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Wall upgrade 2.0 RC9 (Moved)

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
I told you this mod has moved why didnt you listen? The new mod is called Extreme Fortifications

heres where its moved to...


or if you have Age of Empires III on mac try this...


oh and i change my email adress and so to my name. i didnt like my old name.

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File Author
Im realy not sure if my code can help because all that it did was take awy the fort wood walls from the civilization in the campaign and that then resolved the wall problem that i had.

I will how ever look into trying to make the stone fort walls buildable either way i dont know how yet but ill look into it.

Im guessing $al is the person you belive to have the 1.4 version of my mod? If that person does have it you can then see for your self that i didnt copy tyranic with the asian for walls but remember that you must have TAD 1.0 and not 1.01a.

And just as an extra anouncment RC8 is already in the making and focuses mainly on minor bug fixes in my code i have found and some major balance changes. Also i have writen up a list of what each new card and tech does which i will upload to the forums after RC8 has been released so a disscusion on balancing the mod even furthur can begin.
Brixton_A1 What do you mean you just "took them away"? Which missions were effecting your mod, can you tell me?

I was talking about the the very first missions of "ACT 2" in the AOE3 campaign called "Defend the colony" when I upgrade to the fort walls, they are backwards in some places and facing the right way in other places. A screen shot of what I mean I will show you in the morning, it's late here. But I recommend you play that mission, upgrade to fort walls, and you'll see exactly what the problem is currently.

Sim, stop going on about it already you've told me 5 times now, i get it already, i know you didn't copy him or each other as i said i compared both of your codes for hours, so no need to bring it up again its all done and dusted 8].

Yes $al should have that file, as I said she's always been the organised one heh.

Your releasing another version already? Wow take it easy 8]. Let us know when that forum post is up so i can see your new features.


Tried RC7. Now the techs are too cheap heh, personally I recommend you alter the build times and cost for the 3 major factions.

For example, your euro upgrade is 1000/1500 and takes just over a minute, but the upgrades are more substantial. I recommend 1400-1800 and 90 seconds build time

Natives should be more expensive on wood than gold, maybe 1400-1200 or something and 60-70 seconds

And the Asian one takes much longer to build but but the prices for that seem fine, maybe 1000/1250/ and 500 food or something, since they love their animals heh.

Anyway it seems sound. I think your ready for a full release soon.

[Edited on 07/05/08 @ 10:06 AM]

Brixton_A1 What in gods name..


Hold on simalex, i'll see if i can get a translation for you. This guy was in Ty's thread but gave a translation there. How odd. He must be so angry he didn't even bother, assuming its a "he".


Ok i managed to get a translation, it was the best i could find on such short notice but, here's what he said. it's very odd. He accuses you of "taking away" his soul and insulting him or something by the looks of this:

"Why they are the broken modification and not it work when made for the second version? I thought that this release would characterize the walls wooden but it does not make because not because you removed the walls wooden of the fort! you take my soul insult me and steal it for its proper ones. my god I cannot começ the black squares disspapear the rupture my game and I bevel I repair,! its installs does not repair the game. e you broke my on-line game all me says is good is art of the model and is of the project but the modification breaks the game as soon as I evaluates the low point, most important you regicide of the rupture and the game of silk of the road and on-line one of - the error shows to me sorry it to me of the tax modification that I to never assume the modification to me of the right of i a 4 opinion of little of i always another time."

Very bizzare. How much of that you or i understand is a gamble i'm going to guess heh.


Ok from what i can tell from that odd comment is:

1- He doesn't like that you removed the fort wood walls
2- How strange, he now has the "black squares" problem
3- I think what he meant by "its installs not repair the game" is that he got rid of the mod or cant get rid of it and it doesn't fix his issue or something
4- He complains of online being broken, well obviously it's a mod heh
5- I think here he is meaning to say that the "silk road" and "regicide" gametypes are broken as well and some sort of error.
6- Not sure of this last bit, i gave it a few other translations on other sites but i think he is trying to say something like "I wont get a the opinion mod with the right of less that 4 ever again" which i assume means he will never download a mod with less that 4/5 anymore or something.

Strange people lurk this website. We really need the admin back for these threads to monitor the comments again. It really saddens me for the authors of mods, such as you sim, that have to put up with this kind of thing. Who knows he could have a genuine problem he cant get across properly but..mostly likely just another moron. Stealing his soul? Oh deary me.

[Edited on 07/06/08 @ 10:25 PM]

File Author
Thanx Brix for the translation. I havnt been here for awhile hence my lack of responce but im back now and so is RC8.

Oh and heres a link to that balance discussion i mentioned..

[Edited on 08/03/08 @ 06:43 AM]

Alex7545 can someone explain how to install this to me....i know the installation instructions are in the readme but i still cant get it to work. please dont flame me :D
File Author
Dont worry Alex7545 i wont flame anyone. Ill try to mak this as simple as i can. Ah first copy and paste the 'art' and 'data' folder, found within the zip file, into the the Age of Empires 3 directory then chose one of the remaining 3 folders still inside the zip file AOE, TWC or TAD depending on what you currently have installed. (note if you have TWC and TAD then you have to pick the TAD folder). Once you have picked one open it and copy all of the files contained inside it. Then paste those files into the 'data' folder thats located inside the AGe of Empires 3 folder. Everything should now work. Dont forget to leave a review or a comment :)
eare it lets me upgrade but doesnt make a diference
File Author
Your going to have to be a little more precise.
lostplanet can you add to the mod to have people stand ontop of the walls and have their range increase( if it is a ranged unit) as well as their healt too! P.S> cannons should do extra damadge to walls and when the wall breacks, all units ontop should die.

[Edited on 11/05/08 @ 11:11 AM]

Nsinger998 is this still being worked on? if so, I noticed that the indian fort wall needs an art fix for a segment or 2(looks like europian fort wall.

anyway to activate this for campaigns? perhaps make fort walls use the bastion spot?
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