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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » (UPDATED)Fight For Independence Chapter 1 act 1

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(UPDATED)Fight For Independence Chapter 1 act 1

Author File Description
lifereloaded All I get is crap so my maps are now gone good day. AND VERY RUDE EMAILS
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Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
On this, I am completely using the review guide published on this forum. I, apparently, completed this game in a manner the author had not given any thought to at all. After sending envoys out to the left and to the right and getting them killed 8-(, I sent one up the middle and found just past the large open area, a thickly placed clump of trees. I sent my settlers there to cut a clearing so that I could build a dock. Once the dock was constructed, I built a Caravel (since they have no pop. count) and sent it out to explore. Immediately I found a group of Natives who had, somehow, managed to get ahold of a great bombard and they asked to join me. I believe it was they who told me of someone named Honna or something like thatand that I should kill him. I continued up the river and found a great fishing location; so I made more Caravels and sent them there as well.

This source of food along with the four banks I built, helped me to age up at a good pace. When I reached level four, I built two Monitors and sent them up to where I had sent the Caravels because I'd seen part of a wall where my Caravels were fishing. It was a slow process but I started destroying the entire fort with great ease; beginning with the two fixed guns. It became even easier as I reached level five and upgraded the Monitors. I had the entire right side and the back of the fort destroyed... including factory, fort, all houses and most of the towers. As I rounded the corner, I encountered another group that started firing at my boats. This is when I killed someone and got a message telling me to "go back to the boat." This was a little confusing to me because I had not found any boats yet--- only mine. So, I proceeded down the left side and destroyed three armies and a couple more towers. When I finished, I went back to where my envoys had been killed and destroyed the armies responsible for their demise. At this point, I was told about a group of natives I'd seen while serving retribution on my envoys' killers. Again, I leveled most everything with my monitors and when there were just a few natives left, I took my organ guns over and wiped them out with unmerciful ease. I freed the captives and got my reward and I finally found what I supposed was "the boat." Figuring it would be converted, I went to it but (I'm assuming there was a trigger for this) the trigger didn't work and the boat stayed the color of the native's team. Silly me, I thought well maybe if I get on the boat, it will change. I put my explorer on the boat and he was trapped there for the rest of the game. Ugh!

Balance: 1
Balance?? There was no real balance! It was too too easy!! Though it took a long time to accomplish it, through the entire game I lost ONLY three envoys, one Monitor and one Howitzer (not counting my explorer trapped on that silly boat).

Creativity: 3
No cinematics, no cut scenes, no special trigger "tricks" except for the one that took my explorer. 8-) Still it was OK... What could be more creative than giving the natives a great bombard and Highlander Mercenaries? 8-)

Map Design: 2
Pretty flat and not much effort into placing extras except for trees. There were rivers placed someways through the land areas and they were thickly lined with trees. More 'eye candy' would've been nice! Aside from 5 or 6 deer, there were no animals.

Story/Instructions: 2
There was a good honest attempt at some sort of a story here but generally the grammar and spelling was so bad that it was misleading. Example: When I was told about Honna, it was said that he was a "dam trader" (sic). Now, trading dams could be an honest profession though I do not personally know anyone who trades dams. It dawned on me that he meant to write, "damn traitor", somewhat of a large difference in meanings. The chief (not 'cheif'...remember, 'i' before 'e' except after 'c') was supposedly telling my men that his men were held captive but the chat came from my leader and not the chief (yet another trigger error). The guidelines state that there is 'no excuse' for misspellings but even a spellchecker wouldn't have helped very much. Examples: He uses 'there' when meaning to use the possessive 'their' and 'dam' and 'trader' are spelled correctly but for completely different words than those he, I believe, intended. No ending... no win message... no postgame interview with the winners in the locker room. The moment the last of the British were killed--- ZAP! Straight back to the main menu.

Additional Comments:
I am well aware that I am far from perfect myself but many of these problems are 'lazy' mistakes and give the impression that he doesn't really care. Many people of the world.... INCLUDING MYSELF... have disabilities but that should not be used as an excuse for being too lazy to use a dictionary to look up words. Put in some extra effort and things would be good.

[Edited on 01/02/06 @ 08:59 PM]

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Map Design2.0
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