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Wall upgrade 2.0 RC9 (Moved)

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
I told you this mod has moved why didnt you listen? The new mod is called Extreme Fortifications

heres where its moved to...


or if you have Age of Empires III on mac try this...


oh and i change my email adress and so to my name. i didnt like my old name.

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File Author
i couldnt seem to get the example into the comment every time i pressed edit comment it vanished so now ill put it in the mod description right down the bottom underneath the about 1.5 section.
felda1337 i see!! deathmacth is problems!! i think to see that only happens with that teir in that mode and supremacy mode work normal i think. i test sum time but not now cbcause of time

oh simalex i did a look into that fort wooden wall, it seem that it is no actual "corner" it is in fact a tower witha attack "ranged". it no normally use for wall corner, that why size is so big, it shots bullet and is a outpost in normal use that not used, editor say it corner but is wrong bcause code tells other story (: lol.

it wud be nice if you could texture say the stone wall normal stone wall to yellow/orangey to look like wood, that would fit better i think but i like big tower (:
Brixton_A1 You sir, are a moron. learn to type grammatically.

Although i STRICTLY disagree with the way that guy was typing and the way he typed it. i'm afraid i have to agree with him, as i am also suffering from the invisibility bug on all races apart from the european ones

Playability: 3
Sorry it is unplayable. My walls dont even appear as japan and i love playing japan. the only time walls appear are on euro races and i dont play as much, if at all

Creativity: 4
Got to admit though from the screenshot and from the one time it did work, very good job.

Art and Sound: 4
Great use of those wooden walls as being forts same for the stone. no new sounds but i wont mark you down much.

Installation/Instructions: 4
Very clear, but for top marks i would of liked an installer. dont get me started on file structures and things, im usless at them

Description: 5
Good desciption of how the the erm, layouts and things work. I like how you explained how to lay the new walls. Just a shame i cant.

Additional Comments:
Please fix the invisible bug on the races and i will be inclined to give you top marks. over all a 3.8/5 from me. such a shame about the bug


im sorry a 2.0/5 altogether? that is not right at all. im sorry i dont know why this error has occured. its a 3.8/5 simalex, ignore the overall review score.


I figured it out, "playability" is the issue. I will set it to 3 as to not give you a pants rating. Apologies. The rating system appears to be broken and cant do averages correctly heh.

[Edited on 06/27/08 @ 07:54 PM]

File Author
My apologies CinTex and thank you for your opinion.

Thank you Brixton_A1 for your review. After the 1.01a update from ES i ran into some huge problems for updating my mods. I havent got infinite time that i can dedicate to modding anymore because my main high school exams have started which will determan what i become in life. So im sorry if there are some bugs and i will get to fixing them as soon as i can. your review is most appreciated Brixton_A1 so thank you again.

[Edited on 06/29/08 @ 05:04 PM]

felda1337 omg woaswww!! sims you cud checks tyraniks new news for ideas in for new version O:. he goes far for idea now making more for fortwalls makeing new "fortifications" upgrayds and he is to get balancing as nomber one concern priority! he making new things all races for good and is now thinks of a "mod team" to help him it look 0:!woaawww!! i going to ask if me can joins mod ands i because i have ideas. dont hate me or shout to me sim :( i just like tyranik mod more and he very helpful to me improving mine englich slowingly :). i still support mod of yours well as well but wont be using it for me need i mean my needs.

many luck for mod of yours good i still here to test giving feedback for yours mod (:
Brixton_A1 Hmmm, i just read your little comment under your mod name. Although i agree cintex rating was absurdly unfair, as i said before he has made a good point. Your mod has now decided to lock up my game and corrupt lots of other structures in the asian races, seems your fix actually has broken more than it fixed.

You can't "promote" your mod as being "unfairly judged" so to speak, it has been fairly judged. Most people here either don't like it or it doesnt work for them. Your making it seem as if it is better that it is. When it could be but it's so bizzarely buggy.

The simple psychology of it my freind is that people go by ratings and then go by reviews. The more positives they see and hear, the more reliable it seems, the more commitment the modder has to the mod, the more trusting it becomes. I know your going through exams at the moment and yes there are more important things than mods and this version was probably rushed out hence the lack of stability in it, but this is how nearly all people work, they like to be positively re-enforced be that from the "the number of pretty gold stars" they see or get, or even by other peoples opinions, remember a lot of people on conformists (do the same as each other under a certain amount of physical or mental pressure, a bit like peer-pressure except from strangers) and will usually judge A LOT by how other people judge, it's stupid i know but thats humans for you.

Now i'm not having a go at you, apologies if it seems that way. I just don't like to see people "flaunt" their mods to people, it isnt professional and shows desperation my friend..

I recommend you take a long break, come back when school has finished for you, then you shall have more time.

One more thing i've noticed is that although you have gotten a couple of negative reviews or barmy ones from cintex for example, it seems as if you can't take critisism very well, you seem to insult people back from the looks of this thread, again this shows weakness in your self as a person and weakness in your "communication" with the public, remember this sort of situation is like "the customer is always right" kind of thing, not saying they are as most of the time they arent. But you have to learn to communicate more with your audience and your fellow players to establish the problems, ask them what exactly is wrong, and take care in what your doing about it otherwise if you continue what your doing you'll just make the situation worse, the players/your audience will loose patience and faith in you and thus resul in giving you a poor review.

Ok apologies for this rant but i felt it was neccesary.

Goodluck with your mod in the future.

PS one final un-important thing you may or may not care about. The corner you have used for the wood forts is the the native version fort tower, it has an attack. Tyranick build it in editor and it clearly attaks other units, he came to the conclusion that, and quote:

"ha ha! Yes, it is the fort corner but its also the wooden fort tower lol. It's quite messed up how ensemble did it, i'll try to explain: they seemed to want a "2 in 1" kinda thing going on. The fort wooden wall was designed to have a tower on every corner that acted as a base defense...really cool on paper but useless in practice as they didn't take into consideration the additional cost of the tower...so they scrapped it from being built normally and just left it separate from the wood fort wall (and left the name as "SPCXP wood fort tower" which gives another big hint as to why there's no "normal" corner to the wooden fort wall and why it has an attack lol (And also for simalexs' confusion am guessing), I had a nice convo with an ensemble dev I'm guessing, via the support service. w00t at customer support lol hehe!! :D!!".

(Direct quote from Tyranick)

And there is a fort tower in the game, its those towers on the very first mission of the AOE3 campaign, it says so if you click them.

Apologies for this added bit but it seems as if he went all out to prove you wrong, good for him i say as it shows commitment, not taking sides or anything i just admire that kind of thing.

So yes, again Goodluck with your mod.

[Edited on 06/29/08 @ 11:33 AM]

File Author
Could you explain a little more clearly exactly where this bug occurs and when?
Brixton_A1 Hello simalex.

Yes of course I would be glad to.

Upon loading up the game everything is fine. I go to select my desired race, in this case japan. I set up my buildings as normal playing on supremacy. I got to build a wall, so far so good. Then as soon as i place the wall, the building animation stops midway and the wall is unconstructed. I got to delete the wall and the game crashes to desktop. Happens every time with my race. Oh yes and the name of the wall isnt there, instead it says something like "name ="DBID " and thats it instead of wall or things.

I ask, did you modify any of the home citys? As i also seem to have strange..blank icons appearing in my "choose new cards" menu as well, i can provide some screenshots if you want.

Its very odd. Of course I can't look at the code my self as i have no experience with it.

Hope that helps

[Edited on 06/29/08 @ 06:47 PM]

File Author
This seems very strange as all i did was copy over some code that i made from the old wallupgrade v1.4 files and put it into the new 1.01a files provided by ES.
My little brothers been playing my new 1.5 mod for some time now a he prefurs to play the asian civs and he found no problems.
Ill test it out my self and if i dont find any problems ill simply upload my mod agian and see if that helps.

O and some screenshots would be great.
Brixton_A1 Here is a very odd screenshot:

This is on my test city i use for mods and stuff


(Thanks to felda for the hosting site)

Bizarre isnt it..

Are you absolutely sure you didnt touch any of the home city data or the cards data? Because this is surely not right.

I looked at this and though "Aha! The "fuzz" around that icon must mean it isnt completely broken, It must be a separate effect or something" so as for the fuzzy aura, they work fine as you can see but, the image doesnt at all. And whats worse i can't even click it without giving me the "you already have this card or cant get it yet" message, when i clearly can get it 8[.

Hope that helps, any more information just ask.

[Edited on 06/30/08 @ 08:52 AM]

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