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NAT TWC Scenario Pack v1

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Game Version: TWC
North American Theater - TWC Scenario Pack v1

A collection of 22 scenarios, designed to run with the NAT Mod v3.20.

Download and install the NAT Mod before running these scenarios.


The following scenarios are included:

Battle for Tenochtitlan
The Spanish conquest and destruction of the Aztecs was not as simple as one may have thought, considering the difference in available technologies. Perhaps the situation could have been different if you were controlling the Aztecs. This scenario gives you the opportunity to find out. Defend the Aztec capital - then eliminate the two town main town centers of the Spanish settlements and the command post at the heart of the fortress.

Canadian Rescue
In the mid 1800s, Canada was moving towards greater independence from Britain, but a group of American Irishmen (Fenians) had different ideas. They were experienced soldiers who had fought in the American Civil War and they were well armed. They also hated the British and wanted Canada to become part of the US. In this scenario, they have captured a military officer and government representative who are involved in the Canadian independence negotiations. Your job is simple; prove to the British that you are militarily able to look after yourselves and rescue the captives.

Friend in Need
This is a 2 v 3 scenario. You (as the Canadians) are allied with the Iroquois while your opponents are an alliance of the 2 x USA and the Sioux. What makes it unusual is that there is no path via land for you to get to your ally. You are well protected behind mountains, with your only vulnerability being via the ocean. This puts your ally severely at risk, with your 3 opponents all able to attack via land. In this scenario, if your ally is eliminated, you will have failed; keep him alive and go on to eliminate your opponents.

Caribbean Hideout
The British have been raiding Spanish ships from a secret volcanic island in the Caribbean. Two British collaborators have been captured and have led the enemy to the secret British island. The initial task will be to just stop the enemy from capturing and destroying the hideout.

The Spanish have brought the collaborators to the Island with them and this gives you an opportunity to repatriate them before they can identify any other secret locations. The Spanish have worked hard to persuade them that they should switch loyalties and for now, they will not trust the British. The only way to persuade them to change their minds is to bring the island’s Governor to them. However, you need to be careful, they now fear the British and will attack but you cannot afford to harm them. If they die or the Governor dies, all is lost. Warwick and Bolivar are being held in separate locations.

El Dorado
Buried deep in the rain forest is the legendary lost city of El Dorado. You, as the British, need to find it before the Spanish do. If the Spanish find it, they will simply slaughter the tribes that have protected it secrets and leave the place in ruins. You have the opportunity to establish a new alliance and discover the secrets of El Dorado for Queen Victoria.

Land of Mystery
You start with a number of units on a small island, waiting to board a caravel. From here, you have to select a new location to start a colony. The mystery comes from the fact that movement on this new land is limited to a few passages between plateau topped mountains. Around each corner could be a new treasure item or it could be one of your enemies about to attack. Your first objective is really to collect as many treasures as possible and perhaps one of them will enable you to start producing balloons; they will make movement about this map much easier. The ultimate objective is revealed once you have collected a treasure that will permit the creation of balloons.

Siege of Plevna
In the Russo-Turkish war (1768-1774), the Russians took the opportunity to expand their empire. The Ottomans were on a losing streak and to some extent it was just bad luck. They actually fought very well in a number of circumstances. In the Siege of Plevna (or Plenin), they inflicted great losses on the Russians but in the end, it was simply a lack of supplies that brought the Siege to an end.

In this scenario, you have the opportunity to get a better result for the Ottoman Empire. Just as in history, you have time to prepare your defenses before the Russians attack but make sure you keep the resources coming in. If you survive the multiple attacks, you will eventually get the upper hand.

Securing Florida
You play as Spain, having dominated South America; you now have established a presence in Florida and have built a well defended fort to secure your possession. The British, Spanish and Russians will do all they can to stop you. Can your superior defenses hold out long enough for you to build your economy and then your army, so you can eliminate destroy your enemies.

The title is based on an area of land that can support little organic life and has been severely eroded over a number of years. The most famous badlands are located in South Dakota, which is where this scenario is loosely based.

The Native American nations have revolted against the poor treatment they have received in reservations and have determined that war is the only option. They have established settlements on one side of the badlands, but it will not be long before they cross the badlands to attack your well resourced settlement. A fort has been built to help protect the settlers but will that be enough.

Forest Frontier
During the American War of 1812, the Iroquois allied themselves with the British. This is a skirmish that sees Smoke Johnson of the Mohawks and Red jacket of the Seneca come together to fight the US, whose president during this period was James Madison.

The terrain is a heavily wooded forest that prevents easy movement between locations. There are small paths in the forest but most rapid movement is made along the banks of a river or via one of the two trade routes. You start with one trading post, which you must not lose, otherwise the game is over. There are 3 other trading posts and you must control them all to win.

Fortress Defense
In this scenario, you have 3 players sided against you. You all start with a high resource count to encourage fast progress but they have 3 times what you have, although you have an elevated fortress stronghold

Fortress Harbor
This is a simple water skirmish map. The Confederates have a well defended harbor of strategic importance. You as the US have to capture the harbor.

Ghost Town
In a lawless environment, local rebels are holding up the every stagecoach that passes through town. As a result, people will just not come to town and the settlement is not developing. There is also an increasing threat from an alliance between the Sioux and the Apache. A US fortress is there to protect against the native attacks and a small supply of resources from a number of trading posts will help man it. However, a federal marshal has arrived with 6 sheriffs to help clean things up and restore life to the town.

The initial objective will be to use the sheriffs to convert treasure guardians and build a small army to attack the rebel town to the south. Once the rebel town center is destroyed you will gain a town center and so the real development can begin. While collecting treasures, you will benefit from ‘ageing up’. However, all this is a race against time as an attack from the Sioux and Apache is inevitable. To win, you must destroy all 12 Apache trading posts.

Hell’s Gates
This is a straight forward scenario that pits you as the US, allied with the Iroquois, against some rouge Spanish elements that are looking for slaves to experiment on. The experiments take place in 3 buildings that have been hewn out of the mountains and are known as Hells Gates. Your job is simple, destroy the 3 buildings.

Industrial Might
You do not get any settlers in this game but you are given a substantial resource producing capability with a number of factories. You also have two docks from which to create fishing and whaling boats. Plus, you can create a number of builders that can help with chopping trees. As the US, you face the Iroquois and Sioux who are allied with the Seminoles. With substantial fortifications in place, the technological advantage that the industrialized US has, should guarantee success. But how long will it take you to suppress the natives.

Island defense
You play as Colonel Washington, just arrived on a strategically important Island where the new US Government has built a state of the art fortress. Unfortunately, the governor of the Island has failed to man the fortress properly. The Spanish are aware of this and have decided that now would be a good opportunity to obtain a nice new fortress, at the expense of the US government. They have already occupied part of the island and are preparing 3 armies to help with the attack. Oh, you start without a town center or any settlers.

Land of Plenty
This is another scenario that encourages the strategic use of balloons. You play as the US, responsible for keeping your picturesque community safe from 3 Confederate armies. The resources available to you are limited, but somewhere on the other side of the map is a ‘land of plenty’, safe from the enemy as it is located on a plateau. You have to find it, colonize it and build up sufficient resources to eliminate your opponents, as that will be the only way to ensure the safety of your little community. You start with good defenses and a small number of powerful units to protect against any early attacks. You also have some limited resource generation.

Mission Impossible
If this scenario is approached in the traditional way, it could prove challenging. It is really designed to take advantage of the new balloon units from the Artillery Foundry and Barracks. You play as the US with few food and coin resources available to you at ground level. However, there are plenty of resources in the mountains but you will need to use a balloon to get units up there. The next problem you have is that the game’s primary objective is located behind huge well defended fortress. Again, destroying the fortress in a traditional way, is an option but use of balloons can help you achieve the primary objective more easily. In addition, the balloons can also help eliminate the Russian and Ottoman opposition.

Mountain Pass
The scene is a mountain pass with a stronghold at each end, one of which you control. On one side of the mountains is a desert like terrain and on the other an ocean. The objective is simple; there are 3 trading posts, control all of them to win.

Queenston Heights Alternative
Queenston Heights was a famous victory for Isaac Brock against the Americans in the war of 1812. In this scenario, you play as the US and it is your job to ensure a different result to what really happened.

Rescue the Governor
The Sioux have come together and are making significant demands of the US government. To give themselves something to bargain with they have captured a local governor and are holding him in an old fortress, abandoned by the US army. You need to put down the Sioux uprising and rescue the governor.

Save the president
This is similar to fortress defense but, while you have even better defenses, you start at a disadvantage in terms of resources. The game will be challenging but concentrate initially of defense and building resources.
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File Author
Updated with fixes for Badlands and Industrial Might.
updelete i downloaded it but when i play it it says scenario: could not load blah blah blah

i have the nat mod downloaded by the way
please help

[Edited on 06/21/08 @ 03:14 AM]

jpember updelete: Per your mod question, it does require the lates patches to be installed. Remove the NAT mod before applying the patches.
adambrodeur ugh, whenever i try to install the mod, it crappes up my game and i have to uninstall then re install it. gets annoying man. gets annoying!
ilikepie70 downloaded it and then i hit install pack and nothing shows up in my custom scenario folder.... is my path messed up or something or is it going to somewhere else? plus i have up to date version of NAT mod and i am running TWC game.
rakovsky I downloaded the file and ran the installation and it did not actually create files for scenarios, even though it sound installation successful.

I have STEAM and used that to play AOE3. My game normally works, but this installation did not, although I tried installing it both by putting and running the downloaded application in my main AOE3 STEAM folder and in my DOCUMENTS/AOE3 folder.

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