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Wall upgrade 2.0 RC9 (Moved)

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
I told you this mod has moved why didnt you listen? The new mod is called Extreme Fortifications

heres where its moved to...


or if you have Age of Empires III on mac try this...


oh and i change my email adress and so to my name. i didnt like my old name.

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Tyranick Well you released yours...i'll have a look.

Btw dont have a go at my mod, i may not be as experienced but we are going for different goals here, you are making it so it changes the model, i am making it so its an optional upgrade.

As for build anims, im working on them (god i so wish i hadnt posted my mod now)

Its unfinished yes but theres a reason for that, I want to make it as good as possible.

Depends really what people prefer.

Issues with this is i dont like the way wood forts are...the fort tower is used for a corner and looks far to big and takes up waaaaaay to much space, also the gate goes through it.

I wont rate as i have no interest in it (maybe something you should of done)

Still whatever...carry on.


I see u changed ur rating...appreciate it =] but i guess ur opinion is your opinion =\

[Edited on 12/23/07 @ 07:13 PM]

Tyranick Hey felda, thanks for your help with the whole "reversing tech" idea thats pretty cool!

Oh...i see the rating you gave = out as 2 but that isnt the average...something tells me this rating system is messed up a bit...as "playability" seems to have huge impact on the overall score.

Again i say i wont rate as im not interested.
File Author
Edit: Tyranick removed the comment, above, on which i replyed to! EVERYTHING in the speach marks is what he originaly said!!!

"So...steal my code...slag off my mod... yeah..."

I didnt steal your code at all and i havent done that with any bodys mod! Mine is made by myself its not that didicult to copy the code from the fort walls code found inside the .bar file and paste it into the wall files used by villagers that build walls!!! Mine took alot more time than you and iv been working on my mod for alot longer and just because you upload your mod just before mine that doesnt mean im just going to let my hard work to go no where!!!
So yea i uploaded my mod that way people can decide for themselfs if they like yours or mine better! If they like yours better thats fine!

"So this just changes the look...it doesnt provide any logical reason for it, if i wanted to make a mod that made walls look different i'd do it..."

I dont care what you do i made this mod and it took me a hell of a time to make those wall building animations and other stuff and theres proof that i didnt steal your code witch isint even your code you just copyed and pasted it to from the .bar file my proof is that i changed the wooden walls to so im perfectly capable of making my own mod! My mod does mod than just a stupid fort wall on after the original stone wall that doesnt even have a building animation proving i spent alot more time on my mod than you did on yours!

"Worked on it for ages? Lol i've had the game for a week and already mastered the wall system."

Mastered the system? it took me ages to find out how to make those building animations witch you haven even atempted and witch iv compleated so much for you mastering the system!

"So mine doesnt have build anims yet, so? Its a beta, what right do you have to come and sh1t all over my mod? i didnt do it to yours (until now lol)"

"Yours doesnt even have building animations" "YET" you even admited that you dont know how to make the dam building animations and i didnt even sh1t on your mod thats imposible i live at the rear end of the world in New Zealand and iv never been to your house to sh1t on your computer! I only uploaded what i started ages ago and so what you had the same idea a made a beta mines finished so i am perfectly intitled to upload my mod!!!

"But fine...if you want war u got it dude, i guess people have a choice now...use as upgrade or use as replacement."

I never said i want a war that was far from my intension i simply created a mod which took me ages to do and someone else made a simular thing on a lower scale and so i uploaded my mod!!!

"Oh by all means continue your mod, i have no problem at all, if anything you've just made this a whole lot more fun! Thanks =D"

Isnt that the idea of modding to make the game more fun!?


EDIT 1: i guess he didnt want a bad image!


(Form Tyranicks first comment)
"Issues with this is i dont like the way wood forts are...the fort tower is used for a corner and looks far to big and takes up waaaaaay to much space, also the gate goes through it."

It doesnt matter and the fort walls do take up a bit more space but who cares the stone walls in your mod take up more space to and it if its a problem for you simply build the walls out a little further!

"the fort tower is used for a corner"
there is no fort tower! that is the fort corner! look it up in the war chiefs campian!

And as for the Gate. Who cares they look a hell of a lot better than the original!

[Edited on 12/25/07 @ 05:38 AM]

felda1337 nooo argueing =[

[Edited on 12/23/07 @ 07:29 PM]

Tyranick Dude i changed my mind about what i wrote, please ignore what i said the first time, i changed my mind and ment no offense...I apologise for my rudeness.

Call truce?....

..sorry im just overworked and i saw this and got pissed, i never meant to take it out on you.

lol @ felda its ok nothing is up...i hope.

By the way dude considering what you said about my mod.

1): I dont get what you mean here

2): Fixed...you could only upgrade via church anyway in AOE3 remember.

3)Current mod isnt for TWC. The sioux WILL have walls in next version, and it would balance out the game...remember how iroquois have the "dance" ability to increase the hitpoints of structures? Lol by default thats pretty insane as it is!!! Have you tried it in vanilla having 25 villages all do it at once? they boost to about 16000hp!! trust me it will even out (the cost and "allowed" age have been fixed and edited)

4)true point...idea scrapped!

5)Cards wont be free...they will cost but may scrap idea or make a twice as expensive "teams ability"

Beta did mean "beta" lol

[Edited on 12/23/07 @ 07:40 PM]

File Author
Apology acsepted but it doent change what you wrote!!!

This was supossed to be a peaceful mod that i decided to make ages ago it had nothing to do with you or your mod as i said i had nearly finished mine by the time you uploaded yours!

And as for felda1337

You would be able to to make this mod in your life time and its a hell of an improvement to the one before me so take your uncreative shity rating and shove it!!!

And what do you mean by "forced to have model" i didnt force any thing

"I give much credit hear because of making building animation, nice to see you know how but doesnt fit with size it to big or small to look right"???

And my building animations are perfect i got my unserspecting friends to test it and they thought it was made by ES only the corner was a bit different but they didnt care they thought it was a 9 out of 10

Uninstall was left out by acsedent so you can change that rating and even without a uninstallation how hard can it be to simply deleat the building folder within the art folder which was created by installing the mod!

Art and sound?

Iv got the same art as tyranic and more yet you give him a 5 and me a 2?

Good design but 2 for story and description either tyranic told you to rate me so low or your a real piece of work!

Even my rating for tyranics mod was a 4 double what u gave me!

Edit: Your suposed to right back those sorts of comments in your mod erea not in mine and this is a mod not a war zone!

Has anyone else got a useful comment that can help me further my mod? A better rating perhaps?

[Edited on 12/23/07 @ 08:03 PM]

CinTex Playability: 4

Lol its like ders all out fukin war 'er lol, funny shit ppl keep it up am avin a laugh 'er. any sim lad, i like your mod but only prob i av is dat the buldins dont have the right Hp for what they look like, i would like to see em buffed a bit but still, it plays well like but it sumtimes dont look right

Creativity: 5

best bit mate, you made your own anims which iz gud like so i reckon u get more credit er than ty

Art and Sound: 4

great art mate i like dem wood walls dey is cool haha

Installation/Instructions: 5

Nice and easy thanks m8

Story/Description: 4

I never know wat to write er lol, good...stuff? lol

Additional Comments:

Although i like upgradin and shit i like dis mod as well, both of ya stfu fightin ya bothf made gd mods =D

[Edited on 12/23/07 @ 08:41 PM]

Tyranick Again i apologise for my actions, never meant any harm =]

What?! I dont have ties with felda i dont even understand half of what he says lol.

I think what he meant by "force model" was that...he likes to be able to choose to upgrade to the fort model, and not have it completely replace the normal wall and stone wall.

Meh dont be harsh on him.

Again im sorry for how i acted, good luck with your mod =]

Btw though i know it should be on my mod page but, still dont get what you mean by point "1)"

[Edited on 12/23/07 @ 08:43 PM]

Lisbon_Navigator I really don't like it. I mean, I kind of like those palisade wooden walls. You're transforming primitive walls into advanced walls!!
Walls are walls, and forts are forts. It's a different concept.
Not going to download it lol.
File Author
Reply to preveous comment

"Not going to download it lol."

No one is forcing you to download it! And i know that "Walls are walls, and forts are forts."

The new stone/wooden wall is just called a fort wall it doesnt mean that your building a fort instead of a wall! This mod changes the look of the old stone/wooden wall to a better looking one thats also made of stone or wood! And it also happens to be called a fort wall in the campaian i didnt name it that!

"I really don't like it. I mean, I kind of like those palisade wooden walls. You're transforming primitive walls into advanced walls!!"

Those walls that you dont like are the same walls in the campaian! I dont think ES would have made those walls if no one would have liked them! I like them thats why i made this mod!

But! Everyones intitled to thier own opinion!

[Edited on 12/27/07 @ 09:48 PM]

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