.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=19,31077,,10]Go to recorded games dicussion forums[/url]
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Rating: 3
(Insert Rating analysis here)
Stupidity to the point of humorous on both sides 1 third of the time stupidity that hurt 1 third and great strategy the other third.
Additional Comments:
Well here is a good tip in my opinion.Double barracks unless you are ffing or turtling.

You start out with decent age time.

you get the 9 x-bow and try to take down his barracks with just 9 x-bow.Then he gets a whole bunch of Rods and understandably retaliate and he would have won there if you had not done the greatest strategy I have eve seen!!You took 5 uhlan ran in front of his men(around 50) and lured them away and killed a few of his vills in the proccess.This left me dumbfounded.

Then you continue to make 5 x-bow and get the bright ideal to make a second barracks.Then with your x-bow around 40 you attack his barracks again.(no pike)Surprisingly he had lancers.='O But thanks to good manuevering on your part and horrid on his part you stay alive long enough to get your pike there and retreat.

You fail to take the barracks and advance to third age. Oh i should mention through out the entire game you have a huge excess of food and that is a understatment.You upgrade your men as you are being decimated turn him back then you eventually you take his barracks and destroy that trade post he had just built.And this entire time you had been dependent on shipments.

Then after this you...do nothing at this point I have no clue what you are doing I assume you did not either.Then you seem to make up your mind and make a couple of culverins smart since he had just advanced aalso.

And you attack as you get there you can see his all rod army and instead of attacking you stay out of range and move behind a wall(smart also).Then you just let him attack you you positioned your men leaving culverins open to attack. you try to put some men in the way after it is to late. and you don`t have your culverins attack until they are half dead and instead of attacking the cannon killing you you attack the rods with them and a battle that should have ended in victory did not.

WEll you try again later with 0 anti calvary units and fail this is repeated constantly and by now your excess of food is in the 3000s.You finnaly get some damage done and take out 2 barrackes.But you have a bright ideal of grabbing a monopoly and do it with 7 cannons and a bunch of needle gunners the only thing that could beat you is calvary so in a desperate attempt he sends rods and pike.GG

Your economy was Great thrueout His economy was poor thrueout.I liked the way you built a tc by your vills and even had a tower up near the end of the trade route if he had decided to hurt you he could have attacked it and did a ton of damage.Too bad you seem to have economy micro problems you had WAY to much food.

A stable with a handfull of calvary would have killed every single one of his vills like at that gold mine.

This is enough i think.

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