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2 vs 2 on Great Plains

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# of Players: 4
Map Type: Great Plains
Map Size: Unknown
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
Game Type: Supremacy
Total Game Time: 30 mins ~
Player 1's Name: MusketeerKing
Player 2's Name: micky_tee
Player 3's Name: B_O_S_S
Player 4's Name: GaiusluliusCaesa
Game Version: TWC
I really think this would be a good watch for Dutch and French players because Micky was OP as usual and I had a preety good game (if I say so myself) but it's still an alright rec and would reccomend to people who don't play as them as well.
We made hussies and skirms, vs their (Dutch)skirms and maces. When we saw their army at the start after 10 mins we thought we were preety screwed, but somehow we managed to defeat them (I think cav attack card really helps sending it early)and then I got some hardcore raiding which hurt them quite a bit I think. It's a shame B_O_S_S dropped near the end though...but I think we had it won anyway.
A GG imo with quite a bit of fights in it.

But like I said if you play French or Dutch then it's worth a watch

PS. I have another rec of me and Micky doing the same strat, but it's not as action packed.
But if someone wants it for build order or whatever just post and I'll post it :)
Enjoy guys
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Achaean Lionness
I can only imagine you are all very young and I have no wish or desire to hurt anyone’s feelings or offend anyone – but – I cannot understand why such a farce would even be posted to waste anyone’s time.

This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in Ages.
It was never a straightforward, stand-up ‘man-to-man’ contest. Level 88 and what is it? 82? –vs- a Level 17 and a 20-something – for starters.

More should be expected from the more experienced.
The mass production of skirmishers in such scenario is pitiful enough to make comedy.
They are useless on any field where Men assemble for combat – unless arrayed (as intended) in the rear ranks in support of heavy infantry.

BOSS leaves open the question – the Boss of What? ..exactly?
Were it possible to conduct a ‘virtual Court-martial’ and have him ‘virtually shot’ for treason, he should be – and if GaiusJuliusCeasa has any sense, he’ll never fight by his side again (unless they’re very good friends ;) ..Friendship-loyalty should always prevail.) Even so – Boss lost that war far more than Musketking (a real misnomer from one who didn’t field a single musket) and Mickey_Tee won it.

In all, overall, Micky-Tee did ‘win’ however and was the ONLY one present who shows any sign whatsoever of any degree of competence for field command. He at-least got two mortars and some culverins in action – all of which he’d have lost along with a great number of those pitiful skirmishers had BOSS been present. That the latter left his ally in the lurch in the one single battle that occurs is unforgivable.
His pikes/halberdiers and few skirmishers were all cut down where they stood without lifting a finger to defend themselves or their Aztec allies. Pitiful. Worse still – he lost all his field pieces, and even tho’ falconets, they could have done a great deal of lethal work had BOSS been present.
The pikes/halberdiers should have killed either the French horse or removed those guns – and at very least should have killed those mortars.

‘Action-packed’ could scarcely be more Untrue.
There is scarcely any action in this farce at all.
Worse – hardly any was needed to force the surrender of gross incompetence.

Musketking’s claim of having accomplished “some hardcore raiding” is – in my view – simply false.
No such thing occurs.
Some raids were done to be sure, and appreciably early, harassing raids that are very irksome – but the sort that should steel a Commander’s nerve and Will to fight mean and start the process of how to deal with French Horse – which of course, didn’t happen, aside from leading to the intelligent fielding of a small body of pikes or halberdiers (that was smart – but they proved utterly pointless, since the ‘commander’ fled the field and left them to be butchered wholesale).

If anyone would want to study the ‘build order’ for this fairly-land abortion of Command competence, it would be for sake of seeing how NOT to do things.

At-bottom & through & through, this is amateur hour at its worst and most un-interesting, un-inspiring, un-impressive, un-informative and non-entertaining.

My final critique (and I know, this will read much more harshly than I have intended it – which I say in hope all four of you, should you read my thoughts, do trust & understand I mean No Offense to any of you).
The colonies themselves are the ugliest things I’ve ever seen in AoE.
You / One can ‘call’ that sort of haphazard building a form of ‘strategy’ – but to my view, it is a form of cowardice and incompetence.

That said, of course, there are many different styles and approaches and all are entitled to what works best and is most enjoyable.
Just to say it: for me – Special point and effort should be made to lay-out a colony that looks like a ‘colonial settlement’ – i.e. with streets, buildings all together, with a sense of form, order, practicality – at absolute-minimum, with some sense of ‘city-planning.’ If you can’t build such as That AND Defend it – nothing you do will impress me.
Anyone can scatter buildings all over the Great Plains (for example), which will give the buildings one needs for this and that – but it is only a form of cowardice and admission that one is not Commander enough to Hold what one builds as a body intact.

It has the look and feel of very small schoolboys on a playground playing ‘dodge-ball’ with stones – one simply walks away leaving his friend to get ‘stoned nearly to death’ and then quits in absentia. Coward or idiot or combination-of is not made apparent in this squandering of viewers’ time and attention.

All right. Enough of my babble and critique.
I would not have spent the time composing these thoughts here if I didn’t see and believe there is promise of better to come in each of these four.
I hope there will be. Above all – keep enjoying what you’re doing!
Build prettier colonies! Stronger arms – stand-up and fight like men.
For gods’-sakes – learn what light infantry is and is for.

Respectfully and kind regards,
~ Achaean Lionness

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