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LanD NomaD UnknowN

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Game Version: TWC
// LanD NomaD UnknowN \\
//* Land Nomad Unknown (Version 1.1)
//* By WoLFoX
//* w_wolfox_x@hotmail.com
//* 03 June 2007
//* Random Map Script for Age of Empires III

First of all, I want to tell you a short story...
Last year(2006) I made my first tryout into this "scripting" thing.
You know, I'm a 3D Artist who loves games, not programmer.
Programming have been now my new hobby.
(I don't want to be programmer, I really HATE C++. :P)
BUT, the fact is that when I tried to write "Land Nomad" from Age of Empires 2
into Age of Empires 3, I made a very buggy code just to play around with it, so
I posted my sample map in Age Heaven...
(You can see it in Age Heaven website, Random Maps download section)
A few hours later, what I see:
Clicking around into Age Sanctuary website, I saw that some guys had stolled my idea
and even created a championship using my "Nomad concept" renaming it to a "Tower Nomad"
shit, without ANY credits to the real "guy of the idea"(ME).
The guy who posted the thing with some other maps was the "Admin" of the site...
As I said, I'm not programmer but the code is "MINE" after all!
That was too disgusting to me, so I dicided to not post RM Scripts anymore.
After that, I stopped scripting for months and I still not playing games online even
I'm too busy to play ESO games this year; But my friends told me that they wanted to
play something different in AGEIII and asked me if I could make that Nomad Map, but
one that really works, not that buggy thing...
I dicided to do it, but I told them that I'd not post the script in any website.
They agreed so I did the thing. We've plaing offline this map for 2 months now
and it works very well. There is just one easy-to-solve known bug, read notes about
it later...
So, why did I dicided to post this map now..?
Well, I know that the "Tower Nomad" shit was a total bust so maybe now they will not
have any interest to steal my code once again... I hope so...
I know that Tower Nomad is very very buggy and really NOT "LN" like.
But most of all, I know that a legendary map like Land Nomad from AGEII can't be left
aside like it has been done by AGEIII players because of that Tower Nomad shit.
So I'm here givin you the change to have a better gameplay experience into one of most
famous maps from AGEII...
Have fun and please, PLEEEASE... Do not copy my codes! Thank you.
If you want to change anything go ahead, but remember: (Give original Credits)

"In a world of wars, choosing the right place to start your Imperial Dream
on this new world, is a MUST...
Will you to evocate your new civilization as quick as you can, or will you
choose the right place to expand your domination and subjugate new lands?
The choice is all yours...".

°- This is a version of well loved 'Land Nomad' Random Map from Age of Conquerors
adapted to Age of Discovery-(AgeIII)

There is a bug in this map that your explorer is "erased" by a group of trees when he
is created in the same place than them. That happeans because trees are created long
after your explorer is already created, but it do not happens all the time.
Im my computer it randomized happens between 20th to 35th game when I'm testing the map
again and again... This is an "Unknown Map", the bug always happens when the map kind is
"Yukon" in my pc, so it is under investigation.
If it happens, you need to quit and start another game to generate the map again.
I had not seing it happening twice in a row...
I've running the map several times into the Scenario Designer, the debugger do not find
other bugs and code syntax is all ok.

For you guys who likes to play against A.Is, following with the official map, there is a
version that works with any workable A.I installed in your game.
I'd like to challenge hardcore players to post a Record Game of you playing and
defeating an A.I at Expert mode in this map. :P
I tried already, but couldn't do it. The A.I booms much muuuch faster...
It already has a Town Center at game start, so you need to be a Ninja to boom faster then
it does. :P
(The built Town Center is the only way I found to make A.Is play this map)

Remember, to see records played in this map without any issues, is better you have the
map installed before running the record.
Following with the official map, there is a RG explaining how to boom your civilizantion
and have your Town Center built quickly, if you've never played Land Nomad, it's good
idea for you to take a look. :]
Remember, in Land Nomad strong economy is a MUST!

º- In LanD NomaD you start your game without Town Center and any other buildings...
You've just arived in new lands and all you have is a pack of resources in the wagon of your
starting unit: a "Contracted German Mercenary Settler Wagon" who will work for your Explorer
to help you build your city in the New World...
Doesn't matter if you are not German, you will always have a Mercenary Settler Wagon at
start working for you. He is necessary to carry all your inicial resources, so don't live
him behind!

º- Ariving at sunset in Unknown Lands, the fall of night never looks comfortable so you better
hurry to have built any shelter to protect your Explorer from the dangers of night...
If you are strong enough, maybe you'll see a sunshine once again...

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- -----
Well... If you played Age of Conquerors Land Nomad, you will like it! If you are Noob
relax, soon you will get it!

Ps.: If you don't know how to install this map::
copy the files to-( C:\Documents and Settings\User\My documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\RM )
Where 'User' is your UserID. Have fun!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Easy enough to understand map and play.

Balance: 3
Gave it a 3 because when I played British against Russians 1 vs 1 AI on moderate, the Russians outposts wagons all got stuck in the base and they never made them.

Creativity: 3
Gave it a 3 because there could of been a few more treasures, easier to kill at the beginning for extra wood.

Map Design: 3
Good map design, could of been more eye candy on all versions.

Detail/Accuracy: 4
Detail was ok.

Additional Comments:
You could beef ths up a little and make an update, to make it more fun and challenging. Going to try against other AI's, higher difficulties and Humans. It was worth the download.

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Map Design3.0
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