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1453... Conquest of Constantinople

Author File Description
Kerrush 1453... Conquest of Constantinople

Yeah... It’s based on true history. You start with Sultan Mehmet of Ottomans (the Conqueror) with a couple of janisarries and a colony on the Anatolian coast of the Bosphorus Channel. The city is surrounded with strong walls and heavy artillery and you should also look out for Byzantine traps and surprises as you carry on.

I tried my best to avoid any bugs and to remain true to historical facts. (Although the second fort was built one year before the event.) I’ve also added a remix of the Ottoman Military Band. By the way, you can slightly modify the scenario and try to play as the Byzantines.

Here you find a link about the real story of the Conquest day by day:

Wiki-Pedia also has some information about it:

I would be thankful for any comments and feedback.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
sentry41 I finally had to register just to leave a comment for you. I really liked the map. It was nice to see something that wasn't flat and made use of water, terrain features, trees and defensive elements. (mostly that it wasn't flat) Only problem I had is that I guess there is a time limit that I keep busting. I suppose I'm old and slow, and take too long to decide where and when I want to attack. After about 10 minutes I'd get the "You abandon your colony" message pop up even though I was still in the middle of things and hadn't come close to losing the boss.

Great map! Merry Christmas!
File Author
Yes, there is a time limit. In about 8 minutes you have to build a fort to control the Bosphorus and to avoid the enemy navy entering the channel. That’s the first objective. Others follow. I just made a stronghold-type scenario where the player must choose the right strategy and attack before advancing too much. For those who want to see the end: Take the first game just to locate resources and to see what the enemy has got and where. The second or third try will be much more effective. I also suggest to read the real story by visiting the links I put. You may get some hints :)


[Edited on 12/22/05 @ 07:09 AM]

lifereloaded ugh i hate timed games but sounds good
R34N grrrr, it was too hard!
i do not like timed games but i gave a chance for this one because i like the history of the ottoman empire especially the siege of Constantinapolis. That 15 minutes to destroy the fort plus the town centre is too slight.
is that really supposed to be like that with the fire ships? The enemy fire ships kept spawning and i didn't even had a simple chance to transport my army to the other island! And i do not mean the forces at the Bosphorus but the fire ships around the City of Constantinapolis! It made the game impossible for me...
(note: postgame info: the comp's favourite unit was the fire ship. got 193 of that unit in the 25 minutes of the game. isn't that a bit too many?)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Took me quite a few tries to finally beat this one but I didn't hit a single bug. Everything worked well, but I think it's not for a novice.

Balance: 4
Not sure 4 is the right mark here. Not used to giving grades. Loved the map & played it probably atleast a dozen times before finally giving it a grade. I think it's hard, but a good challenge. The seemingly endless stream of bad guys are probably is what I think tips the balance.

Creativity: 5
Nice, and on a topic I think most folks don't normaly know anything about. (I know I didn't & and I live on the History channel)

Map Design: 5
Great design. I'm sick of flat terrain and this map has little of it. Can't just build anywhere you like.

Story/Instructions: 5
Good. Only thing that threw me for a while was just where I have to build my fort. But, I chalked that one up to my misunderstanding.

Additional Comments:
sentry41 hehe, I know what you mean R34N, I was about to blow a gasket. I think I still did. I don't know how many times I lost before I finally won, and then it was only by the skin of my teeth.

I won't say what I finally did, but it involved watch towers to control the fireships and mortar dudes in the right place to arty part of bad guy land before the main assault.
File Author
Thanks for comments and grading, it encourages me for my next work. I see that some of you got difficulties with the time limit. (Actually I also did when I playtested the scenario.) With the spawning fireships I wanted to simulate the ever-burning Greek-Fire, the so called “Gregoi”, which the Byzantines set all around the peninsula and when Ottoman ships tried to dock they were strangely destroyed, because the fire burned under water and was not visible! I also thought to use the “Destroy unit in Area” effect but it would make the game even harder, so I chose the fireships.

Two watch towers or great bombards would be enough to destroy a fireship instantly it is spawned. Another advice: Try to crash and kill as much as possible, before landing.

PS: All three parts of land are actually peninsulas, as seen on this larger map of Istanbul:

aggiedad great map I had one problem.I built my fort fast and advanced so I was able to get a great gun from the cards,did this before I trained 5 guns.never had any more time limit also the game kept making big guns. I quit after 14 guns
File Author
I just did the same and didn't get that problem, it stopped training bombards. Make sure you haven't cheated.
R34N hm, just one more thing:
the game becomes too easy if you build a dock at the bottom of your first base then make two monitors and just bombard the town centre and the fort with the special ability. you should fix this and forbid the training of monitors.
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