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North American Theater v3.30 (all versions)

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
North American Theater v3.30

Will work with all 3 versions of the game - AOEII, TWC and TAD.

* Additional defensive building upgrade (Brick Fortifications) - depends on Bastion and Star Fort being upgraded first. Thank you to Tyranick for the suggestion.
* Cossack gets a carbine.
* Different hats for american and canadian snipers.
* British get Cannon instead of Rocket
* British, USA, CSA, Canada & Russia get Hale Rocket, which has a huge range but LOS is half the range - as is the auto attack range. Needs a spotter to target objects beyond LOS.

This is called the North American Theater (NAT) because the mod is focused on developments in North America from the end of the French-Indian Wars in 1763 through to the late 19th century. The mod includes most civilizations that experienced military conflict with the new United States of America.

Here is a summary of the civilizations covered with the date and name of the conflict:

USA The focus nation of most battles in North America during the period.
British 1775, the American Revolution and 1812, the War of 1812
Ottomans 1801, the First Barbary War and 1815, the Second Barbary War
Canada 1812, the War of 1812
Mexico 1846, the Mexican American War
CSA 1861, the American Civil War
Spanish 1898, the Spanish American War
Sioux Various conflicts
Iroquois Various conflicts (mostly when allied with British/Canadians)
Aztecs No known conflicts with the US
Russian No known conflicts with the US

These civilizations will function with the AI and new Home Cities can be created.

The primary focus is on the American Civil War, which represents a time of major change in technologies and tactics. There were also a large number of battles in this war, with significant records being kept. It was the desire to create scenarios for this period that inspired creation of the NAT mod, although it has been completed in a way that will enable the traditional AI skirmishes to be played. ESO multiplayer gaming will not be possible but LAN based multiplayer games should be.

Please read the documentation supplied with the NAT Installer for more details of the changes included.
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deeterrocks101 Hey, can you make this mod for the regular game? That would be cool.
File Author
The options for units in the standard game are somewhat limited but I am thinking about it.
deeterrocks101 That's Cool. I really hope you do it. It seems like a pretty cool mod.
AndrewYang I don't know how to get the rockets in the British civilization. Can you tell me how to get them in my artillery barraks, because I can't seem to find them, and also in the french I can't find the cuirassiers.
File Author
Andrew: The rockets can be produced either at the Artillery Foundary or from a Factory, where there are generated continuously.

You will not find the French in this mod. The French are replaced by the Canadians. The Canadians get a Hussar or a North west Mounted Police.
AndrewYang I'm talking about the original game. In skrimish I can't get factories or the medical headquarters(forget the name). Is there something wrong with my game? Or do Have to buy it in my home city?
Art and Sound4.0
I like the Canadians the best and the installation is kinda confusing, even though it is auto installer. It took me around 3 tries and you should have a manual installation too because, again it is pretty confusing with the auto installer, all in all it is a pretty good mod.
deeterrocks101 Hey thanks for making a standard version, but mine is not installing. Everytime i open it, it comes up with the window where you have to check the box to stop the manual from coming up. but when i do that and click proceed, it always comes up again and it never goes any further. could you please tell me whats going on?
File Author
deeterrocks101: The last time I heard of that problem, it was with a copy of AOE3MODS - your installation is corrupted. I believe the problem can be fixed by downloading another copy.
Cherusci Just a thought.

Since the Confederates are replacing the Dutch, the Dutch Ryter (Pistol Cavalry) could be left in the tech tree but replace the unit with the Commanchero (mounted Outlaw). This unit could be a border raider like "Quantrill's Raiders" .

Also there could be a unit that replaces all those spies in the tech tree at the military academy.

Since spies are available a the church and HC . why not include a Marine unit(kind of a sharpshooter/skirmisher like the Fusilier).

The Mexicans could use a unit like the Outlaw or Renagade/Pistolaro in their tech tree. This unit could be used for the Mexican Irregulars.

Perhaps the French could still be in the game if the Canadians replaced the Russians instead.

The Turks seem out of place. Maybe an Asian civ for Pacific expansion.

The Aztecs could be converted into the another Native America tribe like the Cherokee Nation or the Shawnee Confederation of Tecumseh.

Just food for thought
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