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Railroad update 1.2

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Game Version: TWC
Railroad Units Update version 1.2

1. Notes
2. About and 1.2 update
3. Installation
4. Uninstallation

1. Notes

This mod was created by Simalex and is ment for
Age of Empires III The Warchiefs version 1.03 which is downloadable at the Age of empires 3 web site. If you wish to use/add this mod to your own modifications that you are going to distribute or make available on the internet you need to get permision from me first.
But of course its ok if you give it to your friends. To get permision you can contact me
at the, Age of Empires 3 heavengames web site, my user name is Simalex.
Feed back would be great to tell me what you liked, disliked or think could be improved.

2. About

This mod will update the railroad units and making it possible to get hurt. Its just unrealistic to have someone stand in the
middle of a train track, get hit by a train
and not get hurt and in Age of Empires 3 this is the case. Once installed the units that stand in the way of a travois, stagecoach or train will get hurt. The damage done by these units will of course be different being that the travois will do less damage than the stagecoach and train, and that the stagecoach will do less damage than the train so everything falls into logial order. You can still build building
as close as you can to the track and they will not be damaged.

About 1.2 update:

.Changed the tactics folder used so that the monster truck cheat unit was not effected

3. Installation

1.(Important) Remember You this is for the Warchiefs 1.03 only and you must back up the protox file (within the data folder) by copying it into a safe location, preferably not it the Age of Empires directory

2 .Simply extract the tactics folder and protox file (within the zip/rar file) into the data folder where you installed Age of Empires .eg
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\data
do not seperate the titan.tactics.xmb for the tactics folder, simply place the tactics folder into the data folder with the
titan.tactics.xmb inside it!

Now Play Age of Empires III as you normaly would.

Multiplay: I do not garanty that this mod will work online but it may on lan but ALL computers that join the same lan game must have this mod installed or an error message will appear after the lan game has started.

4. Uninstallation

Replace the protox file within the data folder with the one you backed up, and delete the tactics folder.

Hope you enjoy it.

Comments please. :)
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fatookit New to hear about damage cause by Gaia Trade Route Units. Very interesting to watch soldier dying in front of iron horse. You have brought a very interesting gameplay, and the trade route will became a more important strategic element ingame.
File Author
Thank you fatookit it was a pleasure to make this mod for people who like it like you. I was beginning to think no one was going to comment!
Well this is my first mod so any comments are good!

boogerlad do we need to moddify the ai of the other computer players so then they don't send and army rite in the middle of the traintracks and then be destroyed?
File Author
I have never seen or herd of the AI gathering an army on or very near to the trade route because thay usualy they gather close to the building they spawned from in a kind of cemi circle before attacking there enemy.

But hea im only 13 years old.

Good question anyway!

If it does happen, let me know and i'll see what i can do.

[Edited on 07/28/07 @ 05:42 AM]

Roland_der_Riese Actually I have seen at least once where the Ai built a Fortress really close to the route, and so had its army standing on the route (I think it was great lakes map)
File Author
Sorry it took so long to answer but I kinda dislocated my hip and havnt been on the internet for ages!

So is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

If so any help on how to resolve it would be great!:)

[Edited on 08/21/07 @ 11:25 PM]

stagecoach Hi, I'm a noob to this but I got the jist of how you made this mod work and I was able to modify it for use with the AoE 3 original using the monster truck tactics file in data.bar instead of titan.tactics.
Now, was able get it working for a controlable stagecoach where you manually attack enemies and I've given a trample attack to the gaia stagecoach but I couldn't get the gaia stagecoach to autoattack any unit it comes across on the trade route.It just won't use the weapon I've given it...How can I get this to work?

[Edited on 03/05/08 @ 03:52 PM]

KevinG I would like you to make the similiar mod for AOE III - Asian Dynasties Expansion Pack and for normal AOE III.

I would love to have this mod so please make a mod for these two games.

Thank You :)
File Author
Nice to see some new coments i thought this mod was dead in history but it seems theres still some interest in the mod. im not quite sure how to give the stagecoach or any gaia unit auto attack scine it was so log ago i made this mod but scince theres still some interest i may make this mod compatible with the AOE expansion packs and when i found out how to give auto attack ill post it here.

Expect a update to this mod in the comming weeks. ill make it as soon as i can once iv got my studies out of the way.
KevinG thanx a lot mate. I will wait for the update. I would love to have a mod like this for my AOE III and also for the Asian Dyanasties expansion pack.

PLEASe do email me when the update is done at kev_gupta@hotmail.com

I would love to have this mod.

Thank You
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