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The McWilly fort

Author File Description
Northern Marvin
File Details
Game Version: TWC
This is the story about the McWillies who lost their beloved fort because of the British.

The scenario is all about how the McWillies took it back.

You will start in a little camp, a few meters away from the enormous fort.
You will be able to build a small colony, so that you can make canons ( if you haven't got too much population ).
Your settlers don't need to gather any wood or food. You will get 500 food, gold, and wood automaticly.

Remember that the scenario ain't about building a colony, but taking over the fort with the units you get.

The enemy will have a lots of lots of lots canons and soldiers, the whole Willy Fort and much more.
I can garanty you a challenge.

I really hope that you will appreciate my scenario. I've used more than 6 months at it!

I would really hope that you guys reply and download the scenario, since I used soooo much time on it...

I would also like to thank:

kjn, for answering to my endless questions.
And you, for downloading...

Nortern_Marvin / M@rvïn_The_Conquistador

Ohh... Tell me if anything is wrong!!

Thanks ;-)
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crazykid Will try it out tonight and let you know. ;) Thanks for making it
Map Design5.0
Playability: 2
Playability was an issue for several reasons. There were many times when soldiers would NOT attack a building as if I always had to TELL them to attack...even when they were taking damage often they stood around. Also I would have to try several times to pick up a treasure even after guardians were all dead. It might have been nice if the fixed guns could've been captured. Also the pop goes up so massively that it is almost impossible to build cannons for more than one or two go-rounds. Lastly the villies would stand around a bit later in the game when asked to build a building....made it tough to upgrade units etc...

Balance: 3
Balance was ok but it sure seemed that the enemies forces seemed damn hard to kill...like the hp were upped. At least it appeared that way. What put the balance off was the ginormous amount of troops I was getting.

Creativity: 5
Creativity was NO problem...very creative stuff.

Map Design: 5
Map design was great...LOTS of eye candy and interesting gig with the albus guns firing from INSIDE the towers.

Story/Instructions: 4
The cinematic went off without a hitch and the objectives were clear...

Additional Comments:
Well worth the dl...Nice Job! ;)

[Edited on 05/17/07 @ 02:47 AM]

Northern Marvin
File Author
Thank you for the nice words.

The whole scenario is meant to be ectremely hard...
I had for example given the outposts something like 2000 hp more than normal. The other canons had somthing like 1000hp.

I also think I know why the soldiers didn't attack. If you were trying to destroy the yellow ( player 3 ) for itself, it ain't possible.
-Good, but don't attack the walls without permission! says John McWilly.
If it is the outposts you are talking about, then it might be that your soldiers don't attack because of the walls, surounding them and that the soldiers are being attacked all the time.

I think I'll make the amount of soldiers better. The reason why I made you 180 soldiers every minute is because the fact that the enemy is so d@rŋ hard to kill. So if you sent for example 300 soldiers at the same time, only ½ of them would attack, but it would take much more time for the enemy to kill them.

But again: Thank you for the kind words.
crazykid Hey, AN_Nuisance did a good job of summing it up. I loved the game. It takes a lot longer though, because like it was mentioned, the men just stood around. When I would group 600 men outside the city to rush the mounted cannons i would have to direct them in a Z line to get there due to the pathfinding glitches. But I loved the idea. It felt real-war like. And the cutscenes were great. Thanks for making this game. You've got talent

[Edited on 05/17/07 @ 09:45 AM]

Northern Marvin
File Author
Yes! AN_Nuisance did a good job!

He has told me very clearly what was eventually problems and good things about my scenario!

Thank you for the nice words, crazykid!
crazykid Like ive said, you've got talent. To see the graphics and just everything you did with this game was awesome. I'd love to play more of your games, although I know it takes time.

P.S. Thanks for communicating too, a lot of people will throw out a game and check on the comments for 2 days then never come back to see suggestions or anything

anyways good luck with your designing
Northern Marvin
File Author
Yes, again thanks for the nice words;-).
Infact... I have another game... It's almost ready too.
But I need to work more with it before I submit it.
crazykid You do what you got to do. People don't give a crap about 5 half finished and glitchy games. They want one awesome game. :) Good luck see u in the next comment discussion
AN_Nuisance I'd be more than happy to help test play any up and coming scenarios... ;)

Northern Marvin
File Author
Shall I send the scenario to the E-mail you gave us?
In that case, I can do it at monday.

Right now, I have one unfinished map, which is very much alike a skirmish, but you will have EXTREMELY much rescourses at the map. Once, I was playing the game for 2 hours, and still there was lots of lots of animals and trees.

And I have two other maps in my mind.
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