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Game Version: TWC
A little ditty where you save the villagers and build a TC and fight the Indians. You should play at one difficulty level higher than you skirmish.
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Map Design4.0
Edited as suggested...many points WERE off...

Playability: 3
Playable although some direction through instructions would help a lot...The game play wasn't really challenging. I give a basic middle of the road rating because taking into account all the variables the playability of the map is average.

Balance: 2
The Sioux come on strong at first and then completely wimp out...there were multiple TCs yet only one of them actually built a town around it...so there really wasn't much balance at all...

Creativity: 3
Having the fort in the middle seemed like it was going to be good...like it would come under my control for a purpose...but it never did and no purpose for the fort ever being there was given. Never even understood why the fort even exists in this little ditty.... I have to give the average rating here because the overall creativity including map layout and such was good...but other than that it is simply a skirmish map...and would probably be better with a standard Comp AI and uploaded as a skirmish map...1v1

Map Design: 4
This was really the only strong suit...Eye candy was present and treasures abound...terrain differences kept the map at least interesting...there is an unobtainable treasure in a hole...maybe it was just additional eye candy as if a covered wagon crashed there...the overall map design was cool...

Story/Instructions: 2
No story and it really would've helped to know what the hell the fort was for...no units become available to use so I'm not sure why it was there. I'm not really sure why green was there either...they didn't ask for help...they never got attacked...they didn't give any resources. Maybe here is where a bit of a story would have helped. The in game instructions were clear...

Additional Comments:
I think if the Sioux TCs would have all been making villies and gaining resources, the Indian attacks would have been stronger, more frequent, and tougher to stand against. All in all a fun map to play if you have nothing else going on... ;)

[Edited on 09/16/07 @ 04:09 AM]

File Author
Nuisance why did you even rate this when I called it a little ditty. And your so off on many points. Go rate my campaign, a work of art, not a little eye candy spoof.
AN_Nuisance Do you mean the Midnight campaign? The one with 33 comments on 4 pages on how things don't work and not a single rating? Err...um...no thanks. At least not yet.

Believe me when I say I would love to play it. But I think I'll wait until the comments pages have messages like: "Looks and works great! No problems loading or re-installing"

I've enjoyed some of your other scenarios. Thank God for you guys because I sure as H_ll can't design scenarios!

I'm going to play Moshes other new scenario...but I'll keep an eye on those campaign comments pages to see when the bugs seem worked out and there's a rating or two posted...Thanks again for making fun things for us to play!

[Edited on 09/14/07 @ 12:07 AM]

File Author
Wow cant imagine anyone will play a two. NSM runs great just hard to get back online play unless you switch up the aoe folders. Still hoping to fix that. Got a new map, better than this one, I think. I'll try and show it morrow if the ballance is better.
AN_Nuisance Who would know it was a two....if there were no previous rating.... ;)

Look forward to the fixed version of the other! I mostly game online so thats an issue for me...
File Author
A two in your mind but like you said you don't know much about scenario designing. Insted look serious works people want reviewed not new designers or just for fun stuff. I never have felt you were genours to me with any of your reviews, Boars Head was no less than a 4 yet you couldn't see that. Now I you'll go mark down that rating just as you did to this one- your really not helping anybody like that.
AN_Nuisance Maybe you could tell me where the rating is waaaaaaaaaaay off...

And I have given you good ratings on other scenarios
AN_Nuisance By the way...you agreed with my rating of Boars head..you even said so...

"Hey, thanks for the review. Think your score is fair, though would have maybe fluffed the map design a bit for the use of cinematic, yet pretty much I'd say I agree with your assesment."
AN_Nuisance And I gave Pentagoet v3 a 4.4 that's only .6 from perfect...not sure how's thats anything less then generous...Although I wouldn't call it generous...it was a great scenario...I've only rated 4 scenarios...one got almost a 4...and two got well over 4...I only DIDN'T like the one....geez!

[Edited on 09/16/07 @ 04:08 AM]

File Author
Did give you the benifit of the doubt with the "boars head" and did forget the earlyier ratings. Just wasn't sure why you would even rate the scn and then change your score. Yet the fact remains that I like this scenario for lots or reasons as basic as it is. The "map design" has a lot to do with the playablitiy and ballance and other factors. As did the fact that theres nothing wrong with a fast map. The way the ai makes use of the forward bace and moves from his town and back is a factor. Yet you were right about the ai sputters out, and do think I know why yet the fix is to have a map that looks like a random map, but didn't want that. Anyways glad you have fun here at HG and will keep up with your reviews.
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Map Design4.0
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