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NAT AOE Scenario Pack v1

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
North American Theater - AOE Scenario Pack v1

A collection of 9 scenarios, designed to run with the NAT Mod v3.20.

Download and install the NAT Mod before running these scenarios.


The following scenarios are included:

In February 1862, Ulysses S Grant scored the first two significant wins for the Union army; the capture of Forts Henry and Donelson. This scenario is loosely based on the Battle for Fort Donelson.

- Fort Donelson as USA - The first objective is to capture the town of Dover. This will give you extra resource production if you do not destroy too much in the process. It will also enable you to attack the fort from two sides.

- Fort Doneslon as CSA – The only way to win when playing as the Confederates is to completely destroy your opponent.

By the end of 1864, there were few opportunities for the Confederates to run the union naval blockade. The city of Wilmington on the Cape Fear River, in North Carolina, still had some successes primarily due to Fort Fisher. This was a strongly armed garrison that protected the entrance to the mouth of the river from the Atlantic Ocean. The first battle of Fort Fisher took place on December 7th and latest 20 days, ending in the failure of US forces to capture the fort. The second battle of Fort Fisher took place on January 13, 1865 and the US troops were able to capture the fort within 2 days. The union failure in the first attempt was as a result of the poor leadership of Benjamin Butler. Similarly, the fall on the second attempt had much to do with the ineptitude of senior Confederate commander Braxton Bragg, who refused to heed warnings from the fort commander William Lamb.

- Fort Fisher as CSA – To win you will have to eliminate all the US units. You will have a limited number of settlers and cannot create mills or plantations. There are also some restrictions on the specialist units you can create. At first the scenario may appear harder than it looks but the fortifications that you start with are significant. You should be able to win within 30 to 40 minutes.

- Fort Fisher as USA - To win you have to destroy all the big guns and the Confederate command center (town center). It is unlikely that you can achieve a quick win and this should be the more challenging of the two Fort Fisher scenarios. Given time, you should certainly win, but time is an advantage to your enemy too.

In 1708, the allies in the War of Spanish Succession had just started to gain the upper hand and to maintain the initiative; they decide that the capture of Lille, France’s 2nd city. The French had sent Marshal Boufflers to Lille to lead the Spanish troops and keep it secure, but upon realizing that the city was to be attacked, he sent for reinforcements. You play as Lord Marlborough, allied with the Austrian Prince Eugene. Your job is to capture the city and to win; you must walk Lord Marlborough to the flag post at the center of the citadel.

After 10 minutes the map is revealed, so wide scouting is not really needed. In addition, you will receive an experience boost after 20 minutes but your enemies will receive reinforcements. Your enemy will receive more reinforcements as the game progresses.

There is a railway line running through the Appalachian Mountains that is needed to facilitate the delivery of supplies to forces in the west. The confederates have taken over a town that gives them direct control over this valuable trade route. You will need to capture the two trading posts to win.

Be careful, the town is sympathetic to the Union cause but will not be happy if you destroy their Courthouse, Church or Capitol building. You will have failed if you do.

The American-Mexican war can be brought to a swift end if Mexico City can be captured. To the west of the city is Chapultepec, a fortress used as a Military Academy. This must be taken before the city. Even before that, it will be necessary to clear the approaches and that will require the elimination of three forts that block your way.

You will need to collect the treasures behind each fort to age up and you will not get a Town Center until all three treasures are collected. It will be necessary to build an outpost so that shipments from your home city can be sent while there is no Town Center.

This scenario is only moderately challenging but it is included because the quickest and easiest way to win is using the Hot Air Balloon. As the US, you have your own secure island but the object of this game is to collect treasure. The Spanish, French and Portuguese are allied against you. Things do not get tough until you have to take the treasure from under their noses.

The US has just invested in a new fortress to protect one of the farthest most settlements in Texas. This is a good thing as the Mexicans are stirring things up with the Comanche and will support them against the US. However, will it be enough to stop the uprising of 3 nearby Comanche settlements?
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File Author
Updated fixes for Comanche Uprising and Appalachian Hideout.

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