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Wall upgrade 2.0 RC9 (Moved)

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
I told you this mod has moved why didnt you listen? The new mod is called Extreme Fortifications

heres where its moved to...


or if you have Age of Empires III on mac try this...


oh and i change my email adress and so to my name. i didnt like my old name.

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File Author
thankx for the review i wish more people would do the same. i dont quite understand what you meen by "I sort of wish it had an effect on the game." and i suspect that this does work on multiplayer but every computer has to have this mod installed otherwise error messages occur saying that the game is out of sync and then the multiplayer game will close.
File Author
Great review! Thanx! Ill be updating all my mods to acomidate the new 1.01a update for tad and for a few other small changes ill be making. Also ill will be releasing a compatiblity pack. The compatibility pack will be designed so that this mod can be played along side other of your favorite mods. Ill be opening a new post so that people can request what mod they would like to see included within the compatibility mod. Any other requests such as small changes you would like to see can also be made.

Edit: heres a link to the Compatibility request page.


[Edited on 04/17/08 @ 07:06 PM]

fatookit Great Mod which includes nearly all wall type ingame, and Walls can even across the trade routes.
I'm wondering if the "trade routes hurts" mod is yours, if it is, better add that in this great mod to reclaim the old tactics in age of Empires II (Defensive).
File Author
Need some more ratings plese id like to know what you think. It took alot of my time to make this mod the least that you could do is write a comment or rating after having tryed the mod.

Edit: I dont understand what you mean to say fatookit can you re-write your coment a little more clearly.

Edit: No need fatookit i understand what you want to say and yes ill look into the possibility of adding that feature.

Edit: Wall upgrade mod v1.5 is now underway to make it compatible with the new TAD 1.01a update form ES but the progress of making v1.5 may be a little bit slow because my school exams are now in progress.

[Edited on 06/23/08 @ 01:37 AM]

File Author
Wall upgrade 1.5 released.

Dont forget to comment
felda1337 hi once moare, simalex !

isee once moare the mod been has updayte? very gud, was no-ing not how mod wasnt works with new patching for TAD. (:

but me have question for this.

"fort wood wall" upgrade, do not upgrade gate of 1st wall! I explain, i play french, i click "fort wood walls" upgrade, it upgrade gud, tower, 1x1 wall etc all work but gate stay the same as if no upgrade happens!.

the pic on yor post, it is that wood gate it is supposed to look like? becuase it not do wat the same in picture, can you fix, or error not fixable?

i give capture of image, a pic for you if needed

mod work most good! (:
File Author
Nice to get a comment thanx.

The problem you described is my fault and thanx for reporting. The problem is with the picture and not the mod. The picture was taken when i first started the mod but since then its changed. The gate on the wooden fort wall in the picture is now on the smaller wooden wall and the wall that used to be on the smaller wooden wall is now on the wooden fort wall.

Ill explain why

when the gate in the picture opens completely it would go through the corner wall piece which looked realy ugly so i swaped it around with the smaller wooden wall gate to get rid of this ugly happening the same thing still sort of happens on the smaller wooden wall with its new gate but its much less noticeable.

to sum it up all i did was swap two gates.

Also i need some help on a problem with the new wallupgrade mod 1.5 TAD version.
My little brother did some testing and found he could no go to level 5 with the chinese or japanese. I dont know if its a problem with the mod or just another of my mods interfering instead so please test it out for me some one.
felda1337 ok thanks i see issue now, i wonder if there way to "stop" gate from open that farr? wud be interest.

ohhh! i seem to have level 5 issue with asian too! i no that must be build "wonders" or sum sort to advanced but...when i go new match, i start in industrial age...with chinise japan and indian and it say "upgrade using villager" but no option with this.

maybe problems with start in 4th age? maybe onle start from 1st age work for gettin at 5 stage :S
felda1337 No i just see, cant get to 5 with any asian race :(
File Author
Thanx telanor for the great review i wish more people would do so. I realy hate those 1000 or so people who dont have an account, download my mod, like the mods and then not even bother to register to say thanx for making it because im not getting paid to do this its free! And its not only my mod they should be commenting about cause theres a tone of other mods out there.

Anyway i think i found the problem with the asian civs. It only happens when playing deathmatch civs and it seems to be on all of the civs that you cant go to level 5. Im wondering if anybody knows if that is normal? I dont paly death match much, it takes the fun out of it for me so i wouldnt know.

Edit: I forgot to mention telanor that im aware that the wooden fort walls are a bit to big. Im not a huge fan of that wall myself. But when your first building your smaller wooden walls try spacing the walls out and try not to have to many small bits of wall eg

[Edited on 06/27/08 @ 05:32 PM]

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