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TAD Demo maps

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Game Version: TWC
TAD Demo maps
by RF_Gandalf

I have made a few simple new maps for the TAD demo only to allow people to see some additional new features. These can be played without having to mod the game but you must substitute each map in turn for the original Honshu map in the demo. To do this, go to the game install folder (usually in C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/AOE3 TAD Trial/ - not the My Games folder ) and open the RM3 folder . Unzip the new maps into the folder. When you want to play one, rename the Honshu map to Honshu - original (or a backup name of your choice), then rename the map you want to play to Honshu. Reverse the process to go back to the original or rename others to play them. If you get confused open the map file with Wordpad - the original Honshu heading is labeled Japan, made in August 2006! Mine are headed differently.

Each of these maps is done to look at a few new features of the game. These are not meant to be a real place - just for you to have this experience. All include the following:
Each has the 'coastal Japan' terrain and Japanese maple forest as these are the only ones in the demo.
Each will randomly choose 2 of the 6 new natives (1/6 chance they could be both the same).
Each will randomly place one of the 3 new herdables (yak, goat, water buffalo) - you do not see herdables on the original Honshu. These can also go to shrines for Japanese.
Each will randomly use 1 or 2 of the 8 new huntable/shrinable wild animals (serow, saiga, nilgai, musk deer, ibex, giant salamander, marco polo sheep or wild elephants - with a greater chance of the elephants than the others since I like them! ).
The cluster of trees near the starting TC will be bamboo rather than japanese maples to let you see that type of 'tree'.
The fish on the water maps are randomly chosen between squid, catfish, carp, tuna or mola mola - the 5 new fish found in the game files.
I have also changed the treasures or nuggets - Honshu only called for level 1 and 2 difficulty land treasures, these versions include up to level 4 for the land treasures.
Also, the types of nuggets and their guardians are determined by a random map feature known as 'mapType'. I have randomized the mapType between Japan, Ceylon, Borneo, YellowRiver, Deccan, Siberia and Mongolia allow you to see some of the land treasures on different mapTypes, but for the water treasures the mapType varies only between Japan, Ceylon, and Borneo. Other known map names did not seem to work - will have to wait until the game is released.

The first map is Continent - basically a large round island, with a circular trade route and with the KOTH monument in the center. I wanted to see how the AI handled that - unfortunately the AI does only slightly better at KOTH on this one. This map is about the size of the ES 'large' series, which is significantly smaller than the original Honshu map.

The second map is Continent with no starting dock wagon or starting fishing boats and a little less fish to show how much slower a normal start is. This one is named - Continent no dock

The 3rd map is a normal size all land map, named Normal Land map, and the 4th map is a large sized all land map, named Large Land map. These should give a feel for how the Japanese play without access to a water economy. The land maps have a little variety in trade routes and starting positions, and the 'King's Hill' is also in the center.

All of these maps were rushed without usual balance testing to give you all a chance to see and test the new features. I included a copy of the original Honshu in case you screw up!

Feedback appreciated.
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Spectruz Good job, so far i tested the land map and the water no dock it is realy good, nice to play with new asian minor tribes. Thks for bringing it to us.

Only one question, I was using some " Rattan Shield" in one of my games then I noticed a bug with the siege animation, they stand close to the buildings holding that fire for siege(torch) but they just dont atack, and the hp dosent change, is that a problem just with this map, or it gonna happen in main game?

[Edited on 10/11/07 @ 09:56 PM]

Madness777 Gandalf this is really pissing me off, I followed your damn instructions and the maps won't show. I even had to reinstall that demo because the game wouldent load... You really need to be mroe clear with your instructions!! Grrr...
File Author
Madness - are you talking about following the simple instuctions above? There is no way that should affect your game. The file to rename is the Honshu.xs file (and of course the map you choose to try). Leave the honshu.xml file alone.

If you are talking about the gamefile modding discussion on the TAD forum, and you know nothing about modding beforehand, you are foolish to attempt it and this is exactly why I did not release these maps as a mod - people screw it up too easily and get mad about it.

Spectruz - I have not noted that - I expect that your observation is just that the animation files were removed for the demo. We will see when TAD is released I guess.

Spectruz Thks for replying, and ur instruction could not be better, dont worry with other ppl, just keep up good work. By the way is there any way to make possible to have a higher lvl for demo, it goes only to lvl 9. Thks any way.
File Author
Spectruz - on the TAD forum are instructions on making all cards available - not the same as increasing levels, I know, but at least a way to try out different cards and strats.

The post is titled Cards, Cards and More Cards, I think on page 2 of the posts.

[Edited on 10/12/07 @ 07:11 PM]

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