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(UPDATED)Clifs Of Marco

Author File Description
lifereloaded When the Dutch invade the clifs of Marco. They never knew how many French were waiting for them. Make a Strong hold if you (DUTCH) can over power the french......
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Well lifer i could play this map well. I liked how you made it so if you did not cover that pass it was gona be a pain in the butty.

Balance: 5
balance was great was hard but not imposible for me. I cant wait for your next expert map i know your expert campain is comeing out. you said first map is coming out this week right.

Creativity: 4
it and unique things but not enough for a 5

Map Design: 5
(I liked how you put things on this map made it fun to play

Story/Instructions: 4
I just wish there was more all trigers worked for me

Additional Comments:
cant wait for more lifer.

File Author
Thank you lost I was hopeing for a review by someone.

i_aesir im obviously NOT an expert player.

I consider myself a fair player never really challenged by the AOE3 campaign itsself, but I dont see any way that someone could beat this thing. Its all I can do to survive 30 minutes.

How on earth can you possibly get resources quickly enough to hold off the endless hoards of enemies? Does not seem to matter where I set up or how I go about it, within 9 minutes there is not one but 2 armies stomping through my base. I survive the initial onslaught then ANOTHER two armies come through, then another and another and another. on average it seems about every 3 minutes

Ive played this map about 10 times, and the longest I have been able to survive is 30 minutes, and I quit then because (suprise) another 2 armies were destroying my town center while i was still occupied with killing off the last of the previous onslaught.

Im sure there are numerous players out there that can beat this thing, but I am not one of them.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 1
Near impossible to play this... Do you find this sort of thing fun??? I finished it, finally but only after constructing 5 or 6 walls to block the attackers.

Balance: 1
What balance is there is a continuous, non-stop onslaught of armies?? Once in a while is fine but constantly?? ...NO fun! For proper balance, the guidelines state no more than a couple of reloads should be necessary.

Creativity: 3
Map design itself is fine but it looks a lot like others I've seen that were better. Check out some of thr RMS files, like Canyonlands, for ideas if you enjoy cliffs so much

Map Design: 3
See above... Perhaps, your mom was scared by someone named Cliff during her pregnancy with you. 8-)! Seriously, it needs more "things" in it.

Story/Instructions: 3
Your story consisted of two lines or so in your explanation and a couple of optional objectives. Put in some more chat... give it some life!! "Strong hold" as you write it in your introduction, is not the same as "Stronghold" which is what I think you were trying to write. Try to be careful in your wording... it will really help!

Additional Comments:
The big difference between... Is it a good game or not is the question, "Is it fun?" This was NOT fun at all. Sorry... just tone down the attacks and maybe it would be fun and playable. There were some trigger problems but I'd need to play it over to cite them correctly. Too late for that, however, as I already deleted the map. Sorry...

[Edited on 01/03/06 @ 02:13 PM]

Map Design2.0
Playability: 1
Going by HeavenGames guidelines, I would have to give this a one because the game took too many reloads before I finally got through the game. Also, there seems to be a bug wherein the computer could place a trade post at the native areas but the human player was not allowed to. Maybe you shouldn't have so many attacks, one after another. Check into placing native villages properly so that they can be used by whoever controls that area.

Balance: 1
Again, by guidelines, a one should be given where it takes 10 or more reloads to win... Hey, I didn't write the guidelines so don't start badmouthing me like you do the others. Also, the computer players are give 4 trade posts each while the human player is given 2. Again, putting more time in between the assaults would make it better and a little more fun. Equalize the trading posts for a more equal economy.

Creativity: 3
I don't what I could say to help you here but it looks like you just covered the map area with snow covered cliffs (Note: Cliff is spelled with 2 'f's and not just one. HA! Maybe it is your spelling that is most creative). Try to add other things besides trees, mines, and a few scattered animals.

Map Design: 2
The totality of snow covered cliffs made it difficult to be able to tell the difference in the land areas. It could use some contrast in colors to make it easier to see what was what. In other other words, not so monochromatic!

Story/Instructions: 1
Following guidelines here, there is no story. Yes, you have an objective to find some secretly hidden gold and a comment about guarding the pass but that was it. No cinema. No onscreen chat. No dialogue. Just attack after attack. Also (according to guidelines), there should be no excuse for poor spelling and grammar! Type your script into Word, spell and grammar check it and then copy and paste it into your scenario.

Additional Comments: I know I've sort of ripped through this map but i just wanted to let you know what I thought was wrong with it. It seems that your only concern was to make it as difficult as you could without regard to enjoyment of the player. maybe you could try to find some things to change that would make people think of it as fun as opposed to frustrating.

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Map Design3.3
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