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Wall upgrade 2.0 RC9 (Moved)

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
I told you this mod has moved why didnt you listen? The new mod is called Extreme Fortifications

heres where its moved to...


or if you have Age of Empires III on mac try this...


oh and i change my email adress and so to my name. i didnt like my old name.

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Brixton_A1 Hello there simalex, any progress with fixes?

By the way i was just curious, but how did you fix the bug of the fort walls being "inside out" as you say, and such missions as as the first "ice" mission? Did you edit the map directly or something else? Because it works well.
File Author
Hi Brixton_A1 agian um iv had a look into the bugs you mensioned and found the following.

I havent edited the homecity files so the problem with those black cards cannot be a coding mistake by me since all of my computers running the mod have had no such problem, which leads me to conclude that this bug may (and only if you have installed other mods) be from another mod that you have previouly had installed and that may not have been fully removed before installing my mod. But this is just a guess i could be wrong.

Iv tested the mod intensliy and only found that the 1x2 wall for the Iroquoi and Sioux missing. This is the only outstanding bug that i have found so far.This too was not my doing because in the 1.01a TAD update some changes were made by ES that changed the location from were the 1x2 iroquoi walls got their skeleton from hence the missing wall. Iv fixed this bug but havent uploaded yet for a reson ill explain in a moment.

Now as for the inside out thing and the something about 'ice' thing that you mensioned in your last comment i dont quite understand what you ment to say or ask if you could maybe say it again a little more clearly. Im German so English can be confusing to me sometimes. Also if i make a mistake in my grammer or spelling feel free to correct me it will help me get better.

Now as for uploading the fixes.

Iv delay uploading because i am currently working on some additional features to be added. As soon as i have those features in working order i will re-release my mod for testing by the public and then if any new bugs should be found i will correct them and give my mod 2.0 stats.

For now i will put my mod into beta mod

If anyone else has any other bug to report please do and my exams are over as of yesterday so my modding can get back into full swing.

If anyone has additional ideas for this mod ill be glad to hear them.

till next time...

Edit: Ill post up my ideas if enyone seems to show any interest

[Edited on 07/01/08 @ 10:46 PM]

Brixton_A1 Hello sim. What was confusing about it? Quite odd. Sorry i don't know any German. Ok i'll ask again.

You said, that you fixed a bug with the fort walls appearing "inside outside" or "backwards" in the campaign correct? I am assuming you did this for the 1st mission of "ice" called "defend the colony". I was just curious to know...how did you fix this bug and how did you get them facing the correct way again, what code did you use? I ask because im curious to know, as similar things happened to my buildings in the editor.

Your exams are finished already? Wow you must have an odd year.

So you have put this into beta I see, why? its clearly a full release. You should called it RC5 or something since you've gone up 5 versions.

Anyway about my problem. I have just re-installed and wiped all folders clean, install your mod, same thing happens but now when i got to build the wall, no build animations and no "death" animation.

Also the Japanese fort wall still doesn't appear :(. I'm using the American version of this game by the way, i assume that isnt the cause of the problem. I will continue to dig but at the moment your mods seems to break different things at different times, its most bizzare, i think you should go through your code again as i think something has messed up in your execution of it. What i mean by that is, how you put the code together.

Oh good to hear, what new features do you have planned?


"Added to homecity shipments"

You must of edited the homecity files as you said you did on your post..

[Edited on 07/02/08 @ 04:30 PM]

File Author
The wall problem just envoled some outside out the box thinking realy :)

As for the Release candidate thing thats an awesome idea!! thanx

Yes my exams are over. I dont know if i mentioned but i moved to New Zealand recently and they have wierd timetables.

And no i dont have the german vesion of Age of Empires 3 i bought mine in New Zealand (American version)

As for the homecity thing i didnt edit or change the at all in the RC5 because othrewise there would be homecity files in the data folder section in my mod folder that you downloaded which there are cirtainly none of you can check if you still have the RC5.zip so that cant have been the problem. I still dont know what the problem was...

Anyway... RC6 is out and all the new features are in the mod so (sarcasm)i wont spoil the surprise(sarcasm) just look for yourself what new in my mod i parsly explained it in the description but youll have to play it to see them.

I hope this version works for everybody as i started it from scratch and did a thoror re-make of everything so if there are bug please tell.

Edit: with the RC6 there are now changes in the homecity files for some new cards but not in RC5

Edit 2: Its 1.42am in New Zealand so ill go to bed now but tomorrow ill write up a better description of what each new tech and card does.

[Edited on 07/03/08 @ 09:44 AM]

Brixton_A1 At the backwards wall fix:

"Thinking outside the box"?

Oh, would you mind please telling me exactly what you did? I would really appreciate it because its ruining my map scripts and i have deadlines of my own. 8'[.

PM me it, to keep it private if you want.

You owe credit only to your self? Thats a little unfair don't you think? you've had lots of people providing you with suggestions and feedback, you should consider giving them a little credit.

Well I played this version, finally i can build the walls now.

First of all good points:

1) Nicer presentation, much batter
2) I like the icons you used
3) Nice use of the fort walls
4) Nice features (Although something is very wrong which explain alter)
5) Liking the the descriptions heh.

Now for the bad:

1) Some of the cards are a bit too expensive for what they do. 2800 wood and 3280 gold for 18%'s and 40%'s is a little bit to costly, maybe knock 500-800 off for the wood and gold.
2) Natives don't need more building HP upgrades. Did you know the wall, well with 25 people doing the "town dance" causes the Wall HP to go from 7500 to around 24-25000HP. and sky-rockets all other structures. And with this upgrade you make them EVEN stronger? I'm very sorry but this is a tad unbalanced for me, i plan LAN a lot you see.
3) Some techs are a little odd. Example, why would i want to pay 500 wood and 600 gold for something which increase HP by 25% and sets build time to 300% and wood cost to 15 when for 100 gold more i can get 35% bonus, wood cost 10, 200% build time? Same with Japanese the techs are a little odd. Nice but odd.
4) Asian fort walls are actually weaker than average now it seems
5)I have no other mods installed, i have freshly installed as well. I fixed RC5 bug with cards but now it def happens with my one of your new tech icons, the descriptions appear fine like i said but, black icons with your custom cards 8[

6) This is what strikes me as a little odd, the fort walls for the Japanese and Indians, in RC5 you had these weird models, but now you have switched to normal ones..

It just strikes me as odd that tyranick releases his version with this fix then a day later you release something exactly the same, you never had the fort walls for the Japanese or Indians in rc5 then a day later you release it with ty's idea of only upgrading the walls and gates a leaving the towers.

Im dont mean to accuse but it looks dodgy to me, almost seems as if your mimicking him. felda, $ali and tyranick have been working extremely hard on there current version and there next 3 versions are nearly done. it would really upset them if you were copying code or taking ideas, would be so unfair to them. it just seems very odd to me that your versions come after tyranicks with almost identical play styles. Maybe the code is similar i dont know, many it can only be done one way, again i don't know.

Again i could be wrong, and im in NO WAY accusing you of stealing.

It could be my extreme paranoia from my long hours at work, so who knows, just looks a bit off.

But if your could just swear, to all of us here to see, on your family's lives, on your own life, and on everyone else's that are part of the modding community that you haven't once had just a little sneak peek or copied anyones code, then i'll forgot i ever mentioned it and feel so much better, sorry and thanks in advance.

Now back on topic.

7) I really really dislike the idea of building walls and gates over trade routes. Sorry again but in my eyes that takes tactics completely out of whack and really unbalancing, sorry.

Overall for the most part, it isnt for me i'm afraid. I'm not saying it's a bad mod at all it's just I don't like your approach to it. Its much better than RC5, i'd give it a 4/5 now because it is good, but the costs and cards and balance all need re-working i'm afraid mate.

I will give another rating separately for you 8].

P.S. at the backwards fort walls thing, if you could PM me what exactly what you did, i would be really really thankful, and i'll credit you and feature 100% compatibility with my maps and your mods from now on, how about that then 8]!
File Author
thanx for the quick reply.

As i said this hasnt been thorouly tested and is subject to change. eg costs other and oter stuff.

As for your idea that i copied tyranic a day after he released his mod you couldnt be more mistaken. If you still have my release candidate 5 then you will see in all of the wall.xml files in the art folder that i made the asain civs all have the code for asian fortified walls for the asians and in the description txt for RC5 it even states that the asian now have their own fort walls to. In my mod versions the asians have always had there own fort walls as off RC4 (1.4) so i sorry but your theory is wrong. Also the asian fort walls were working in the TAD 1.0 version but due to a code change by ES envolving the wall.xml file my RC5 didnt work. I have no intention of copying other peoples work. Im not accusing tyranic of stealing my asian fort idea but if anything im the one who should be suspishous. My 1.4 wall mod with the asian fort walls had been hosted here for some months so i came up with that idea long ago.

Also i re-encorperated the normal stone walls due a request stating they prefured to upgrade to the fort walls rather that it being forced upon them so here once again i have not copied tyranic.

as for the code you wish to have from me i cannot give it to you because i feel deeply offended that you even had the idea that i have stollen ideas and coding from someone else. In that sence your saying that tyranic has all the ideas so why dont you ask him and see if he know because (*sarcasm*) i must have stollen that code from him to(*sarcasm*)

No hurt feeling but i dislike being called a thief. I spent 3 days from 3pm in the afternoon to 1am in the morning redoing this mod because it aparintly wasnt working for some. I didnt have to remake this mod but i did so that it may work for you now but i in no way have copied or stollen ideas from tyranic.

And i will get around to balancing costs and so on. Also your statment about not liking the walls going over the trade route i cant do anything about because this is one of the most requested features by fans of AOE3 to be incorperated by ES so i wont change my mod on the wim of one person. And begin able to put the walls over the trade route in no way unbalances the game.

As for your black cards problem. I have no idea why its doing that it works on all of my computers and no one else seems to have this same complaint. I anyone does have the same problem then please say so. Are you sure you have the latest AOE3 patches from ES eg 1.01a?

thanx again for the interest and your opinions i will start the blancing process as soon as i can.

Edit: I saw that tyranic copied my 'beta' stats idea and then changed it to Release Candidate as soon as i did. Just goes to show how much influence my mod has on him.

Edit2: when i encorperated the asain fortified walls in my 1.4 version i at the same time came up with the idea off keeping the original asian stone wall corner and just upgrade the inbetween sections. I even went as far as blending the two walls colour together so that the two walls didnt look so different to one and other. And again i did this months ago so me copying tyranic is impossible because his mod was only for Age of Empires 3 original and not the asian dynasties.

Edit3: this mod has support for all of age of empires 3 and its expansion and tyranics does not. so balancing is more difficult because i have to make three versions rather than one soaly for TAD like tyranic thus it also takes me longer to make this mod and there is also room for three times more bugs and error due to having to make those three versions.

[Edited on 07/03/08 @ 08:07 PM]

File Author
Release Candidate 7 is out.

Edit: Is anyone else experiencing cards from the homecity turning black other than Brixton_A1?

Is it remotly possible CinTex for you to edit your rating now that what your arguments were against this mod have been fixed.

Also anybody elses comments or ratings on what you liked/disliked will be grately aprieciated!

[Edited on 07/04/08 @ 05:21 AM]

Brixton_A1 Simalex..you have completely blown out of proportion what I said. I was never acusing you of stealing anyones code, all I said it that both of these mods looked suspecious, and because tyranick released his first, it just seemed to me as some sort of rivally was going on. As I say again I utmostly apologise for making it seem as if i was actually accusing you, because I wasn't.

As for the asian forts thing, tyranick hasnt even downloaded any of you versions since your first 1 (as said in his first post, he's not interested), so you can't accuse him of stealing your code, i've been round to his house, on his computer. I even posed the question to him last night on MSN and he said to "come over and look for yourself" i spent 2 hours going through both sets of code to see if he had copied you, he hasn't at all. He uses a checksum in all of his files from now on so its easy to spot. But i know for a fact his thoughts for the asian walls have been circling on the official ES forums for a long while, I suggest you look on "the modding thread" and look at the dates of posting.

But you have to admit, both your mods are going to be similar anyway because there's only really one way it correctly works, you in the same territory, so its likely to be familiar.

And to clear things up:

-I did not call you a thief at all
-I have in no way said "tyranick has all the ideas" I may be his freind, but i'm not malicious enough to spitely take sides. When it comes to mods its all about quality.

Listen, i realise you have taken ages on this mod. I can see that you enjoy what you do, you've taken my advice in the past, you've improved your communication with me and other members, you've tidied up your posts, and your grammar has improve a lot since last time. You owe your self a round of applause.

About the code i requested. Look, again i never "said" you were, but you cant simply look down on me for having "an idea". We are human beings, we make mistakes and we try our best to fix them. I'm not affiliated with tyranicks mod at all, like i said i dont know my way in or out of all that stuff, i'm a mapper..i have my own life and my own projects. I've given you support as a fellow modder, surely you can look aside my mistakes and help me with my map scripts. Because whatever you did with those fort walls works extremely well and i'd love to know how you did it, your benfiting not just me, but a VERY large community of mappers in this case. Because its not just walls, its every single building at times. Like I said if your worried about what tyranick is up to, just PM me it.

I swear on my life that if I find he's copied it over, i'll tell you straight away and you can report him. Thats fair isnt it?

"The minority speaks louder than the majority" a rather famous quote i forget who from heh. But anyway i for one dont like the trade route walls feature. In my opinion it does unbalance the game. Because its like being able to build over impassible terrain. Now then if the trade route vehicle did damage to anything that was in its way? That would be really cool and would re-instate the balance i reckon.

@ edit1:

Actually, ty's mod has been in beta since he first released it. he's just never had time to amend that i assume. simalex..you have no influence on him at all. I have just proved this. So he's using the "RC" idea..sim i told him my self to do that because its the correct way to represent mods that are in beta, just like i told you to. don't blame him because i told him to use the "RC" tag from now on. Yes it does look coincidental but its the truth honestly.


How is any of us to know you came up with that idea first? we are not mind readers hehe. And i havent played any of your earlier versions so I can't comment on this


I realise this too. But he, me, felda, cintex all have TAD. and i know a lot of people don't and thats why he told me he was going to make it support all 3 versions eventually, i prefer playing TAD becauses its 3 in 1 so to speak plus i love the Japanese 8].

So again, I heartily apologise and never once did i actually pin any name on you as stealing or being a thief. Like you said, it was a idea that i was indeed very mistaken on, i dont want to get involved, so lets bury this subject now.

Btw, np about the costs im sure you'll have a look. Whats new in RC7?

File Author
Wow i wasnt expecting that long post Brixton_A1 but thanx i feel alot better.

Now how do i PM you iv never heard of that before.

And about your map problem.
Could you please explain in great detail what exatly the problem is, how it happens where it happens and so on so i can have a look into it because from what iv heard so far im not to sure if my code can help but ill be happy to look into it for you :)

And yes i have cleaned up my posts a bit because i felt like the criminal before hence me having a go at people and being angery about people disliking my mod because they think i copyed tyranic. Not that you think that anymore.

If you know someone with my previous 1.4 mod then get them to give it to you so you can see for youself that i had the idea of asian fort walls and yes with the same stone corners as in tyranics mod before he even thought about the Asian Dynasties. I even made a new texture for all of the original asian stone walls so that when you upgraded them to fort stats they didnt look so different. Remember i did all of this months ago.

And if you in anyway ever get hold of CinTex please remind him iv fixed the problems he hated so much please remind him to edit his rating as those bugs are fixed.

also are you still experiencing those black cards. if so could you upload another screen shot because i want to get to the bottom of this.

Oh yea and RC7 is simply some more balancing stuff that you mentioned in some previous posts.

thanx agian for your post Brixton_A1

Brixton_A1 Oh that is ok. I like to type a lot so i always make my self perfectly clear 8D.

Ahh..theres no PM service on these forums, not a problem. You can email me it @


instead 8].

Oh i'm almost certain your code will help, totally positive. Right ok i'll explain as best i can. Im making my maps, they have lots of scripted events in them, one of them is going to feature many cool things, deformable terrian, AI building walls, day/night cycle, rain, snow etc etc and it has many little quirks. The situation is..I cant just place walls on the map the right way round, they have to be flagged at the "GetPos=" variable so the AI (are even able) to start building them when the event is called. Now the same thing can happen for players, they do some quests to start with then the game can shift into a "silk road" game or a "Regicide" game (giving access to walls) depending on their choices etc.

Now my problem lies in that..at the moment i cant figure how to tell the walls to face the right way, all of my other code is fine, i just need something to tell it to make the walls face the right way in my map, to work with your mod (upgrades etc). Its exactly the same as how you have managed to fix the campaign "inside out" problem, so im positive with your bit of code I can get it to fix this, the same with the scripted event buildings as well. (Providing you tell me were you currently have the code, i can work from there) and thats all i need. So yeah, we should give it a shot and i'll update you on my progress to see if it did the trick. Which as I've said too many times already heh, I'm sure it will 8].

Many thanks in advance and if you could please send it me asap i'll be forever thankful, as deadlines loom ever closer hehe.

Yes i'm very impressed with your improvement in presentation, many congrats 8].

Hmm I don't think so, tyranick never got your mod past the very first version so..hmm maybe felda has it. Or maybe $al..yeah she's more likely to archive files than felda is heh, so i'll ask her when i can.

Sorry i dont think i'll be able to get a hold of cintex, since there's no pm service and i dont know his email. Maybe you'll get lucky and he'll return. But i'll try for you somehow.

@ The black squares. Well i don't know what you did but it seems to be fixed. How very strange. This is why i work with RMS instead of the data/art files heh.

Finally, np once again.
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