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Tupi Territory

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Game Version: TWC
A random map script for AOE3:
by Dany...

This is my 56th rms map...(only a 2 players map...)

It is a very simple large map...with an AMAZONIAN rms style...
It has one very large Pond in the center...
with some bass to fish...
Also 1 Trade Route sometimes...
on the East side and sometime on the West side...
Plus, 6 native tribes... the tupi...
with 2 alternating places...
and also some random Capybaras and Tapirs to hunt...
and some random berrybush to get fruits from...
also a fair amount of nuggets...all over the map...
and then a few silver mines here and there:
plus some decorations...
and finally a lot of resources...

Have some fun....

Feedback appreciated!


PS: I managed to get the AoE3 Debugger working
and there are no bugs...
PS: Many thanks to RF_Gandalf for his precious help...
PS: This map was conceived just for 2 players...
PS: Many Thanks to Ensemble for creating this nice game...

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
There was to much food and to little wood, and the tupi forest burning upgrade didnt reall make up for it

Balance: 5
I found moderate to be the best for me to be playing against on this map

Creativity: 5
It looked nice and the small lake in the middle was a nice feature

Map Design: 5
I personnaly would have prefered a map that was big enought for 4-8 players

Detail/Accuracy: 5
ther eisnt much to put here

Additional Comments:
Some more wood on the map, and it being bigger and it would be great, and also some instructions for where ot put the files
dr nefarious
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
Once again, I can quote directly from the review guidelines: "Average: A good map, no glaring problems, but there are still plenty of things that can be improved in that category." First and foremost, try to make it more interesting. I played the map once, and I see no reason to play it again. There's simply nothing special in there that would make it stand out in any way. Basically, it's Great Lakes with just half a trade route, and the "two player only" limitation isn't exactly a goodie either.

Balance: 3
There are a number of minor problems which make the balance slightly less average in my mind. First, I noticed that the nuggets seem to be placed pretty randomly as far as difficulty is concerned. Usually the idea is to place them in a pattern which puts some more easy ones closer to the players' starting points, with difficulty increasing further off. This way both players have somewhat equal possibilities in treasure gathering. On your map a player can end up with a number of easy treasures close to the TC helping him to a quick start while the opponent finds nothing he can even attempt before Age 2.
There's a somewhat similar problem with the resources. Wood should be no issue as there is plenty around, but huntables and gold mines (and, to a lesser extent, fish) might be difficult to come by. One player can start in the middle of a large herd of capybara while the other doesn't find more than five or six tapirs on his half of the map. Same with mines: Both get the starting two, but the rest can be very close or very far off, depending on the luck of the draw.
As I said, these are no major problems, but if worst comes to worst the map can become completely unbalanced.

Creativity: 2
Boring, sorry. What we have here is basically a flat, nondescript landscape without a single interesting feature. Even the lake in the middle is almost a perfect circle!

Map Design: 3
As I said above, the map is simply boring. I especially disliked the large empty spaces you tend to get away from the forests. You might want to try to fill those with single trees, grass patches and the like. I wouldn't say it looks bad, but it doesn't look especially good either.

Detail/Accuracy: 3
Nothing special here as well. No glaring problems, but nothing to note on the plus side either. Once again, about as average as it can get.

Additional Comments:
I mentioned that before, but still: You should try to go for more quality instead of quantity. You might be the most productive random map scripter around, but I've never seen even one map of yours I would have wanted to play a second time. It's a real shame, because I think technically you could be up there with the top designers. It's just that you never seem to manage to create something interesting. Try to become more of an artist than an assembly-line worker! Forgetting about this kind of "two player only" maps might be a good first step in this direction, because it would force you to put a little more thought into your maps.

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Map Design3.5
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Size:8.95 KB