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Team Archipelago TWC 1.02

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Game Version: TWC
Team Archipelago TWC
A random map script with versions for The War Chiefs
by RF_Gandalf

Team Archipelago is an RMS created with the goal of making a 'team island' map with great variability, and with new options and strategies for gameplay. It does not represent any 'known' region, but while the location is imaginary, the gameplay is different and exciting. It is similar to my previous Gandalf's Isles maps, with the major change of having players start on team islands rather than separate islands. There are other minor changes as well. The map is slightly smaller than Gandalf's Isles and the map can be either slightly rectangular or circular for slight variation in how the islands are placed, giving differences in spacing between various islands and between islands and the edge of the map - in otherwords, a little larger pockets of water for fishing.

The map is characterized by each player starting on team islands completely surrounded by water, with variable starting positions, variable terrains, and great variation in the position of other islands in the sea. There is some variation in team player starting positions and distances apart as well. The enemy team will not always be directly opposite on the map. The 29 different terrain patterns are not meant to be a representation of any specific island area, just variety for the sake of enjoyment. These terrain patterns have appropriate forests, fauna, Native American types and treasures to match.

Each team island contains one Native American village per team member, all of one type, with a few other villages of a different or same type scattered among the other islands (the number is variable but is also related to player number). On the starting island are 2-3 herds of some type, 2 mines, and 2-3 treasures per team member, and a few possible sheep, cows or llamas. Each player also starts with a couple extra wood crates to help get a dock and initial fishing ships built. Due to the anticipated naval warfare a large amount of forest is present as well. The seas are rich in fish and whales, risky to harvest due to the possiblility of enemy warships, but a valuable economic boost if you can collect them.

In addition to the player's large starting islands, there are other islands scattered randomly about the map. This random map will always contain a large island with a short trade route and 2 trade posts (or 3 if over 4 players) - this trade route island can be centered or off to one side, depending on player starting locations. The other islands will vary greatly in size and location, and will contain various needed resources. Most important is the coin - there are always a few silver, copper or tin mines and usually a few gold mines (value 5000 coin) scattered about, as well as additional forests, occasional treasures and a few animals. Forest will normall vary a little in amount, and the more 'desert' areas often will have noticeably less forest than other patterns (but never expect a wood shortage except in prolonged games with serious naval warfare unless you are bottled up on your own island). Other resources also vary a little randomly in amount or number.

There are a few small caches of extra resources and possibly a few wrecked treasure ships scattered about on the extra islands - these caches were inspired by features on the map Dogleg Islands by Jugit - I have adapted his idea to this map and changed it a little. There are stacks of firewood, possible gold caches, and stores of food put away by the native inhabitants - steal them for your own use! These vary in appearance and number by the map's terrain pattern and with randomization.

Well, aside from the above details, how does the map play? There is a need for aggressive control of the seas to control resources - the resources on the distant islands as well as the fishing and whaling that will boost your economy. You need to thoroughly explore the seas and islands to see what is available since there is great variation in how and where players and the extra islands are placed, and of course scout to keep track of the enemy. You need to venture off your island to establish bases elsewhere - economic centers as well as military. This map is truly great for teamwork. Coordinated team play for defense and to control straits and islands is very useful. Coordinated team landings are better at eliminating an enemy.

Of course to play this map having a deck built for a water map is helpful - I recommend considering the Admiralty card, free warships, Rendering Plant, Schooners, Improved War Ships, Advanced Dock, and any specific cards for your civ such as Water Dance. Cards giving free wood are also a great boost to get on the water quickly. I am not sure of the value of the Privateer cards - any thoughts on these? I also like having cards to give Forts, Outposts or War Huts - sending these with your landing force is a great way to quickly establish a base on the enemy's island and subsequently send HC shipments there.

NOTE - This is version 1.02 - released 5/8/07. This version was edited to keep some objects away from the starting TC that were rarely causing the TC to be dropped. Please let me know if this is seen in the future. The second edit was to fix a problem with the file name lenght that kept it from loading on some computers. Delete your old Team Archipelago files and replace with these if you have previously downloaded the map.

NOTE -This map is much larger than any of the ES-created maps and may give some lag problems for players with slower computers and with greater player numbers. Because of the map size and script complexity, the script will take longer than usual to load. Also note that games on this map take somewhat longer to play due to the size and the need to spread out before launching an assult. There is full support for FFA games in this script, and of course the 'teams' in FFA result in one player per island.

NOTE-The standard AI plays this map poorly since it is not designed to make assults over water. It is really best for Multiplayer games, since humans can plan their assults better!. If you play this in Singleplayer (which can still be fun, of course), I suggest trying the Draugur AI by Felix Hermansson. It seems to put up a better fight with naval ships than the standard AI, although it also does not send armies to attack your home base. Note that in my experience, Draugur AI does a better job with the European civs than the Native civs on the seas.

To play this map, the two files (Team Archipelago TWC.xs and Team Archipelago TWC.xml) must be placed in the folder: My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\RM2. Please do not place them in the game's install folder - that will not work. When you start up a skirmish game in Single-player or Multiplayer, use the small blue 'Custom Map' button, which allows you to then select one the random maps in that My Games folder from the drop-down window.

I have enjoyed making this unique random map script. Thank you to ES for giving us the tools to do this! Hope you enjoy the map.

Feedback appreciated!
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Cherusci Occasionally one of the civ's begins with out a Town center and no Villagers.

I had it happen to me as the British and twice my opponents (France and Souix)
File Author
Appreciate your feedback. Can you tell me any other details of the games - singleplayer or multiplayer? 1v1 or more players? FFA or 2 teams? Was there anything else that looked odd on the map. Did the apparent starting island place OK and look normal? And did you have explorers? starting crates?

I took a quick review of the map and did not see anything that looked wrong. I had this happen about a month before release until I made a minor adjustment, then never saw it again in hundreds of starts. The more info you can give me the better chance I have of finding the bug.
Cherusci It happened in a 1 vs 1 against the computer.

When it happened to either myself or the computer opponent, there was no town center, villagers or crates but an explorer was always present.

There didn't appear to be anything strange about the terrain but I don't recall if it was on a specific type or the same type all 3 times. If it ever happens again, I will take special note of what type of terrain RMS the game is on.

I am a super fan of naval warfare and custom RMS. I play mostly on your RMS instead of the ones from the game. I like huge maps and those that put lots of distance between me and the computer.

I do not play any TWC games against human opponents.

File Author
Thanks for your help!. I will do some more testing, but at least so far in the released script I have not reproduced this yet. The most likely thing is that something is being placed 'on top' of the TC later in the script(after the TC is placed, deleting it), such as trees or a mine. I have identified a few possible sources in the script. If you (or anyone) sees this could you take a screenshot of the start area as soon as you see it, before the explorer moves, and send it to me. Would likely need to be of your own start position, because the AI will move his explorer and the game goes on even if he has no TC or starting settlers.
VStampede somehow it doesn't work for me. I get a "Team Archipelago couldn't load" message and it takes me back to the main menu. Trying to play it as british with a french ally against sioux and iroquois.
File Author
VStampede - sorry, delete any old files, try re-downloading the map, should work now. I had tested the map and it worked fine, then I renamed the files (added the 1.01 designation) which messed up the loading somehow. The 1.02 download works! Again, sorry for the glitch.

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