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great plains: total freedom

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Game Version: TWC
it is vital that you read the readme to understand whats happening. you will get ingame instrucions but its best to read it.

there is the option to increase your difficulty if you find it too easy. aswell as the option to play reguar aaoe3 using the map and not rpg.

also you must install the editor patch for it to work.

great plains

I. summary
II. story
III. features
IV. gameplay

I. summary

in this installment you are based in the great plains. you start off a lone soldier but you can build up your troops and even make and army.

this scenario has inspiration from many places alot from other scenarios that have been made or would have been. also however things like grand theft auto. the idea of freedom to do whatever you like in a huge enviroment.

II. story

your charaacter wakes up to find himself trapped in the middle of the desert with corpses all around him. he is shocked and realises he must find away to get out. on his travels he will encounter many native tribes and bandits. his main support is the british colonies that have settled there.

III. features

  • huge 800x800 map to explore.
  • no storyline players must decide what to do
  • multiple ways to win.
    -money. collect it anyway. be just a miner to get it or a tycoon
    -war. gather an army and destroy everyone else
    -colonise. set up a succesful colony
  • chances to buy properties and make money.
  • the abilty to travel around using a railway system.
  • decide your dimplomacy with the ability to delcare war.

    IV. gameplay

    the game will start with just you. you can then wander around the world and do various tasks to earn money. theses may be ones such as clear out a cave or just rob some bandits.

    V. examples

    here are some examples of gameplay features.

    i can enter a native village and the chief will tell me to destroy there enemy native tribe. i can except it but still go into the other tribe without attacking. the other chief would then tell me to attack the first tribe i met. i decide to do what he says and attack the first tribe. then i attack the second tribe anyway for cash.

    i buy a planation and it stars generating me money which gathers outside. i decide to go off and attack some rebels however since i left it so long it stopped making any money and even worse was attacked by rebels. i quickly get on the train to there then kill the rebels then i go to the mercanary post a hire some to guard it.

    VI. screenshots

    a garrason : train station : native village : the map :
    the ui
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    Northern Marvin Cooool... I'll try it out tomorow! I.E. in ca. 13-17 hours...
    This looks good :-)
    ImperialLord when i tried to load the secnario it displays the failed to load message
    Official Reviewer
    You need to download the latest patch in order to resolve the load error.
    AN_Nuisance Before I post a review, I have a question...The west UI is not an issue....or is the south UI...or the north UI. However the Real Estate UI...I never got a unit to send to the house so that I could get a drummer to buy mercs or property or anything. Am I missing something?
    File Author
    just visit the estate agent. hes just south are were you start.
    ImperialLord thanks a lot MosheLevi ;)
    AN_Nuisance Ok I'll give it a go....
    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 5
    Very playable though make POSITIVE you read all the instructions first!

    Balance: 3
    I gave a 3 here because if you decide NOT to colonize, it's pretty easy to overcome the opponents and then just buy miners and get to the 10k ;) or more if thats the case says lol...

    Creativity: 5
    Very creative...I've never played a scenario like this so I gave a perfect score...

    Map Design: 5
    Lots of eye candy...the map is HUGE so be ready for that. There are treasures, outlaws, Indians, Russians, etc....

    Story/Instructions: 4
    I found the instructions a bit confusing. I didn't catch on early to the Real Estate agent or the necessity to send the warrior to the house to colonize. So only a little ding here because it's prolly my own ineptitude that caused my woes...lol

    Additional Comments:
    Totally worth the dl guys....
    File Author
    thanks for the review. you can make it harder by adding a time limit. if you take the drummer next to the cannon a warrior should appear in the wet ui take him to the house or the teepee to add 1 hour or 30 minute time limits respectivly.

    also all the instuctions are very clear in the readme if any of you are unsure i advise you keep it open during gameplay.

    [Edited on 06/02/07 @ 04:42 PM]

    AN_Nuisance Yes....initially I had a ton of problems because I tend to just "open 'em up and play"...I had killed everything except Red and a small amount of the Russian base without ever buying any mercs. I saw my gold was like 12k and went to win the game. (This section edited to keep something quiet)I saved the game and posted a question here....then the game play opened a lot for me. It really really helps to have the real estate agent and drummers and mercs and buildings. Though I really wanted to attack red....and couldn't figure out how to do it....apparently once you choose to build an army you can't...I never did have a spy to send...Next time I will read more closely. The instructions seem a bit out of order...but then again that might just be me. Is there a way to declare war on the British without colonizing?
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    Map Design4.0
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