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Strategic Objectives: Stronghold

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: TWC
Strategic Objectives: Stronghold

This scenario is for both “AOE 3: Original” (Vanilla) and “AOE 3: TWC”.

This scenario requires the latest patch.

“Strategic Objectives” is a scenario that qualifies as a new game type.

It allows to capture neutral buildings that are guarded by guardians (such as Forts and Barracks), and even re-capture them from the AI and vice versa.
Captured buildings offer either economic bonus or military bonus (free units).

Players can also capture Great Cannons and use them to construct Fixed Guns anywhere on the map.

In this scenario Players can Teleport their armies behind enemy lines once they captured a sacred temple (for TWC only).

Scenario Versions

The following is the list of the “Scenario Launchers” that you can execute:


xStrat Obj Launch Strong Moderate.age3Xscn
xStrat Obj Launch Strong Normal.age3Xscn
xStrat Obj Launch Strong Hard.age3Xscn


Strat Obj Launch Strong Easy.age3scn
Strat Obj Launch Strong Moderate.age3scn
Strat Obj Launch Strong Normal.age3scn

These scenario launchers will allow you to select the civ that you want to play with and launch the appropriate scenario.

Do NOT execute the “Launcher” from the Editor – That won’t work.
Execute the “Launcher” from the Main Menu.
Click on “Single Player”, then on “Custom Scenario”, and then look for one of the “Launch” files.

Game Play

There is a Stronghold in the center of the map with high walls and many defending units including a powerful Fixed Gun.
There are a few buildings inside the Stronghold that can be captured from the guardians.

The Inca temple inside the Stronghold provides a special Teleport ability to the player who controls the temple.

There are many other neutral structures around the map such as Forts, Barracks, Stables, Mills (with villagers) that are guarded by guardians (who are hostile to anyone who passes by) and any of these structures can be captured by any one of the players.

In addition to that players can re-capture them from each other.

Since every building offers either economic bonus or military bonus it is crucial to capture as many of these structures in order to achieve victory.

Thee Fixed Gun inside the Stronghold can be captured, and there are a few Great Cannons scattered around the map that can be captured as well.
Once a player captures any one of the Great Cannons he can use it to build a Fixed Gun anywhere on the map after he reaches the Fortress age.

In this scenario Players can Teleport their armies behind enemy lines once they captured the Inca temple (for TWC only).

You capture the Inca Temple when you build a native post right next to the temple and destroy the command post inside the Stronghold.

Once you control the Temple you will get a Navajo Tracker, and you will be able to Teleport your army from around the Inca Temple to the Navajo Tracker.

If the Inca native post is destroyed then you would loose control of the Inca Temple .

The Navajo Tracker has the Stealth ability which can allow you to send him deep into enemy territory undetected.

To Teleport your army from around the Inca Temple to the Navajo Tracker, just select the Navajo Tracker and your Explorer at the same time.

If your Navajo Tracker is wounded you can then Teleport him to your TC by selecting the Navajo Tracker and your Railroad Worker.

For more information about the game play and new features see:
”Strategic Objectives: Stronghold” Scenario.

Scenario Versions

I have made several versions with different civs to play with and different difficulty levels.

For Vanilla:

There are 3 different civ versions and 3 difficulty levels for each civ (Easy, Normal and Hard).
For AOE3 Vanilla the civs are: British, Spanish, and Portuguese.

For TWC:

There are 5 different civ versions and 3 difficulty levels for each civ (Moderate, Normal , and Hard)
For TWC the civs are: Sioux, British, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese.

“Easy”, “Moderate”, and “Normal” versions are utilizing “Moderate” AI.
The “Hard” version utilizes “Hard” AI.

For average players I would suggest to play the “Moderate” version first.
Very good players can start with the “ Normal ” version.

No cheating codes are allowed with these scenarios

In the event the cheat codes are being used the AI will receive 100 mercenaries with 20,000 HP.

So just play the level that fits your level the most.

Installation Instructions

Please note that these scenarios don’t mod your game in any way.

Installation Instructions for AOE 3: TWC

Copy all the “Xstrat Obj….age3Xscn” files to
"My Documents/My Game/Age of Empires 3/Scenario"

Copy all the "HomecityX…….XML" files to
"Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires III/Campaign/War Chief"

Copy the music file Lord_of_the_Realm.mp3 to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\Sound

Installation Instructions for AOE 3: Vanilla

Copy all the "Strat Obj…….age3scn" to
"My Documents/My Game/Age of Empires 3/Scenario".

Copy all the "Homecity_……XML" files to
"Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires III/Campaign/Blood Ice Steel"

Copy the music file Lord_of_the_Realm.mp3 to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\Sound

Message for the Reviewers

Please review either the “Moderate” or “ Normal ” versions of the scenario depending on your skill level.
The “Hard” version was made only for the contest and the “Easy” version is just for practice.

Please keep in mind that despite the fact that the AI has more units than the human player, the human player can counter that with superior strategy and tactics, especially with a good use of Fixed Guns.

Special Thanks

I want to thank Schildpad (also known as Furby_Killer) for helping me test the various “Strategic Objectives” scenarios and for his important advice.
Schildpad’s help and feedback was most valuable.

I want to thank pftq for his great “Advanced Effects” that helped me enhance the AI to a new level, and to introduce the “Building Fixed Guns” feature.

I also want to thank somme for his brilliant “Villager Second Calculator” which I used for the free units balancing, and to kjn for making the screen shots for me.

Thank you,

Moshe Levi

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Commando730 wow, nicely done, moshe
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thank you Commando730,

Have you played it?
AN_Nuisance Hmmm I cannot get the scenario to load. Each time I hit the xstrat launch scenario it starts to load, gives me the made by Moshe Screen...and allows me to choose a civ, I skip briefing then when it says loading scenario...I get a failed to load error...doesn't seem to matter the difficulty or the civ. I've reloaded the scenario several times and installed the scenario and home cities several times just to make sure I'm doing it right.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Did you update TWC to patch 1.04?

Did you install any mod lately?
I had similar report from another player about one of the other scenarios and the problem was a mod he had.

You can also try to execute one of the actual scenarios (not the Launcher) from the main menu.
Try different civs.

I just tested it again now and it is working for me.

[Edited on 09/18/07 @ 02:34 AM]

AN_Nuisance The only mod I've ever had was a nifty self install/un-install that worked great...I know it un-installed because I play on ESO all the time and if the mod DIDN'T un-install...then I wouldn't be able to play onlie.

I have the latest patch so that shouldn't be it. It is more likely an id10t error....the interface between the user and the keyboard...lol

I'll try to launch through a civ and see what happens...will report back...thanks Moshe!
Eicho It's awsome.
I played on moderate as british and won (after more than hour)

[Edited on 09/18/07 @ 04:19 PM]

Official Reviewer
File Author

Thank you Eicho,
Don’t forget to send your proof of victory in order to enter the drawing.


There are some scenarios out there that might have modified your game and still allow you to play online.
If you have only been copying the actual scenarios to the scenario folder and nothing else then you should be OK.
However, if you copied other files (excluding sound files) or used an install program that came with a scenario, then something may have been different with your game.

If the individual civ scenarios don’t work from the main menu, then you can open the Editor, load any of the scenarios (other than the launchers) into the editor and save it.
You can then try to run it from the Editor itself via “Test Scenario” (from the Scenario menu).
One way or another something has to work.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
WHEW! That was an intense map even on Normal. I thought about throwing in the towel but was able to turn it around. There was plenty of action and my town nearly got taken out several times. I did discover an interesting trick to keep the enemy busy....involving spies and strategic objective buildings. Was able to keep MANY units at bay... ;)

Balance: 4
The only ding here is that I was able to take over a plantation and get a couple villies up at the top of the map. I built a tower off to the side and after revolting sent gats and forts to the north end. When I took out reds TC and base...it seemed like they kind of went into suspended animation. The attacks basically stopped and enemy untis didn't seem to have any direction...many of them standing around. Which made them easy targets to kill. During the real heat of the game play the balance was awesome. Victory never assured and like I said I nearly gave up a couple of times. I doubt I could beat this one on hard.

Creativity: 5
Again superb creativity. The way everything went together was great and the Inca temple and center stronghold created an interestingly unique game play experience,

Map Design: 4
I dug the map...very Sonora like, with an interesting layout. Lots of treasures...the only ding is lack of eye candy...although the map details were VERY good.

Story/Instructions: 5
Excellent instructions on the page and in game. Super clear and easy to follow from the beginning to the end.

Additional Comments:
Another super great scenario to play. Guys...you HAVE to download this one. Set aside some time to play it...Rocking job Moshe! ;)
AN_Nuisance By the way...I loaded it by using the civ and difficulty rating of normal to launch the game...
teddysr Hey buddy your games are really good it really entertains me. Now remember the problem I got in playing your games? I found what messed it up. You cannot play them if you are in AOE3 mods. So return to standard game and it will work. To play back again on AOE3 mod just enable it. Again keep up the good work it's very entertaining. Thank you!!

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