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forrrest river RPG

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Game Version: TWC

move forrest river.age3Xscn into

my documents/my games/age of empires III/scenario

to play

click your age of empires 3 icon then on the menu click
single player----> scenario-----> forrest river


.:the story:.
jack and his freinds have been away looking for work. they have failed misserably and are returning to the home to their sea side home in forrest ville. upon thier return they are shocked to find thier home town ruined and enemy units ocupying the whole county. it is up to them to save everyone.


you will advance levels to the more you kill

will callange you to make the right choice

excting story line

quick game that will only last 15-30 mins

a massive map over 400x400
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LO12DS_Frylock I start as player 8 (pink). I'm pretty sure I'm suppose to play as player 1?
hardmeti Can you play this as a random map or multiplayer if so how because by myself it is impossible?
File Author
no you connot play it in multiplayer now. even when CSO comes i will still need to modify it.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Starting this scenario from the main menu doesn't work -- you start out as Enemy #1 (Pink Team 8). Once I realized that I had to start from the scenario editor, and play-test the scenario as Player 1, it worked just fine. I played twice, once at hard and once at expert (with no noticeable difference in difficulty -- plenty hard both times).

Balance: 4
I dunno. It's just your one unit against the entire Pink Army. But if you do it slowly you can defeat pink (but not easily or anything). You spend 5% of your time exploring and fighting, and 95% of your time healing. Fortunately, there are plenty of surgeons, priests, rabbis, & other farious medicine men at several stategic locations.

Creativity: 5
I have never played a scenario quite like this before -- I guess the closest are the various mazes and quests. It was neat that neat that the more enemy units I killed (to a point) the stronger I became -- from a lowly hand-infantry - to a Cossack - to a Husser -- and finally to an Elmiti Knight. After my Elmiti killed many more pinks a notice appeared that I had become a Marmaluke (but I still remained an Elmiti; maybe the promotion to Marmaluke is only on the easier levels??)

Map Design: 5
Wonderful & super-large map! Your swamp was superlative -- no alligators, but crawling with various pink ambushers.

Story/Instructions: 4
I always knew what I had to do, and generally knew how to do it.

Additional Comments: I never actually "won" this scenario: The main objective was to clear the forest of the pink presence, and that seemed impossible to do. I killed 99% of the pinks, including the Warlord guarding their fort, and the general. Completed all the secondary objectives (took 3 trips to the healers before I finally managed to defeat the Fat Samurai).

Yet there were 3 or 4 crossbowmen in an inaccessable ravine which I could not reach with my Elmiti knight. Their arrows were like pin-pricks, so the Elmiti could circle round & round, but never found a way to engage these crossbowmen. According to the trigger descriptions in the scenario editor, there were supposedly some "converts" supposed to join my side, including at least one ranged unit. But all I ever got (for defeating the Fat Samurai) was a flag-bearer. He was great -- super good as a scout -- but of course he couldn't fight.

Also, after I finally punched out I discovered there was a pink ironclad in a totally inaccessable location. Are you supposed to sink the ironclad also to "win"?

Anyway, great scenario & a lot of fun even if you miss the "You're a Winner" banner at the end.

-- Cliff in Virginia
File Author
well the maps not perfected and its not so much the iron clad you have to kill but the guy next to him. the guys in the ravine are unkillable. if you take your flag bearer to a barracks stable or aresenal in the first town you vistit (bar the port). it will become another unit. the marmauluke thing is a leftover from hwne you would become a marm and not an elmeti. also the idea isn't to origional i must admit. i'm just a fan of old AOK RPGs.

anyway now i am woking on the multiplayer version of this map.

[Edited on 04/24/07 @ 05:38 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 2

As already stated by the previous reviewer - starting this scenario from the main menu doesn't work -- you start out as the Enemy (player 8) instead of player 1.
This means that your scenario is UNPLAYABLE to most players since most of them are not going to go to the editor and change the side they play.
Anyway, I opened the editor and change it to player1 and started the scenario.
I suggest you fix this problem if you want players to play your scenario.
But this is not the only problem.
My one unit just kept getting killed all the time.
The map is full of enemy units and I found it impossible to explore the map without getting killed after two minutes.
After 20+ tries I just gave up.
For that reason I gave you bellow average score for playability.
If you gave the player a few units to start with then it would have been easier.
So I decided to do just that and added a few more units and created a party instead of a single unit.
After that the game was much more playable for me, and I was then able to appreciate the good stuff in your scenario.
Still, I had to spend a lot of time looking for places where I can heal my units.
It will help if these places are revealed to the player from the start so he knows where to go without getting killed or restart the games 50 times.

Balance: 2

Your scenario is way too hard and it was impossible for me to complete.
May I suggest giving the player a party of a few units to make it easier?
That will also help with playability as I mentioned above.

Creativity: 4

Your idea is creative, nothing super special… but creative none the less.

Map Design: 5

Very nice map with lots of eye candy….good job on that one….

Story/Instructions: 2

Very minimal story with almost no instructions.
All I got from the objectives was to explore the map….
I didn’t see any of the other objectives, and no hints were given to where to find them.
Additional Comments:

You have a lot of talent when it comes to map design and triggers seemed to work fine, although there was one ally city that I couldn’t enter.
You just need to make sure you test your scenarios as much as possible.
Just play them in different ways and see what happens.
If you die more than 5 times in 10 minutes then something is wrong.
Also, give us players more hints and reveal to us the objectives.
You don’t have to do it right from the start, but it should be done at some point.
I finished your scenario with the special help of my extra units, but I never got any victory announcement and never figured out what was the main objective.
You may want to work on that.
Your scenario has potential but it needs more work.

[Edited on 06/25/07 @ 10:38 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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