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Super protox mod v1.4.b

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: TWC
Super Protox Mod 1.4.b
Made by Simalex

Requirements (Important)

This Mod requires The War Chiefs Expansion and for it
to be updated to 1.04 this is a must!
I have tested this on a LAN game and neither computers had
a problem so it sould work! But dont forget to install the mod on
both computers or the game will crash!

v1.4 Special New Feature!

Walls can be built over a Trade Route during game play!

After alot of posts in the forum complaining about trade routes I took the task
upon myself to fix this and so walls can now be built over a trade route.
You can only build the long wall over the trade route so get as close as you can to
the trade route with the wall connector without it turning red and then click and
drag the wall as usuall over the trade route so the wall connector reaches the other side
and the long peice of wall is inbetween. Vwola!
You now have a wall over the trade route but the trade route units will go through the wall
so you still have to manually build a gate with the wall as i have not yet managed to make
it atomatic (if you want it to look better). But if anyone manages to make
the trade route units cause the wall to turn into a Gate while very near preferably touching
then email me at Simalexs@hotmail.com

Update info version 1.4.b

Hopefully fixes a small bug where when transforming the wall into a Gate it would move out
of posision on the rare occasion by turning sideways making a small gap in the wall.
(Happended twice to me over 6 seperate games when the wall was placed in a gap by
a cliff and then i turned it into a Gate)

Note: If it does happen again simply rebuild a small porsion of the wall where
you want the gate in a slightly diferent posision and try again.

What this mod does! v1.0

1. British Manors are now deletable.
2. Minutemen hitpoints increasced to 300 and health does not decrease over time.
3. Warrior hitpoints increasced to 300 and health does not decreace over time
(Simular to minutemen but for Native american civs)
4. Outpost hitpoints increasced to 2500 plus buildlimit increaced to 20
5. Blockhouse hitpoints increasced to 2500 plus buildlimit increaced to 20
6. Surgeon hitpoints increaced to 340
7. All trees with 300 wood increaced to 500 wood
8. Berrybush food increaced to 2000
9. All Abstract Mines increaced to 5000 gold
10.All settlers walking speed increaced to 4.5000
11.Settlers and Native Settlers hitpoints increasced to 200
12.Settlers now build towncenters
13.TownCenter Population Cap Addition increased to 20
14.Towncenter now cost 500 wood
15.Towncenters Maximum Contained increased 100
16.Towncenter build limit increased to 2 and reaches a maximum of 4 by age 4
17.Towncenter Hitpoints increased to 8000
18.Towncenter can now contain Explorers and warchiefs
19.FortFrontier MaxContained 100
20.FortFrontier Supports 30 population
21.Unupgraded Walls now have 5000 hitpoints
22.Explorer hitpoint increaced to 500
23.Explorer LOS (line of sight) increaced to 25
24.Explorer walking speed increaced to 4.8000
25.Aztec and Iroquois War Chief walking speed increaced to 4.8000
26.All War Chiefs LOS increased to 25
27.Explorers can now build Towncenters
28.Warchiefs can now Build Towncenters
29.Explores and War Chiefs support 10 poppulation incase you have no towncenter or house
and need to train a Settler
30.Explorers now train Settlers
31.War Chiefs now train Native Settlers
32.Explorer and War Chiefs now recovers from death alot faster
33.Homecity shipments can now be sent to the Explorer
34.Homecity shipments can now be sent to the War Chiefs

Update info version 1.1

1. While making the mod i had made settlers be able built factories but
soon found that this was a problem for the Dutch who could no longer
build a Capitol since the factory took its place and left no room for
it. So Settlers can no longer build factories. Removing that problem, everything sould be fine now!
(This is changed in v1.2+v1.3 by removing The Native Embassy+Bank to make room for the Capitol)

Update info version 1.2

1. Extended Church build limit to 4
2. Extended Saloon built limit to 2
3. Outpost moved to Age II
4. Blockhouse moved to Age II
5. Wall moved to Age II
6. Plantation moved to Age II
7. War Hut moved to Age II
8. Settlers build Factorys
9. Coureur hitpoints increased to 220
10.Native Settler hitpoint incerased to 220
11.Dutch Settlers no longer build Banks instead the Dutch Explorer does.
12.Forts contain Explorers and War Chiefs
13.Fort hitpoint increased to 10,000
14.All Settler type units (including native settlers and pilgrims) have a new layout for thier building icons for easier use.
15.Homecity shipments text fixed to say "ship here" insted of "ship to this building" since the Explorer is not a building.
16.Settlers can't build a Native Embassy but the explorer can
17.Gatling Guns can no longer be trained in the Artillery Deport instead they are trained in the Fort.

Update info version 1.3

1. All abstract settlers can no longer can build a Native Embacy but the Explorer still can this fixes the Capitol problem
where the french settlers could not build a capitol
2. The second set of 15 Minute men now have thier correct cost of 375 food & coin
3. Covered wagon & Town Travois now have better line of sight
4. The wall upgrade "Bastion" is now only availible once in age 4
4. The Bastion upgrade costs slightly more to make more realistic
5. Walls and gates cost slightly more after the Bastion upgrade to balance out the walls strenght
6. Mines increased to have 10,000 Gold from 5000 in v1.0
7. Trees increased to have 800 Wood from 500 in v1.0
9. Field Hospital cost decreased to 300 wood
10.Plus More Revolution balance fixes

Update info version 1.4

1. Fixed iron horse upgrade for trading post to its proper posision
2. Changed the Stagecoach to a more realistic Trade Wagon plus covered wagon look.
3. Upgrades for trade route slightly more expensive
4. Mills, Farms & Plantations can now contain certain units eg settlers
5. Mill cost slightly decreased
6. Forts now add 50 population.
7. Fixed the Build gate problem where a villager would cause the wall not to become a Gate while he or she was in the way
8. Walls are now buildable across a trade route!!!

Revolution Update + Balance Fixes

1. After a Revolution you can now build Settlers, Settler Wagons, Coureurs and Fishing Boats Depending on your civilization.
2. After a Revolution All Villager type units can no long build a Barracks, Stable, Arsonal, Artillery Deport or Factory.
3. All units in the Atillery Deport train slighty slower after a revolution.
4. All Settler type units train slightly slower after a revolution
5. A Revolution is now slightly more expensive to balance out being able to train Settlers
6. There is now a build limit of 7 settler units after a revolution

Bug Fixes within the Techtreex

1. The Heavy Fortifications shipment now has the missing Revetment tech.
2. The Ship 3 Galleys card now shows the correct icon.
3. Revolutionary San Martin's Imperial Howitzers are now correctly named.
4. Native warriors upgraded with the Blood Brothers shipment are now correctly named.

Bug Fixes within the strintablex

1. Chinampa shipment fixed to say "Chinampa Shipment has arrived" instead of "Grain Market Shipment has arrived".

Enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment on what you liked, disliked or think could be improved and balanced out better.
"This is a must!"
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author
I have currently under taken a new task of bringing this mod to The Asian Dynasties. I will be cutting some of the not so good features while at the same adding some new ones!
The first of my four mods desined for a combinasion of both expansion packs is 38% complete. The other three will be desined for Just Age of Empires the original, Age of Empires with just the War Chiefs expansion and Age of Empires with just the Asian Dynasties expansion, so there is a version for everyone.
A huge task I can tell you!
The current realese date for my mod is still unknown but i hope to realese it within afew weeks.

Still please comment on what you liked, disliked, or thing could be added. Im not a mind reader! Full credit will be given to your ideas!
215 downloads and still no comments!


Till next time!


[Edited on 11/13/07 @ 10:34 PM]

Knightly_Warrior It is so cool to build the wall over the Trade Route, and the player will not sneak in the Trade Route, but I really dont like to change the tree and gold mine. I with you could make it for The Asian Dynasties.
File Author
True about the mines and trees and in my next update im lowering it back a bit to 5000 for gold mines and 500 for trees its still a slight increase form the original 2000 gold and 300 wood but i hate it how the Ai would swarm the map that had few trees cutting everything before you get there so it keeps the Ai's villagers in there base a we bit longer.

As for an update to "The Asian Dynasties" that may take some time. My primitive windows xp informed me a few days ago that it had to many error and refused to fixed them so i wiped my computer of any information including the operating system. After a good think i decided to punish it even further by storing it under my bed until in a better mood.

Also i have my exams coming up in two weeks. Im 14 years of age and am aiming to skip a year to streach my learning further so my exams are more important right now but as soon as they are over i will be glad to serve again by restoring xp and continuing to mod!


Dallas137 Do you know when a version for TAD will come out, or can you tell me what you've changed in each file?
File Author
My Exams are now in 3 weeks so no progress thier i might be able to squeze in 10 minutes of my day just to get the ball rolling. I may release a TAD version in early December but if your lucky i may have finished it before then. We'll see!

Also you might wont to tell me what you liked or dislike or any ideas of your own to help make a better version for TAD!

One thing i was working on as a new feature was the introduction of the Indians Mango grove into the European, Native american and the other 2 Asian civs so that once the trees surounding your base are gone your villagers will be more protected by being closer to your base or simply if your an eye candy person like me and dont wont to chop the trees near your base the mango grove is a perfect solusion a small clump of trees surounded by a fence that is built by settlers.

Another feature i was working on were wonders for the Native American civilizations. Of corse the wonders would not be for advancing through the ages like the civilizations in the Asian Dynasties but more like the Capitol like the Europeans! I mayself find the NAtive american civilizations in The War Chiefs Expansion pack boring due to the lack of an impressave building!
I already have a Wonder for the Aztecs (The Aztec temple) and a half sort of wonder for the Iroquois but none for the Sioux! I have no experence in making new units or building from scatch what so ever. Also i have failed to find any sort of wonder that the Sioux might of had. Ideas on that will be apreciated! The wonders will also have techs the same ones that the Europen capitol have thus declutering the War Chiefs towncenter.

Jobs i can not do and need help for:


Although fimilular with modding i am not so fimilular with the AI modding so help to bring these wonders to the Ai is need.

Construction of a wonder:

I do not know how to make a building from scratch so the making of these buildings i leave up to you. Full credit will also be given. with out this my idea will have to scraped!



I do not know much about the Iroquois or Sioux buildings so any ideas on what wonders could be created.

Those are some of my ideas.

Let me know what you think!

[Edited on 11/13/07 @ 10:33 PM]

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