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Christmass War II

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Game Version: AoE3
Christmass War II:
A random map script for AOE3:
by Dany...

This is my 94th rms map...( 2 or 4 players map... )

This map has 1 rms styles...a Christmass rms...
It is a very simple land large map...600x600...
with 2 small Trade routes...
Plus, 4 native tribes...2 Nootkas and 2 Crees...
and also some random Reindeers to hunt...
Also some random Gifts...
As for treasures...a fair amount of nuggets...all over the map...
a few Silver mines...here and there:
plus some decorations...
and finally a lot of resources...

Have some fun....

Feedback appreciated!


PS: I managed to get the AoE3 Debugger working
and there are no bugs...
PS: Many thanks to RF_Gandalf for his precious help...
PS: This map was conceived just for 2 players or 4 players...
PS: PUT THE MAP IN My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\RM.
PS: Many Thanks to Ensemble for creating this nice game...
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shintaro are you not tired of your 2 to 4 player maps, you just keep on editing it to post a lot of maps. maybe its time to grow-up and make something original and worth playing. No offence but as an addict ao3 player, this sucks!!!
Map Design2.0
Playability: 4
map is good to play

Balance: 2
playing against 1 com or 2 is borring already

Creativity: 2
always the same type, boring

Map Design: 2
not bad but always north v/s south

Detail/Accuracy: 2
good but still always the same with you previous maps

Additional Comments:
i hope this will wake you up to reality, players wants challenges not repititions
File Author
To shintaro,

thank you very much for your comments,
maybe one day...i am still learning....

also i would like to see some of your maps
that you have posted so that i could learn
from you...

thanks again


[Edited on 12/28/07 @ 12:18 PM]

dr nefarious
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
Once again, I can quote directly from the review guidelines: "Average: A good map, no glaring problems, but there are still plenty of things that can be improved in that category." I played the map once, and I see no reason to play it again. There's simply nothing special in there that would make it stand out in any way, especially since the whole thing is a blatant rip-off of ES's Winter Wonderland map.

Balance: 4
The balance is ok, no complaints here. Unlike on most of your maps I've seen resources come here in smaller groups, but better distributed. The downside here is that the balance comes a least partly from the fact that the map is almost perfectly symmetrical.

Creativity: 1
Oh please... The map is almost a carbon copy of ES's Winter Wonderland map, basically a winter version of Great Lakes with some minor modifications to the trade route.

Map Design: 3
The map design is not bad, but you could have paid more attention to the details. The trade routes for example end in the middle of nowhere, making stage coaches and trains vanish into thin air. All trading posts and even the trade routes themselves are placed perfectly symmetrical. Get at least some randomization in there! The map won't become unbalanced because one of the trade routes is slightly longer than the other, or because one of the native villages has been shifted a bit to the left, but the map would definitely look better.

Detail/Accuracy: 3
Nothing special here. No glaring problems, but nothing to note on the plus side either. Once again, about as mediocre as it can get.

Additional Comments:
You should really try to be more creative with your maps. If you want to play around with the special features provided with the Winter Wonderland map, then you should at least make your own map instead of copying the one ES released, change a few details and then calling it yours. Put some more thought into your maps, try to make me want to play it again because it has that extra little something I cannot find anywhere else. And yeah, forgetting about this kind of "two player only" maps might be a good first step in this direction.
File Author
To dr nefarious,

Many Thanks again...for your comments...

I am still waiting to see the maps that you have
posted so that i could also learn from you...

it would be quite interesting to see...your
creativity...mine is poor...


dr nefarious Several of my maps are available on another site, uploaded under another name. (Don't bother asking.) You might even know some of them, though I have not been designing anything for a year or so.

But anyway, if you want to see creative work, you don't need to go far. Just take a look at some of the top maps available here. 'Fort Wars' for example, a radically different kind of game. 'Dogleg Island QV', which is basically a multiplayer scenario disguised as a random map. 'Island Hopping', featuring a completely unique landscape. Or the different random/unknow maps available, offering a dozen or more "normal" maps rolled into one!

All of these maps are completely different from the standard ones provided by ES. It's a question of taste whether you like that or not, but it's what makes them stand out. I for one download/create custom maps to get a change, to do something new. Great Lakes with two short trade routes instead of a single long one, or Orinoco with a Sanguenay skin simply doesn't do the trick for me.

You mentioned above that you were still learning. The problem from my point of view is that I don't see any real improvement. I can actually quote myself from over a year ago, about your Texas Desert map, and still stand to that comment:

"I've downloaded a number of your maps so far, but I never played any one of them more than once, and I've deleted them all again. (...) From what I've seen they are all more or less identical. Oh, the landscape, player placement, or trade routes vary from map to map, but basically they play all the same. I see no real variation in gameplay, no original ideas at all. As I said above, nothing that would make me want to play one of those maps a second time.
Try to come up with some original idea of your own, something that gives us a little more than two TCs, a trade route and three or four native villages in yet another nondescript landscape."

Sorry for sounding so high-and-mighty, I'm just trying to make it clear what exactly I'm criticizing above.
File Author
TO dr nefarious,

from what i have just read...
i can tell that i will never be able to satisfy
your needs...
sorry...i am just using the stuff that are
already in the ES maps...
and i will continue to do so...

i dont have the knowledge or the intention
to do otherwise...

i have learned a lot those past 18 months...
but you need to read the script to be able to
see the slow evolution that i have been

thanks again
tyranitar Whoever made Fall of Russia is a genius, IMO its one of the best created maps.

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