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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » Briths vrs Dutchs GG

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Briths vrs Dutchs GG

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# of Players: 2
Map Type: New England
Map Size: Normal
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
Game Type: Supremacy
Cheats Allowed: No
Total Game Time: 25
Player 1's Name: lestan33
Player 2's Name: Spectruz
Game Version: TWC
Good game with some fights going trought Colonial to Industrial pretty fast. A good way to beat Dutchs as Briths, Usually I outboom them. Any way Dutch is pretty good and Lestan wasent easy at all, a good player this was our second match.
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Rating: 4
(Insert Rating analysis here)It was entertaining to watch and there was good gameplay as as as i could tell but the dutchs many mistakes put a wet blanket on it.

Additional Comments:I am not a expert on them or have any real skill with them as i never played either of them but here is my opinion on the recording.

It started out nice the dutch making a good sized force of skirms and pike and the british doing a manor boom.

by about 7 and a half minutes the dutch attacked the british and could have won right there with the british having a smaller force of weaker Lbow.But the dutch left their pike behind and did not try to hurt thier economy.But still the dutch had the skirmishers and was obviously winning the battle but they retreated for a unknown reason.

Note:I thought putting the cloaked scout there was brilliant but even though he knew what the british had he failed to take advantage of it.

As the dutch retreated they began to advance and boosted the number of skirms I wondered why they did not build a second barracks though.3/4 the way advanced they sent their skirms to fight a large number of Lbow that were stationed in the no mans-land between thier eastern borders. and won that battle as they reached the fortress age.

They made a dozen ruhters which i do not know why.They should have made hussars since thier scout showed Lbow and nothing else.Well with close to 2 dozen skirms and thier ruhters they attacked.Thier veteran skirms got whipped by normal Lbow and not only did they use rhuters they put them on melee which was a mistake.Needless to say they were forced into a retreat.While this drama was happening they had sent a fortress to the no-mans land.

They retreated to the fortresses protection and created yet more ruhters.


And they make skirms,Halbs and 2 cannons.They send the cannons by the fortress and take potshots at the Lbow.The Lbow run away and a pretty long period elapses and i think to my self{Why don`t they take the TPs?}during which britain build and strengthens and Dutch just sit the making vills trying to advance I think.well they begin to advance
and i can`t imagine what they are thinking they are watching the british build a army 10 times the size of thiers.And don`t do a thing about it till they see a culverin an send 5 ruhters on melee to take it out...they fail.

Lets cut to the chase shall we?The british take out the fortress,The dutch send church shipments get a army of muskets and the only 5 calvary they will ever have.Attack but not with thier calvary those go take out a Native TP then sit there as the british launch a impressive counter the dutch defend not with skirms being made 25 at a time(I`m dumbfounded) but with Halbadiers not till they are on the brink of defeat do the 5 Wardsomthing calvary come to the rescue and save him he launchs a Halb-Ward******** counterattack at the sizable base in the no-mans land take it out continue on to the british town get defeated and lose to the counter attack.GG

Note:I wondered why the dutch player did not make fishing ships?

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