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Mac: 2v2 TWC

Author File Description
Staley DA Bear
File Details
# of Players: 4
Map Type: Northwestern Territory
Map Size: Normal
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
Game Type: Supremacy
Cheats Allowed: No
Total Game Time: 59:37
Player 1's Name: Dr. President
Player 2's Name: Staley DA Bear
Player 3's Name: Fossil
Player 4's Name: David
Game Version: Mac:TWC
This was my first ever recorded game with TWC. I have certainly improved since this game, but because I wrote such a long summary and review, I felt the desire to post this game. If you want more Mac games, visit this website: http://groups.google.com/group/aoe3gotw

Game version: The WarChiefs
Team 1: Dr. President (French, Red) Staley DA Bear (Dutch, Green)
Team 2: Fossil (French, Yellow) David (Dutch, Blue)
Map: Northwest Territory
Time: 59:37
Game Summary:
·Dr. President and Staley DA Bear both go for Fast Fortresses without
any defense
·Fossil rushes Staley DA Bear at 9 minutes with 20 muskets and 5
·The rush takes down houses but is beaten by Staley DA Bear's
Minutemen, TC fire, and shipment of Skirmishers
·Everyone booms for a while accumulating large armies
·Staley DA Bear and Dr. President attack at 22 minutes with many
Falconets and Skirmishers
·Dr. President loses his Falconets to Fossil's Dragoons but does make
some progress
·David attacks from the connected side island with many Halberdiers
and Skirmishers and kills some of Dr. President's Coureur de Bois
Eventually, the battle shifts to the connected side island
·David establishes a powerful base with a fort and 2 factories on the
connected side island
·David uses his factories to produce Heavy Cannons, but Staley DA Bears
culverins kill the Heavy Cannons quickly
·Staley DA Bear is about to capture the connected side island when
Fossil takes 10 Cuirassiers behind Staley DA Bear's army and kills 5
Falconets and 10 Culverins
·The battle for the connected side island continues and eventually,
Staley DA Bear and Dr. President combine to destroy David's army
·Once the coast is clear, Staley DA Bear sends in 28 petards and
destroys the fort and both factories
·Staley DA Bear presses forward and builds a base on the connected
side island
·David makes a huge force of Grenadiers on the island across the
river, but Staley DA Bear's Culverins sink his transport ship
·Staley DA Bear and Dr. President combine to beat Fossil, Fossil
·David continues to make Grenadiers and breaks into Staley DA Bear and
Dr. President's base, killing Dr. President's fort
·Staley DA Bear is able to beat back the Grenadiers with Minutemen,
Klamath Riflemen, and Church Stradiots and Muskets, and David resigns
Do's and Dont's: Do's are what the player did well. Dont's are what
they can do better.
Dr. President:
1. Get an early market with French
2. Get 3 Town Center's quickly
3. Raid with Cuirassiers whenever possible
1. Get housed by the 2 Falconet shipment even when you have wood
2. Build all of your military buildings in your base when the battle
is far away
3. Fail to protect your cannons; you will need to make some heavy
infantry for this job
Staley DA Bear:
1. Continue your godly treasure hunting skills
2. Make artillery when the opponent only has infantry
3. Use petards to destroy important buildings quickly
1. Have way too much gold and not enough of other resources
2. Build a saloon and stable right away and never use them
3. Attack with just a few units at a time against a large army
1. Rush a player who fast fortresses with high siege units
2. Continue to build your economy even during a rush
3. Use Culverins to destroy large amounts of Falconets
1. Send your Explorer far away at the beginning of the game; use him
to scout your base
2. Just shoot at animals with villagers; herd them instead
3. Have resources and open population space when you are not saving up
for something
1. Boom while your opponents have to defend
2. Take control of both side islands
3. Use ships to transport units around walls and to siege buildings
1. Build an early Klamath Trade Post if you are not going to use it
2. Leave 15 Skirmishers in your base while Fossil is attacking; help
3. Let your Heavy Cannons die so easily
Review masterfully composed by Staley DA Bear
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Simia Hey Staley, this is Love. I just watched your game and I am very impressed.

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