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Strategic Objectives: Islands

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: TWC
Strategic Objectives: Islands

This scenario is for both “AOE 3: Original” (Vanilla) and “AOE 3: TWC”.

This scenario requires the latest patch.

“Strategic Objectives” is a scenario that qualifies as a new game type.

It allows to capture neutral buildings that are guarded by guardians (such as Forts and Barracks), and even re-capture them from the AI and vice versa.
Captured buildings offer either economic bonus or military bonus (free units).

Players can also capture Great Cannons and use them to construct Fixed Guns anywhere on the map.


This scenario MUST be executed via one of the Scenario Launchers (see list bellow).
Executing one of the scenarios directly may cause AOE3 to crash under certain circumstances.
This issue has been notified to Ensemble and hopefully it will be resolved in the future.
In the meantime please execute only the Scenario Launchers and everything will be working fine.

Do NOT execute the “Launcher” from the Editor – That won’t work.
Execute the “Launcher” from the Main Menu.
Click on “Single Player”, then on “Custom Scenario”, and then look for one of the “Launch” files.

The following is the list of the “Scenario Launchers” that you can execute:


xStrat Obj Launch Island Easy.age3Xscn
xStrat Obj Launch Island Moderate.age3Xscn
xStrat Obj Launch Island Normal.age3Xscn
xStrat Obj Launch Island Hard.age3Xscn


Strat Obj Launch Island Moderate.age3Xscn
Strat Obj Launch Island Normal.age3scn
Strat Obj Launch Island Hard.age3scn

These scenario launchers will allow you to select the civ that you want to play with and launch the appropriate scenario.

Game Play

The Player and the AI start on a small island with limited resources.
There is also a main land where the players can expand their base.

For more information please visit the following link and read about the unique game play that “Strategic Objectives” offers.

It also tells you how to construct Fixed Guns anywhere on the map.

For more information visit this link:
"Strategic Objectives: Islands" Scenario

Scenario Versions

I have made several versions with different civs to play with and different difficulty levels.

For Vanilla:

There are 3 different civ versions and 3 difficulty levels for each civ ( Normal and Hard).

For TWC:

There are 4 different civ versions and 4 difficulty levels for each civ (Easy, Moderate, Normal , and Hard)

“Easy”, “Moderate”, and “Normal” versions are utilizing “Moderate” AI.
The “Hard” version utilizes “Hard” AI.

For average players I would suggest to play the “Moderate” version first.
Very good players can start with the “Normal” version.

No cheating codes are allowed with these scenarios

In the event the cheat codes are being used the AI will receive 100 mercenaries with 20,000 HP.

So just play the level that fits your level the most.

Installation Instructions

Please note that these scenarios don’t mod your game in any way.

Installation Instructions for AOE 3: TWC

Copy all the “Xstrat Obj….age3Xscn” files to
"My Documents/My Game/Age of Empires 3/Scenario"

Copy all the "HomecityX…….XML" files to
"Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires III/Campaign/War Chief"

Copy the music file Glory.mp3 to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\Sound

Installation Instructions for AOE 3: Vanilla

Copy all the "Strat Obj…….age3scn" to
"My Documents/My Game/Age of Empires 3/Scenario".

Copy all the "Homecity_……XML" files to
"Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires III/Campaign/Blood Ice Steel"

Copy the music file Glory.mp3 to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\Sound

Message for the Reviewers

Please review either the “Moderate” or “Normal” versions of the scenario depending on your skill level.
The “Hard” version was made only for the contest and the “Easy” version just for practice.

Please keep in mind that despite the fact that the AI has more units than the human player, the human player can counter that with superior strategy and tactics, especially with a good use of Fixed Guns.

Special Thanks

I want to thank Schildpad (also known as Furby_Killer) for helping me test the various “Strategic Objectives” scenarios and for his important advice.
Schildpad’s help and feedback was most valuable.

I want to thank pftq for his great “Advanced Effects” that helped me enhance the AI to a new level, and to introduce the “Building Fixed Guns” feature.

I also want to thank somme for his brilliant “Villager Second Calculator” which I used for the free units balancing, and to kjn for making the screen shots for me.

Thank you,

Moshe Levi

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Linuchadnezzar It keeps failing to load.
I tried the launcher via the editor, an actual scenario via the editor, and the launcher via custom scenario. And every time it fails to load. :(
I have got some mods installed (and in progress), could that cause a failed to load problem?
The screenie looks nice, and so do the ratings. I wish could play it.
Official Reviewer
File Author
You need to update your game to patch 1.03 (for TWC),
This is the most common reason for “Fail to Load”.

After you update your game run the "Launcher" from the Main Menu.

[Edited on 08/19/07 @ 04:34 AM]

MISTERFUNKTASTIC Game won't launch home city menu.

I move one man to the main building at the beginning when asked, a launching notice appears, but then I'm back to the main game menu.

I am running ver 1.14

Hardware :
Gigabyte G1 Sniper 2
Nvidia Geforce GTX 560Ti
Intel i7 2700K
Official Reviewer
File Author
The scenario won't work if you have any kind of mod to the game.
That is true for most scenarios.

I suggest you reinstall the game again.

I just tried the scenario and it works fine.
MISTERFUNKTASTIC Hey Mosh, I tired it again. Reinstalled AOE3, and this is a clean/recent install of Windows 7.

I have no mod to the game other than some other scenarios residing in the scenario folder.

Here is the error message I get after I move a unit to the capital building in the very beginning.

"scenario: strat obj island spain hard failed to load"

Any ideas ? Thanks.
Official Reviewer
File Author
First, I suggest you verify you copied all the files to the right folder (see instructions above).

Second, make sure you run the "Launch" scenario, and not the actual scenario.

If that doesn't work, then open the Scenario Editor from the Options menu and run the scenario itself (not the launch scenario).

Also keep in mind that Vanilla version scenario starts with "Strat..." and TWC version starts with "xStrat...".

I also suggest you play the Moderate level first.
Hard level is super hard.

[Edited on 01/13/13 @ 05:23 PM]

MISTERFUNKTASTIC Thanks Mosh, I will try again.

And please understand that I'm not complaining, I just want to get the game working.
I've read the great reviews.
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