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Game Version: TAD
A random map script for The Asian Dynasties
by RF_Gandalf

Korea is my 1st new random map script for TAD. Surprisingly this key area of Asia was ignored in TAD, perhaps to avoid controversy? The map roughly approximates the Korean peninsula with a small adjoining area of mainland Asia. The map is rectangular, and is larger than the most standard maps - but smaller than the new Honshu map. Despite the larger size of the map the players start not too far distant from each other - the increased size allows the rectangular shape, a larger surrounding sea area and adjoining mainland.

Teams start on opposite shores of the peninsula. In multiplayer team games, the teams are in lines along the shore, in a FFA the players start in a rough rectangle around the peninsula. There is full support for Free-For-All play with any player number, with the players placed randomly.

The map always has a single trade route to the north, with just 2 trade posts. The map will have 2 or 3 native villages, randomly chosen from the Zen, Shaolin or Jesuit civs. These are always placed to the north and south of the map, with an occasional central village.

Resources are pretty standard - huntables include musk deer and serow, there are some goats scattered about the map, and a number of extra clumps of berries. Mines are pretty standard except that in the north there are a few extra gold mines. Forests are standard. There is rich fishing in the surrounding seas for squid and tuna, as well as a few whales per player. Treasures on land vary between the types found on both Honshu and Yellow River maps, and there are some water treasures as well. Players start with 2 fishing boats in the sea but there is no starting dock wagon since the AI does not handle that feature well on custom random maps.

As a bonus - I have also made a Regicide version of the map, included in the same download. Note that either map can also be played using the KOTH type game - the monument is always located in the far north except in FFA when it is in the center of the map and quite close to all players.

Also at the request /suggestion of Moshe Levi I have made a second version of the Korea map with additional treasures near each player's start area. This will show up in the custom random map list as "Korea +treasures".

To play this map, the files (Korea.xs and Korea.xml and/or KoreaRegicide.xs and KoreaRegicide.xml and/or Korea2.xs and Korea2.xml) must be placed in the folder: My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\RM3. Please do not place them in the game's install folder - that will not work. When you start up a skirmish game in Single-player or Multiplayer, use the small 'Custom Map' button, which allows you to then select one the random maps in that My Games folder from the drop-down window.

I have enjoyed making these unique random map scripts. Thank you to ES for giving us the tools to do this! Hope you enjoy the map.

Feedback appreciated!
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Official Reviewer


This is a very nice map.
However, there aren’t enough treasures near the TC’s.

Is it possible to add more treasures?

File Author
Of course it is possible to add any number of treasures or 'nuggets'. The map has several hard nuggets in the north and 3 per player more in the peninsula area. I purposely did not put nuggets right next to the player start area for a different variation in gameplay. Playing with the Asian civs when I made this map, I felt like it was too easy to get a lot of low-level nuggets. The Asians can be better at exploration having 2 explorer units, making it not as hard to find nuggets that are a little farther from the start areas, and I just felt like doing it differently on this one. Do you want a personally dedicated map done with more nuggets? How many? How difficult? Just let me know - not a problem for you!
Official Reviewer

Thank you RF_Gandalf, but there is no need to make a special version just for me.

I just wanted to bring to your attention my initial observation.
I played this map with India and therefore felt urgent need to collect as many treasures as possible early on since India has a slow start.

By the time I got to explore the northern part of the map there was no time to collect those treasures since colonial fighting has already began.

Personally I feel that it is better to have more treasures just so the player gets to have more choices.
He can collect small treasures near his TC, or go further away to collect the bigger treasures.
If there are many treasures around then the player can be more selective which can add to the fun level.

This is just my opinion of course, so it’s really up to you.
File Author
At Moshe Levi's suggestion I have added a second version of the original Korea map with added easier trasures near each player's start area. Both versions are included in the zip file as well as the Regicide version.
Official Reviewer

I downloaded your new Korea map last night and played it.
The map looks ever better now with the new treasures.
It’s definitely more fun when you can collect a few treasures early on.

Thank you for making this change.

On another note, I noticed that most of your maps are large maps.
I wanted to say that I tried a few of them and that the AI never managed to find my base in less than 30 minutes.
So while these are very good maps for turtle/treaty type games, it’s hard to play fast/rush games with these kind of maps when you play 1V1 or 2V2.

I would therefore like to suggest making small map version every time you make a large map version.
This way players can choose the map size they want depending on their playing style or their mood.
File Author
Yes, no question that many of my maps are larger - I like the idea of playing for a region, not a neighborhood. And the standard AI is not great at rushing on larger maps.

But for this Korea map, I didn't notice any shortcoming on the AI's part - even though the map is large, the teams are not terribly far apart due to the map's layout. It would be hard to make this one much smaller without compromising the size of the seas on either side of the map or the distance between players.

I am looking forward to trying the new Draugur AI to see how it compares, on larger maps as well as other improvements.

Official Reviewer

Actually, I was not referring to the Korea map when I was talking about your large maps.
The Korea map is fine (small enough) because the two TC’s are very close to one another.
So the Korea map plays very much like a small map but at the same time you can build a second base at a remote location which makes it unique and a fun map to play.

I was referring to your other large maps where the TC’s are very far from each other (2-3 times the distance compared to the Korea map).
At these maps it will take a long time before the AI will attack.
I believe that this is due to the fact that the AI has to find the player’s base first since it doesn’t know where it is.
It takes a long time to explore large maps and for that reason it will take awhile for the AI to attack.
So I don’t think that even the Draugur AI is going to help in large maps.
i sun sin great job I always wanted to play the invasion of korea, now I can fight the Japanese over it. one thing if you move player one higher and player two under player one it would just be like seoul and pyongyang now that would be fun :)

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