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Aztecs last stand

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# of Players: 2 (3 comps)
a mission map, less time needed to play then the Fall of Russia, and many others which IMO the community needed.
i have uploaded a slightly modified version fixing any OOS problems I hope, please play it and post comments
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
This large RPG map is a fast-paced, properly graded 'scrolling' adventure with no obvious bugs and essentially no lag. Each player starts with an identical starting army, so it replays much the same every time. Giving players a choice as to starting hero would improve the score in this department.

Balance: 5
As each player starts with the same units, all players have an equal chance to finish the scenario alone or in a team. The enemy units ramp up in strength rapidly, but having imperialized ranged infantry helps you micro your way through a lot of early pikes, rods, and hussars. This game actually became quite a bit more challenging after a TAD patch brought a range and attack nerf to Aztec Eagle Knights.

Creativity: 4
Gameplay is much like other RPGs: advance by killing many enemy units. I believe this one was one of the first TWC maps which unlocked units and upgrades for you to buy with gold from kills. There are other ways to get gold and food as well. The quest itself is largely linear and does not have a wealth of side objectives or hidden areas.

Map Design: 4
The map is very well made and easy to maneuver in. Wide ledges and paths between cliffs made pathing errors all but disappear. Eyecandy appears in moderation, placed at scenes where they are likely to be appreciated, but not causing lag or obstruction. A winding river separates areas, with creative and strategically placed crossings.

A couple problems along the way: Some of my units became trapped on top of a cliff. I could not find a way to get them down again.

In addition, just before the liberation of the villagers, there is a cliff bridge over the river to the villagers island. This is very narrow and players can get trapped on this ledge by units coming from behind. Perhaps make this a square wider than it is so the brave player in front can make a hasty retreat when his guys are low.

A minor suggestion: I can pick off units with impunity ahead of my current location by peeking over the cliffs, which are narrow in areas. Use Fog of War effects in the Editor to check the LOS of units in adjacent areas. It's more challenging when you must wait to fight them on their own ground, rather than picking them off through the walls. Making the walls thicker or putting the units closer to the center of the path will reduce this minor cheating.

Some other ideas: a side quest or hidden objective located on an island, that you have to hire or liberate a ferry boat or canoe to take you and your allies there. What's a river with nobody to sail upon 't?

Story/Instructions: 3
The simple background story is well told in the opening cinematic. Sadly, this is not enough to keep a player from accidentally suiciding his Skull Knight into the group of skirms to the southeast. Aside from the objectives, there are no other mentions of how not to lose, how to win, how to buy upgrades and additional units. You have to actually take your eyes off the battle and click on the deer to know what they do. A brief message before the action starts (flash the Skull Knights too) saying "Don't let this guy die" would help a lot.

Additional Comments:
This happens to be one of my favorite RPGs because it is so lag free and easy to maneuver. It's actually possible to complete the whole thing on your own, but it's a lot more fun to play with other folks.

Lastly, the description says players play Spanish, and have to clear out the Aztecs. Shouldn't it be the other way around? :)

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Map Design4.0
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