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Battle of Yellow Creek

Author File Description
Botolf *Not actual battle

-May 18th, 1757

The British have invaded French territory, and are close to their objective of Fort Niagra. The French have responded rapidly, reinforcing Niagra's garrison and intercepting your force at Yellow Creek. You must defeat them swiftly, so that a seige en forme may begin at Niagra.

Tactical Information:

-There is a central hill that lies between you and the French. It is crucial that you hold this position, as the French will be able to rain shot down on you if they take it.
-The French have more men and artillery than you. You must exploit whatever advantages are available to you.
-Your forces are organized into 50-men battallions.
-Men die in two musket shots. Cannonballs blow holes in lines.
-Stagger formation is suggested, as it brings more of your muskets into range.
-Kill the French general, by the orders of the govenor.

Comments, critiques and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. "Seige of Fort Niagra" scenario coming soon!
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
The Battle of Yellow Creek is a simple fixed force scenario depicting the conflict between the British and the French at Yellow Creek. The scenario is a single short, fast paced micromanagement battle that provides an interesting and exciting challenge. The scenario throws you straight in at the deep end with the battle beginning moments after you start the scenario.


The main premise of this scenario is the battle, which for the most part was absorbing and exciting. I had to quite frantically respond to changes in the French lines, which kept me involved and on my toes. The scenario is a very simple affair; there is simply a ‘kill all enemy units’ objective, and as such there is little replayability value. I found the scenario to be an enjoyable 5 minutes spent, but afterwards I felt it needed some more depth to make it more fun; often these sorts of scenarios have additional features such as morale systems that control unit attack and hitpoints, or bonuses for killing standard bearers or generals. Something like that would improve the scenario greatly. The scenario does contain a lot of units, as a warning to those with slower computers, but for the large majority of the scenario it remained lag free. There were occasions at the start where it paused several times when all the units started moving; I would suggest making the French attack in stages rather than committing the whole force at once to reduce the strain on the computer. At the end of the scenario you get the ‘victorious’ message but the game doesn’t actually end, you have to manually resign to finish, which is something you may want to look at. 3-.


This section of the scenario was OK; the battle required thought and tactics to win and there were several strategic challenges to face. I found that controlling the higher ground wasn’t too much of a challenge as the French went straight for my men up the slope. The fixed unit groupings were a nice touch, although I think there were too many units to a group; in effect you only really had 9 or 10 ‘units’ you could attack with, meaning micromanagement wasn’t possible with the musketeers – there was no way to make your forces more efficient. I would suggest either removing the groupings completely (although this would affect the lag adversely), or making the groupings smaller but more numerous to allow the player more control over who they attack. I found the main challenge in the scenario to be using your cannon efficiently and vice versa getting rid of the enemy cannon efficiently. The cannon were so effective against the musketeers that I spent most of the scenario using my muskets as meat shields and trying to micro my cannons as best I could. The fact that the only two units on the field were musketeers and cannon meant that the strategic element of choosing the appropriate counter-unit was nullified. It would have been nice to have seen some differing units thrown in there to make the player think more about the units he chooses to attack the enemy with, i.e. if there is cavalry attacking your right flank you are going to want some pikemen there, etc. 3-.


This is probably one of the weaker points of the scenario; as mentioned in playability the objective is rather mundane. To make it more exciting and enjoyable for the player I would suggest adding features that add more depth to the scenario to give the player more to think about and to add some variation to the game play. I did note the part where the minutemen flank you, and would like to have seen more of things like that. Several successful scenarios of this type that I have played in the past had some more creative features. You could try giving the player control of a portion of the army and leaving the rest to allies who the player has to command to attack or retreat but has no individual control over, or you could add attack bonuses for killing certain enemy units. I feel things like that would greatly enhance the playing experience. 3.

Map Design:

This section was a bit hit and miss; some parts of the map were very nice indeed but others left something to be desired. The incline in the middle of the battlefield was very nicely done, and the area behind the French lines had some attractive areas of foliage and water. The main area I think you should concentrate on is the actual battlefield itself; there was just the one terrain type and no other objects to embellish the surroundings and make them more visually attractive. A good scenario uses the map design to influence the game play, and you have done this with the addition of the central elevation, but I think you could go further and maybe add a river crossing to introduce the idea of chokepoints or something similar. 3.


The description and hints you gave in the description page in the download section were very good, although they would be more useful actually in the scenario as not every player will refer back the downloads page once they have started the scenario. I won’t mark you down for this, but for the future I would suggest putting the objectives and background in the scenario as well as the downloads page. The quality and clarity of the instructions were good and the hints section was great, as was the spelling and grammar. My only gripe here is that the story you gave was a bit underdeveloped; a good storyline adds a little extra to the scenario that can make it all the more enjoyable for the player. Overall, a solid 4.

Additional Comments:

The premise for this scenario is very good – I really like the idea and how it is presented and you show some good promise here. The main thing this scenario needs is a little more variation in the objectives and some more thought about the game play, so get those creative juices going!
File Author
Thanks for the review, I will definately heed your advice. Expect bigger and better things from me soon!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
The opening 5 minutes of the scenario is plagued with lag (which is rather peculiar since my 1800 soldier map runs fine). The cannons seemed to end up in awkward positions and the area with the stone wall on the left seems unneeded. The action seemed to just fall to a stop after the first few minutes, when it was just small scraps engaging small scraps. Animation would help allow the player to easily engage most of their forces, instead of having to manually drag each group of soldiers up, watch the battle, get dominated, repeat and then end up with small batches of 3-4 soldiers and maybe a cannon.

Balance: 4
The action ended up with my forces at 17 people, which brings to a point the cannons. When all the units bunch together during attack, 3 cannons knocked out 100 soldiers in 1 shot, so it was more about using cannons versus cannons. Also, it was rather easy to just flank around, kill the general, and be done with the game. So the distribution of units was something left to be desired.

Creativity: 3
I have little to say in this department, as the
story design was novel, but the layout of the scenario was in the basic "throw everything out there and hope for the best" design. I like how
the triggers made the French use tactical decisions, such as flanking and such, but triggers for the player's side such as "being reenforced from the so and so flank" to turn the flank of the enemy. And as mentioned above, the group of forces on the left seemed unneeded, as there was no real point to expend more troops to retake this point.

Map Design: 4
The large is a nice tool to the map design, but
it just seemed TOO big. It would've been nice to have a leveled off top, like a small plateau. But the battlefield itself was rather bland. My personal suggestion is to have it wooded at on the slopes (which could at for some awesome cannons mowing down trees) with a clear summit on the hill. But spice up the battlefield, definetely.

Story/Instructions: 5
No improvement needed here. The story provided was excellent and the scenario was straightforward.

Additional Comments:
Make the battlefield more dynamic. Add some trees to the battlefield, and most importantly spice up that battlefield.

File Author
Thanks Xvash2! I will definately follow your advice. As I said before, expect to see bigger and better things from me!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
This is one of the most fun maps I have found! I give it a 5!

Balance: 5
The balance was perfect. The last time I played it, I had only one soldier left after the battle!

Creativity: 4
Great on creativity! Keep up the good work!

Map Design: 4
The map design lacked some eye candy but it was still good. It was awesome on size! Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing.

Story/Instructions: 3
I would given a 5, but if there was not really a story line in the level, that i could see. All that it said, that i saw, was to remove the French from the valley.

Additional Comments:
Try adding, on the map, some craters from previous battles or things of that nature. Like i said before, adding the story line into the game would have been a good improvement. Overall, I loved the level. When i first downloaded it, I played it 5 times. Also, I am sorry if my review lacks info. I never was good at making reviews. Great job Botolf, keep up the good work man!
verminator23 (=(=(=(=)=)= {=)
verminator23 q
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