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Ninth Sun Midnight Retired

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Game Version: TWC
This campaign follows the life and times of fictional War Chief "Arora", Aztec ruler of Mosquid, as he is faced with the insurgents form the east and colonization of his home lands.

Set in the Yucatan at the time of Cortez’s historical campaign, NSM expands on these themes, both in story and scenario,- yet is fictional and not focused on the actual military action. Rather, Arora has his own set of problems compounded by Cortez’s and Montezuma’s union. And with a little inside information, can see the writing on the wall and what lays in store for his people.

The campaign is focused on Build and Destroy with a RPG twist, though dose contain an RPG map. Difficulty levels are included, with hurdles that are at times seem tricky or hard, once learned can be exploited. These have been tested for moderate on v.1.

This campaign is reported as not eso readyfix coming soon.
The campaign is the accumulation of three downloads, fairly large. If this is beyond your means please e-mail me at sziggi@hotmail.com for help.

The downloads are:
Ninth Sun Midnight zip files names and locations.

1.)The campaign: NSM_Camp V.1 + Reinstall patch v.1.03
HG AoEIII Signal player download page.You are here.

2.)Modding pack1: Ninth Sun Midnight_A V.1
copy&Paste link

********************************************** HG AoEIII Modding download page.

3.)Modding pack2: Ninth Sun Midnight_B V.1
copy&Paste link

********************************************* HG AoEIII Modding download page.

This download runs on the Ensemble Studios Patch 1.03, and has been included in the Campaign download as a Reinstall. After downloading zips, open the containers and drag out the .exe by the names above including the Reinstall zip, to your desk top. Click each blue icon for loading and follow the directions,- yet save the red reinstall icon for later when finished with NSM.

This version.1 of NSM has yet to have an Uninstall added, and for now serves proposes overwriting data for a return to on-line gaming, eso, ect, via the Reinstall .exe. Otherwise programming is contained in the NSM_Camp V.1 and installed to the “Ages” folder. Modding Packs A and B are the .ddt files, (paint for models). Yet most modded models have been reskinned and will appear black if Packs are not added. Once Modding Pack A and B are intalled (click “Unzip”), loaders; Ninth Sun Midnight_A V.1 and Ninth Sun Midnight_A V.1 can then be removed from your desktop leaving the NSM_Camp V.1 to load content and the Reinstall patch v.1.03 to remove the content just like an on and off switch.

The modded civic are the Aztec, and the Mayan, (replacing the Iroquois) and some editing to British, and Spanish. Other civics are left for continuity of game function, and can be played though content is somewhat mixed.

Look for : A “Foodstrore” that produces stormclouds, and spits lightning, “hornet throwers”, and yes a “relic” . Also many reskinned spc objects, and new objects by way of particle files!

These modded civic will make use of the AI and modded models have been added to the AI’s build lists. Aztec still somewhat of a “late bloomer” with the Mayan as a “rusher”.

This production is a sole effort of myself, yet would like to extend many thanks to the numerous helpful people who have created products of their own efforts that were used in the creation of NSM. And the many folks of “Heaven’s Games”, the “Age of Empires III” fan site, who have been helpful, and its site people who do a great job. And of course Ensemble studios, for remembering the little guy and making programming the enjoyable journey and experienced that can elevate an effort.

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gunner1 the campaign was removed. its just when you go online you get CRC mismatch.
File Author
So the patch content is right but the on-line is not matching up. Thanks for the heads up. Not sure how I can test this without my account, wrote again this morn, so soon I hope. Do you think the readonly box unchecked could be the prob? Maybe reseting the priorities on those five files could be the thing. I'll make a note up top, thanks gunner.

Sorry my password request is shut out and my cd keys didn't work the when I tried, I must have been bad, ?? Not sure what to do at this point.

[Edited on 08/15/07 @ 01:21 PM]

PureAlbino Everyone downloading this just needs to make a backup of the whole AOE3 folder before installing, then after finishing the scenario just put the backup back in as the main folder.

Are you using the Auto Formations Off effect in any of the scenarios szig?
File Author
Did want it to just be easy, but no, no autoformation, used the advanced trigger set, move to self.
IXOYE Your exe files do not unzip the files to the proper folders for the mods. What folders are the files suppose to be in?
File Author
Follow the readme insrtuctions, not sure what else I can do for ya.
twoqtimes2 IXOYE, it extracted to my folders correctly. I suspect that you need to untick the readonly properties in your data files. You can do this by right clicking on the data folder, select properties, untick readonly and select the "include all files". This will allow write-over on all files in the data folder so you don't have to do the process for every file.

[Edited on 08/16/07 @ 09:28 PM]

IXOYE That worked my making the folder writeable.
Just took a look at it and looks great.

File Author
Thankyou, have fun. Got to try the folder priorities, very neat.
gunner1 have u fixed the reinstall yet? i checked everthing read only again and it sill shows CRC.
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