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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » India VS Britan GIANT Comeback

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India VS Britan GIANT Comeback

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Siberia
Map Size: Normal
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
Game Type: Supremacy
Cheats Allowed: No
Total Game Time: 1:06
Player 1's Name: Atilia
Player 2's Name: Endyyy
Game Version: TAD
I(Atilia) PR 23 vs Endyyyy (PR 25)in a fierce game. I am Indians and he is britain.

Though I had never played as india in a serious 1 vs 1 I was inspired by Grottenmolch's Indians guide to try them.

I spammed gurkhas and then sowars with some sepoys while he manor boomed and spammed lbows + pikes

Fighting starts and I repel him as well as try to do some raiding, but come up short.

He goes fort and gets cannons + his lbows and pikes, and I barely hold him off

I reach fort later on and start a very long string of mahout spams, god knows how I afforded it, but he counters it really really well with the pike meatshield, perhaps the best LI pike combo mirco ive ever seen.

The game rages on, as his economy slowly rises and kills mines in score, yet he cant get the win.

I repel his attacks and somehow manage to survive long enough for a fu eco and and get imp, some 5 mins after him

Then I go raiding with my mahouts, which amasingly, works and I slaughter atleast 40 villes with my mahouts

Constant fighting throughout, Lots of lbows getting slaughtered by mahouts and mahouts getting slaughtered by pikes, this is perhaps the best game Ive ever played in.
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File Author
Please comment
Incognoto I'll comment once I've seen the rec.


That's my friend people...
File Author
Id really like some comments, plz review or comment!
Rating: 4.0
Although you seemed to have a pretty rocky start, you did a very good job microing late game and crushed his villagers and slaughtered his longbows with your mahouts. Several occasions he broke into your base, however you were able to repel him with a few well-placed barracks and a good economy.

Additional Comments:
I enjoyed watching it, I hope you soon upload another india game of yours.

[Edited on 01/04/08 @ 11:58 PM]

OL_Maverick ---Wow not to sound critical, but you were both brutally bad commanders. Your opponent failed over and over to press his advantage and finish you off. There were many opportunities for him to do so. Also he continued to use Longbowmen late game when everyone knows India can not counter massed HI late game.
---On your part you failed to ever utilize the Trading Post on your side of the map
---You absolutely wasted your first two shipments of Urumi, the second was used to attack a fort?
---You only once used your wonder powers even though the need was there multiple times.
---You let Home City shipments wait in the queue until you had multiple ones available several times.
---You continued to pump out Mahouts even after you knew he massed anti-cav units late game. Total waste of resources.
---You never attacked his factories after you found where they were and unwalled and unprotected.
---Frankly you should not have won and were lucky to do so.
File Author
woah, ur one of the nicest reviewers Ive ever met.

I hardly ever misued my soldiers, with the exception of the one time with the urumis

Next time wanna say something positive instead of trashing both players

And ur right had he gone heavy infantry he woulda won.
Grottenmolch Hi tyranitar,
first of all thank you very much that my guide inspired you to play india :)!
I have watched the rec and im sry to say that on the one hand ol_maverick pointed some things out that are right. I dont think he wanted to flame you (ok it can be said nicer) and i think some things he pionted out can help you. But on the other hand musketboom is also right with what he has said.
I can add that i liked your usage of the wall, protecting your res. The points with the trade route and the mahouts are not so horrible. Mahouts help you and your gurkhas help them against draoons. I can say that you have to stay more concentrated with your army, this way they are able to help them out.
I also liked your raiding and your eco lategame.
Your oppnonent was very strong in relaton to you, and he was to afraid to finish you off. This leads me to my biggest plus of the game:
Though a bit lucky you havent given up and earned the victory for that and i liked to see that!
Summarized i can say that it wasnt so bad for playing with india for the first time in a serious 1v1.
Best regards

How do I rate this rec? thx

[Edited on 01/05/08 @ 03:23 PM]

musketboom You know next to post comment, theres a button called post review? Click it.
Thx musketboom!
I give it a 4, it was fun seeing it!
Incognoto OMG forgot to post!! Sorry Tyr.

Firstly, you used Mahouts pretty good, even against Pikes.
Secondly, your opponent shoulda gone Muskets and Hussars, he even had the econ to do so. But hey, its his problem.
Thirdly, Maverick you idiot, you might see everything that was happening, but Tyr had the fog of war, and the stress (look at the scores). You might have done better, but its noobish to flame like that.
Fourthly, you resisted very well, a couple times those attacks were very strong.
Fithly, those Jannies were ridicoulous, I hope they get buffed a bit.
Sixly (mispelled), ya might have tried sowars and gurhkas. They don't cost wood.
All in all, it was a very good game, nice playing. Ya got lucky, but who cares? There's a psychological aspect in this game ya know... You really like UP civs huh? Ports, India...and you go against players with lots more rank. You're crazy, in a good way.

=D hope we can play sometime.

[Edited on 01/06/08 @ 09:41 AM]

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